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13 Elaboration and realization of Saint-Petersburg state policy , organization and The Committee for Ecointerbranch coordination of Saint-Petersburg executive state organizations’ nomic Development, activity in the sphere of analysis and forecast of Saint-Petersburg investment Industrial Policy and Trade and innovative policy of state economy regulation, function of state sector in the economy of Saint-Petersburg industry, agriculture and internal trade and services sector, tariff policy, territory development policy in SPb and also providing of state policy of Saint-Petersburg in licensing of certain types of activities. Licensing of activities subject to licensing by the executive authorities of the subjects of the RF but transferred by the latter for licensing to St. Petersburg executive authorities. Organization of state order system in Saint-Petersburg, executing of functions of authorized organization of Saint-Petersburg order for goods and services providing placement. Supervision over the observance of licensing requirements and terms. Suspension and resumption of licenses. Drawing up of licensing documents. Normative, methodical and information support of licensing activities, keeping of the license register.

In order the executive authorities of St. Petersburg can perform their duties, the federal city is divided into 18 districts3 or political units. The state executive body of St. Petersburg which governs a district of St. Petersburg is the Administration of a district of St. Petersburg4. Addresses and phones of the Administrations of St. Petersburg Districts No. Administration 1 The Administration of Admiralteysky District of St. Petersburg

Address 10 Izmaylovsky Pr, St. Petersburg, 198005

Phone 316-9003

2 The Administration of Vasileostrovsky District 55 Bolshoy Pr. V.O., St. Petersburg, of St. Petersburg 199178


3 The Administration of Vyborgsky District of St. Petersburg 4 The Administration of Kalininsky District of St. Petersburg

86 Bolshoy Sampsonievky Pr., St. Petersburg, 194100 13/1 Arsenalnaya Emb., St. Petersburg, 195009


5 The Administration of Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg 6 The Administration of Kolpinsky District of St. Petersburg 7 The Administration of Krasnogvardeysky District of St. Petersburg

18 Stachek Pr., St. Petersburg, 198095 1/4 Uritskogo St., St. Petersburg, 196655 50 Sredneohtinsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 195027



461-5888 576-8606

8 The Administration of Krasnoselsky District of 3 Partizana Germana St., St. PetersSt. Petersburg burg, 198329


9 The Administration of Kronshtadsky District of 36 Lenina Pr., Kronshtadt, 197760, St. Petersburg


10 The administration of Kurortny District of St. Petersburg

1 Svobody Sq., Sestroretsk, 197706


11 The Administration of Moskovsky District of St Petersburg 12 The Administration of Nevsky District of St. Petersburg

129 Moskovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 195084 163 Obuhovsloy Oborony Pr., St. Petersburg, 192131

576-8800 560-4792


The Law of St. Petersburg No. 411-68 of 25.07.2005 “On Territorial Structure of St. Petersburg”. In compliance with Article 13 of the Charter (as amended on 04.06.2007)of St. Petersburg, the Regulation of the Government of St. Petersburg No. 128 of December 23, 2003 “On Administrations of St. Petersburg Districts” (as amended on 22.05.2007). 4


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...