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Provides the coordination of executive state institutes activity in the sphere of informatization, communications and information security, identifies the priority directions of regional informatization in social-economic sphere, in the sphere of territory regulation of information and telecommunication resources of the region. Promotion of the development of all types of communication, information and telecommunication infrastructure, the creation of common information space and its integration into Russian and global information space. Examination of the projects financied from budget. Adjustment of documentation for the design and construction of on-air and cable television networks. Coordination of the activities regarding the use of nature, environmental protection, ecological safety; state environmental control of enterprises, establishments and organizations regardless of their subordination and type of ownership; issue of the permissions to use natural resources. Implementation of environmental projects. Preparation of proposals regarding the procedure of environmental payments.

The Committee for Informatization and Communication

Promotion of the development of construction industry, capital construction, the development and reconstruction of territories, implementation of real estate investment programs and projects. Organization and realization of tenders for the placement of state construction orders, and auctions regarding the provision of real estate on investment terms. 9 Organization of public transportation, participation in the preparation of draft projects regarding the development of public transportation and optimization of the work of enterprises, establishments and organizations to increase the quality of services. Adjustment of the terms of construction, road, accident recovery and other works on thoroughfares. 10 Registration, evaluation of the efficiency of the use of real estate owned by St. Petersburg and the RF. Management of stakes (shares), deposits owned by St. Petersburg and acquisition of property for St. Petersburg. Transfer of the property owned by St. Petersburg under economic control, in operating management, rent, use, etc. Privatization of the property owned by St. Petersburg. Encouragement of investments in real estate owned by St. Petersburg. Realize management duties in the sphere of federal property, passed to the Government of Saint-Petersburg in accordance with existing order due to agreement between federal agency of Ground Resources and Land Management of St. Petersburg and the government of Saint-Petersburg in the part of management of the federal property of Russian Federation . 11 Development and implementation of the St. Petersburg budget and report on its execution, establishment of interbudget relations. Exercise, coordination of the state financial control. Concentration of finances on the priority lines of social and economic development, ensuring of finance stability. State borrowings on behalf of St. Petersburg and public debt management. 12 The analysis of economy, development of strategies, comprehensive plans, forecasts, social and economic development projects, industry and exportimport policy, trade, consumer market, food and transportation tecture Development of target investment programs, target programs on financial, monetary, investment, innovation and tariff policy. Promotion of business development, stable operation of enterprises, protection of domestic manufacturers and investment attraction. Promotion of the development of exhibition and fair activities. Assistance in realization and accompaniment of investment projects fulfilled on the territory of St. Petersburg

The Construction Committee



The Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety

The Transportation Committee

The Committee for City Property Management

The Finance Committee of St. Petersburg

The Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...