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characteristics, execution of the state orders, voluntary acknowledgement of correspondence of goods (works, services); to assist the correspondence to the requirements of the technical rules60; to create the systems of classification and coding of technical-economic and social information, the systems of cataloguing of goods (works, services), the systems of maintenance the quality of goods (works, services), the systems of search and data transmission, to assist the unification works. Standardization is carried out according to the following principles: voluntary application of the standards; maximum consideration of legitimate interests of the interested persons during the development of standards; application of the international standard as the basis for development of the national standard, except the cases when such an application is considered impossible because the requirements of the international standards do not correspond to the climatic or geographical features of the Russian Federation, to the technical and (or) technological peculiarities, or on another basis, or the Russian Federation does not support, according to the established procedures, the acceptance of the international standard or its separate position; inadmissibility of creation of more obstacles to manufacturing and turnover of goods, performance of works and rendering of services than it is necessary to achieve the goals, according to the Law «About technical regulation»; inadmissibility of establishing the standards contradicting the technical rules; providing conditions for unified application of the standards. The standardization documents applied on the territory of the Russian Federation include the following: national standards; standardization rules, norms and recommendations; classifications applied according to the adopted order, national qualifiers of technical and socioeconomic information; standards of organizations; rule codes. Organization and performance of standardization in the Russian Federation are carried out by the federal enforcement authority, the Federal Agency of technical regulation and metrology (Rostekhregulirovaniye). According to the Government of the Russian Federation, Rostekhregulirovaniye is appointed to be the body which is authorized to execute the functions of the national standardization body. The national standardization body performs the following activities: approves national standards; accepts the program of development of national standards; organizes the examination of projects of national standards; provides the correspondence of the national standardization system to the interests of the national economy, to the state of material base and scientific and technical progress; 60

From the date of adopting of the Federal Law «About technical regulation» of 27/12/2002 till the adopting of corresponding technical rules the requirements to the goods or to the following processes connected with them: designing (including research works), manufacturing, construction, installation, adjustment, operation, storage, transportation, realization and recycling, established by legal standardization certificates of the Russian Federation and normative documents of federal enforcement authorities, are obligatory only in the part connected with the following purposes: - protection of the life and health of citizens, the property of physical and legal persons, the state or municipal property; - preservation of the environment, the lives or health of animals and plants; - preventions of the actions misleading purchasers. 92  

1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...