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and the broker is included into the insurance tariff. The cost of insurance for the client does not depend on the presence or absence of a broker in the relations circuit “insurer-insurant” That is the task of the insurance broker to offer insurance companies that satisfy to definite criteria, to highlight features of different insurance products in different organizations. Also the broker protects client's interests when broker is not necessary. Some kinds of insurance does not demand usage of the insurance broker, as a rule, they are mass, standardized insurance.

Insurance in St. Petersburg According to data provided by the Inspection of Insurance Supervision, in 2006 the volume of the insurance market of St. Petersburg has made 36, 634 billion roubles having increased on comparison with 2005 on 26,7%. The control over activity of the insurance organizations is carried out with the St.Petersburg Inter-Regional Inspection of Insurance Supervision of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation. Additional information regarding insurance in St. Petersburg can be received in the following organizations: The name

Inspection of Insurance Supervision for Northwest Federal District

The address

191186, St. Petersburg, B. Konyushennaya Street, Build. 29/42..

Phone/fax: 312-9293 191186, St. Petersburg, Konyushennaya Phone: 325-9713 Street, Floor 5, Office 18

Representation of the All-Russia Union of insurers in Northwest federal district The St.-Petersburg Union of Insurers 191011, of SPb, emb. of the river of Fon-tanka, Build 23 Russian Union of Automobile Insurers, Represetation in Northwest federal district Medical Insurance Association

Phone, e-mail


191119, SPb, Dnepropetrovskaya, 3

Phone. 712-1833 autoins@mail.wplus .net

199053, SPb, Tuchkov per, 8/1

Phone. 323-9869

Legal regulation of insurance activity, in particular, includes: 1) The Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Part 1 No. 51-Ф3 of 30.11.1994 (edition dated 05.02.2007) and Part2No. 14-Ф3 of 26.01.1996 (edition dated 20.04.2007); 2) Federal Law No. 4015-1 of 27.11.1992 "On Organization of Insurance Activity in the Russian Federation" (as amended on 17.05.2007).

4.4. Protection of business In order to ensure safety of institution activity an entrepreneur could apply to the state authority bodies (legal protection, courts, etc.). In addition, by law is stipulated possibility of


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...