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The program is realized together with Saint-Petersburg Trade Committee and realizes the measures of distribution of goods and services in regional markets. The order of realization is definited by Committee of economic and trade of SPb 25.07.2008 № 663-r. 7. Staff development 8. Informatonal and communication system improvement. 9. Complex of mesuares, that improves the legislative base. 10. Complex of measures for development stimulation independent unions and associations of small companies. 11. Complex of measures that aim is to increase of small-business prestige and increase of allegiance to small business Legislative support of S&M companies includes: 1) The Law of SPb from 17.04.2008 № 194-32 «About the development of S&G companies in North-West region.; 2) Governments order of Saint-Petersbourg from 13.11.2007 № 1423 «About the results of Plan realization for 2006-2008 Y based on main directions of business in Saint-Petersburg for Y 2008-2011. 3) Governments order of Saint-Petersbourg from 01.04.2008 № 326 «About the order of provision of state subsidies for companies support and for small business development needs». 4) Law of St. Petersburg No. 185-36 of 3007.1998 “On State Support of Investment Activities in St. Petersburg”(as amended on May 8, 2001; 9.12.2003); 5) Regulation of the Government of St. Petersburg No. 1561 of 14.09.2004 “On Methods of Calculation of Land Rent” (as amended on 20.07.2006); 6) Law No. 316-28 of 12.07.2002 “On Investment Tax Credit” (as amended on 20.07.2006); 7) Law of St. Petersburg No. 81-11 of July 14, 1995 “On Tax Concessions” (as amended on 08.05.2007); 8) Regulation of the Government of St. Petersburg No. 1385 of 17.08.2004 “On Granting State Guarantees of St. Petersburg”.


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...