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The Social Catering Administration

2 Truda Sq., St. Petersburg, 190000

Phone: 387 8786 Fax: 388 2787

The Service on Construction Works Supervision and Examination of St. Petersburg The Administration of Development of Gardening and Truck Farming The Central Administration of Civil Defence and Emergency Situations of St. Petersburg The Tariff Committee of St. Petersburg

49 Ligovskiy Pr. St. Petersburg, 191040

Phone: 576-1500 Fax :576-1506

4/2 Diagonalnaya St., St. Petersburg, 194100

Phone: 295-1229 Fax: 295-1229

26/28 Razyezzhaya St. St. Petersburg, 191002

Phone: 578-4113 Fax: 572-6205

16 Voznesensky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190000

Phone:315-2265 Fax:315-1543

Sectoral State Authorities of Joint Subordination The Archival Committee of St. Peetersburg and Leningrad Region

39 Tavricheskaya St., St. Petersburg, Phone: 271-4455 191015 Fax: 271-7561

karchiv@gov. spb .ru

The State Inspection of Supervision of Technical Condition of Self-propelled Machines and Other Kinds of Technics of St. Petersburg (Gostekhnadzor of St. Petersburg)

88-90 Griboedova Canal Emb., 190068

Phone: 312-0457 Fax: 312-0457

The Main Administration of Foreign Affairs (GUVD) of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

50/52 Suvorovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 191015

Phone: 573-2206 Fax: 573-2206

The Government of St. Petersburg is willing to cooperate with entrepreneurs and potential investors. All committees and administrations were established and operate to improve and develop the city. They provide consultative support in the fields they are engaged in. The Table below shows the duties of executives authorities of St. Petersburg, fulfillment of which directly affects business development and the authorities themselves2: 1

Development of the St. Petersburg external relations including the development and implementation of business cooperation programs. Organization of international conferences and other international events conducted by the Government of St. Petersburg.

The Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg


Detection, registration, protection, examination, restoration and reconstruction the objects of historical and cultural legacy. Control that enterprises, establishments, organizations and citizens observe the laws on the protection and use of historical and cultural landmarks, and that all measures regarding the safety of landmarks in the case of construction, reclamation, road and other works are taken. Development and implementation of the city planning policy of St. Petersburg.

The Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks


Providing of state policy and management in the sphere of land relationships and cadastral registration of real estate. Coordination of Saint-Petersburg state executive territorial organizations in the sphere m.a.

The Committee for Land Resources and Land Management of St. Petersburg


Providing of Saint-Petersburg state policy in the sphere of investments, realization of strategic investment projects and also in the sphere of tourism development and hostile infrastructure of Saint-Petersburg..

The Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects



The Committee for City Planning and Architecture

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1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...  

1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...