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In accordance with General plan of Saint-Petersburg industrial territories were identified and reserved for further productive objects placement. There are about 50 industrial regions and units in St. Petersburg, to say nothing of separate objects located beyond their territories. All these territories are located in close to transportation links and highways, first of all closed to circular highroad, the main part of which was already constructed and placed into operation (the end of construction works - 2012). Also territories are closed to West paid speed diameter, that will link north and south of the city. The city policy towards the development of St. Petersburg industrial zones is established by the Decision of the city Governmental of city of 14/12/2004 No. 1961 «About the development of the territories intended for location of objects of industrial, transportation and logistical, social and business, and also warehouse purpose». Government decision № 1961 determinates 28 strategic territories for reconstruction and placement of industrial objects of logistic, business and warehouse purposes. In placement of new enterprises the Government uses cluster approach – as a result the enterprises of the same branches are located in the one or closed districts. The realization of the Decision should result in engineering prepared industrial territories with the developed town-planning documentation, ready for location of investment objects of, first of all, industrial purpose. The Decision specifies the list of industrial zones which are the subject of prime development, including engineering preparation, and the list of territories demanding development of the documentation about the lay-out of the territories. The city makes substantial investments in the construction of roads, a transport infrastructure, housing and communal services, preparation of new territories for construction of industrial objects. Every year the investment component of the city budget is increased. The city authorities have cardinally changed the approach to planning of the capital investments, having passed from a residual principle to managing of capital investments as a component of the investment policy of St. Petersburg. Long-term plans include realization of several important projects, among them there is construction of new power sources, construction of the Circular motorway, construction of a tunnel under the Neva, development of system of water supply and water removal, reconstruction of «Pulkovo» airport . One of priority spheres in the city management for the Government of St. Petersburg is the engineering and power complex. To increase the efficiency and to develop the system of power supply of St. Petersburg the programs of the development of the engineering and power complex up to 2010 are developed and realized. To improve the investment climate the of the Committee of the Development of Industrial Policy and Trade perform a set of activities financed from the means of the budget of St. Petersburg directed for the development of industrial zones. These activities include the following: • stocktaking of the territories, • development of the documentation on the lay-out of the territories, • direct engineering preparation of the territories, including activities on recultivation of the industrial territories. Support of Investors Using the Budget Funds of St. Petersburg The support of investors with the use of the means of the budget of St. Petersburg is provided in the following forms26: 26

According to the Law of St. Petersburg No. 185-36 on 30.06.1998 “On State Support of Investment Activities in St. Petersburg” (adopted by the Legislative Assembly on 8.06.1998 ) (as amended on 09.12.2003). 49  

1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...