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The Sea Trading Port Ust-Luga It is a new port, the first one in Russia which was constructed with participation of both private and state capital. It is supposed to construct 11 specialized terminals. The port will process all kinds of cargoes except mineral oil. The designed capacity of the port is 35 million tons. Now a coal terminal functions in the port. Logistic system of St. Petersburg In the common understanding, logistic is an organization and control over the material and information flows. In other words, it is a system of the creating relations between the members of the suppliers processes, manufacture and distribution of ready goods, control of the technological processes and information, which accompany these processes. Supplier and consumer of a material flow generally represent two systems connected by the so-called logistic channel, i. e. some set of various parts through which finishing a material flow from the supplier up to consumers is carried out. After the choice of concrete participants of the process of a moving of a material flow from supplier to consumer, the logistic channel is transformed into a logistic chain, i. e. linearly ordered set of participants of the process of moving of a material flow up to consumer99. Transit terminals are subsystems of a logistic chain, which within the framework of multilevel system carry out functions of gathering and distribution. Sometimes they are also called intermediate terminals or warehouses not engaged in storage of cargo. In a transit terminal, direction of movement or distribution of a cargo is known at the receipt of freight flows at a receiving center. The basic function is not a creation of buffer stocks but a change of assortment of freight inflows. The logistic centers are points where a lot of transport enterprises are gathered. It allows to share infrastructure and special equipment and increase competitiveness of the enterprises, which are market participants. Participation in joint granting of logistic services can be especially beneficial for small enterprises. The logistical centers create preconditions for new products in the sphere of freight, and such product first of all is a combined transportation. St. Petersburg today is one of the most perspective transport and logistical complexes in Russia. Converted industrial shops and hangars are substituted by modern warehouse complexes. In 2007 more than 600 thousand sq. m. of modern “A” and “B”-class logistical areas were introduced. Industrial companies prefer to rent the warehouse complexes located near basic manufacture, retail companies – within the city boundaries, logistical, wholesale and distributing companies – near large highways. The demand on warehouse complexes located near the Circle motorway, Moskovskoye, Vyborgskoye and Pulkovskoye highways is the highest. Warehouses of "A" class are characterized by convenient access roads for super-size automobile and railway transport, automated warehouse equipment, adjustable temperature modes. Premises reconstructed from industrial shops or hangars, where engineering systems are restored, face lifting is installed and simple mechanisms and equipment are established belong to "B" class,. "C" class, as a rule, is premises which are not equipped with special technical equipment, where the minimal convenience to storage of cargoes are given. The overwhelming majority of existing warehouses are located in former industrial premises and belong to "C" class. On St. Petersburg transport market the number of companies rendering logistic services is growing, their financial opportunities is increasing, technical equipment is becoming better, qualification of the personnel is improving. Many companies overestimate their market strategy taking into account needs of clients for logistic management of delivery chains. For today in St. Petersburg there are a lot of logistic operators which offer a wide 99

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