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1. Legal entity's registration certificate (document proving state registration) The main state registration number (OGRN) shall be assigned. The number shall be used as a registration number for the registration file of the legal entity and shall be indicated in all entries of the state register and in all documents of the legal entity along with its title. 2. Tax registration certificate (the document proving tax registration). The legal entity is assigned: – Taxpayer's identification number (INN); – Respective registration reason code (KPP). Tax registration shall be carried out at the district tax inspectorate at the location of the organization indicated in the constituent documents submitted for registration. 3. The information letter on the inclusion of a legal entity to the Unified State Register of enterprises and organizations (the document proving the fact of registration and identification with statistics bodies). It includes: – the OKPO identification code (the Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations or RNCEO); – the OKATO code of location (the Russian National Classifier of AdministrativeTerritorial Formations, RNCAT); – the OKONH code of a type of activity (the Russian National Classifier of Economy Branches); – the code of affiliation with the OKOGU managing body (the Russian National Classifier of State Authorities); – the OKFS ownership form code (the Russian National Classifier of Forms of Ownership); – the OKOPF code of types of ownership (the Russian National Classifier of Types of Ownership); – other requisites. 4. The notice of registering as an insurer with executive bodies of the RF Social Security Fund under compulsory social insurance against labor accidents and job-related diseases. When registering the insurer is assigned: – the registration number; – the subordination code. The RF Social Security Fund bodies shall determine: – the branch office of the Fund's regional department that in future would liaise with an insurer; – the rate of professional risk on the basis of the main type of economic activity (OKVED) for the purpose of setting the insurance premium rate under compulsory social insurance against labor accidents and job-related diseases. The RF Social Security Fund bodies shall draw up: – "Notice of the insurance premium rates under compulsory social insurance against labor accidents and job-related diseases" The notice is valid for one year. The insurance premium rate depends on the professional risk rate that shall be determined on the basis of OKVED. The insurance premium rate can be changed only for the next calendar year provided the main activity type is confirmed. 5. The Notice of registration as an insurer with the RF Pension Fund regional body (PFR) of an enterprise that certifies registration as an insurer and contains requisite information about the in surer' registration number, the procedure and terms of making contributions under compulsory pension insurance and about submission of data on insured persons to the regional body of the PFR according to a established procedure.


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...