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Addresses and Phone Numbers of the State Authorities of St. Petersburg1 Name The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg The Administration of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg The Audit Chamber of St. Petersburg

Address 6 Isaakievskaya Sq., St. Petersburg, 190107 6 Isaakievskaya Sq., St. Petersburg, 190107

Phone Phone: 570-3268 Fax: 570-3001 Phone: 570-3187

Antonenko Per., St. Petersburg, 190000

Phone: 314-3726 Fax: 314-3726


Committees and Commissions The Legislation Commitee

6 Isaakievskaya Sq., St. Petersburg, 190107

Phone: 570 33 61 Fax: 570-3361

The Budget and Financial Committee The Standing Commission for State Authority, Local SelfGovenment and Administrative Territorial Structure

Phone: 570-3716 Fax: 570-3716 Phone: 570-3162 Fax: 570-3162

The Standing Commission for Education, Culture and Science

Phone: 570-3454 Fax: 570-3604

The Standing Commission for City Economy, Urban Development and Land

Phone: 570-3480 Fax: 570-3480

The Standing Commission for Industry, Economy and Property

Phone: 312-7863 Fax: 314-4211

The Standing Commission for Health Care and Environment The Standing Commission for Social Security The Standing Commission for Justice and Law Enforcement

Phone: 310-9212 Fax: 570-3724 Phone: 570-3218 Fax: 570-3750 Phone: 570-3272 Fax: 570-3083 Executive Authorities

The State Administrative and Technical Inspection The State Housing Inspection

191014, Liteinii pr., 36, Đ?

Phone: 579-2001 Fax: 579-2093 Phone: 544-4300 Fax: 545-4859

11 Ostrovskogo Sq., St. Petersburg, 191023 The Commitee for Public Services 9 Karavannaya St., and Roads St. Petersburg, 191011 The Committee for External Smolny, St. Petersburg, 193060 Relations of St. Petersburg The Committee for Justice, Smolny, St. Petersburg, 193060 Legal Order, and Safety

Phone: 710-4885 Fax: 710-4726 Phone: 710-6212 Fax: 710-6060 Phone: 576-7204 Fax: 576-7633 Phone: 576-7970 Fax: 576-4374

The Committee for State 1 Lomonosova Sq., St. Control, Use and Protection of Petersburg, 191023 Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Phone: 315-4303 Fax: 710-4245

The Committee for City Planning and Architecture

Phone: 315-5216 Fax: 710-4426

195067, Piskarevskii pr., 35

The Housing Committee


2 Lomonosova Sq., St. Petersburg, 191023 zakon@gov.

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1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...