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and certified by a notary of by the Bank). To open a settlement account it is necessary that an individual registered as an individual proprietor should present the following documents to the bank: — client's standard application for the bank account opening; — certificate on state registration as an individual proprietor (a copy verified and certified by a notary or a registration authority); — list of authorized signatures and seals (if there is any) in three copies one of which is certified by a notary; — tax registration certificate (the original); — information letter from the state statistics body confirming that the company has been included in the Unified State Register of enterprises and organizations (a copy verified and certified by a notary of by the bank). When choosing a bank rendering cash and settlement services it is important to consider a number of details that may sufficiently affect the work of a business or an individual proprietor. The first thing that is necessary to consider is the bank's reputation. Making sure that the bank has a stable position and extensive work experience in the market, a developed network of regional departments and recommendations of their clients will allow to avoid possible problems with carrying out settlement operations. It is recommended to carry out a thorough comparison of the bank's rates for the settlement transactions that the business is planning to carry out in future, because most banks exercise a differentiated approach to commission fees charging. Efficiency of transactions depends on whether the bank has its own automated payment system that unites all regional banks, a computerized document circulation system, participates in the system of interregional electronic payments of the RF Central Bank settlement system (the MEP). Transactions between commercial banks located in various regions of Russia and participating in the MEP are carried out within 1 or 2 days. Cash services package is required for making payments with cash through a cash department. A cash services package usually includes: – receipt of cash revenue to the bank's cash department or through specialized structural – subdivisions dealing with legal entities; – withdrawal of cash; – collection of revenues by the bank's collection service; – delivery of salaries by the bank's collection service. It is also very important to pay attention to how the bank's collection service is equipped and the possibility of cash delivery with immediate placement of revenues to the organization's bank account. Running accounts in foreign currency, cash and settlement services in foreign currency are necessary for those who engage in export-import transactions. And it is especially important that while dealing with these transactions the bank should fulfill the functions of a currency control agent, i. e. control over the export revenues inflow, control over the validity of the use of foreign currency in payments for imported goods, signing of transaction passports under exportimport contracts, clients' consulting. Using the automated payment system like the "Bank-Client" system makes it possible to organize an electronic data interchange with a bank, to forward directions and get information on the accounts' balance and funds' flow. Reliability is a necessary requirement for these systems: a system of data protection, encryption coding, document's continuity testing, protection against unauthorized access to the bank account, confirmation of the authorship and authenticity of electronic documents. These systems allow users to improve efficiency and reliability of document processing, to reduce settlement transaction costs, the expenses on visiting 79  

1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...