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accordance with the Chapter beginning of the month of termination of their duty to 25 of the Tax Code. pay the unified tax on the made income according to their application. state-financed Tax bearers applying the simplified taxation organizations; system do not have the right to transfer to another organizations and taxation order before the termination of the tax individual entrepreneurs period, if another is not stated in Art. 346.13 of the being transferred under Taxation Code of the Russian Federation. the Chapter 26.3 of the In case according to the results of the Tax Code of the RF to the accounting (tax) period the income of the tax bearer payment of Unified Tax estimated according to Art. 346.15 and Subitems 1 on imputed income for and 3 Item 1 Art. 346.25 of the Taxation Code, have separate kinds of activity exceeded 20 million roubles and (or) during the to one or several activities accounting (tax) period a breakage of the are entitled to use the requirements established by Items 3 and 4 Art. Simplified Taxation in 346.12 and Item 3 Art. 346.14 of the Taxation Code reference to other is admitted, such a tax bearer is considered to lose activities operated by the right to the application of the simplified taxation them (paragraph 4, system since the beginning of the quarter when the chapter 346.12 of the Tax excess and (or) breakage of the specified Code of the RF) requirements was admitted. In this case the sum of the taxes liable to payment in foreign organizations case of use of another taxation order is evaluated and with branches, paid according to the order stated in the legislation representations and other of the Russian Federation on taxes and tax collection separate subdivisions. for newly created organizations and newly registered individual enterprisers. The specified tax bearers: - do not pay fees and penalties for untimely payment of monthly payments within that quarter when these tax bearers transferred to another taxation order; - are obliged to inform the tax body about the transfer to another taxation order within 15 calendar days following the accounting period. A tax bearer applying the simplified taxation system has the right to transfer to another taxation order since the beginning of the calendar year, having notified the tax body about it not later than 15 January of the year when he plans to transfer to another taxation order. A tax bearer who has transferred from the simplified taxation system to another taxation order has the right to return to the simplified taxation system not earlier than in one year after he has lost the right to application of the simplified taxation system.

period. Upon the end of the tax period, within the term set for tax return submission. Quarter advance payments (not later than the 25th day of the first month following the lapsed reporting period. Tax bearing organizations submit tax declarations to tax bodies at the end of the tax (accounting) period not later than 31 March of the year following the expired tax period. Tax declarations according to the results of the accounting period are submitted not later than within 25 calendar days since the termination date of the corresponding accounting period.

The Simplified Taxation System provides for: 1) For organizations: relief from the duty to pay corporate profit tax, corporate property tax and unified social tax. 2) For individual entrepreneurs: relief from the duty to pay income tax (on income from business activities), individual property tax (on the property used for business activities) and unified social tax (on income from business activities and payments and remuneration accrued for the benefit of individuals). Organizations and individual entrepreneurs using the simplified taxation system: 1) are not considered as taxpayers of VAT (except for VAT on import of goods on the customs territory of the RF payable under the Tax Code of the RF); 2) pay compulsory pension insurance contributions in compliance with the laws of the RF. 3) pay other taxes in compliance with the Tax Code of the RF 4) shall follow the effective procedure of cash payments and statistical reporting. 5) are not relived from the duties of tax agents provided


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