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Point of reception of applications for objects of industrial property in St. Petersburg

35 Apraksin Dvor, 28 – 30 Sadovaya St., St. Petersburg

Tel.: (812) 110-58-09

Patent Attorneys of St. Petersburg The patent attorneys deal with the issues of receiving the timely patent and legal information, detection, legal security and commercial use of the objects of intellectual property89. Patent attorneys are highly professional specialists in the sphere of intellectual property (IP), the qualification of each of them is checked and confirmed with an official certificate of the Russian Patent Authority. Professional activity of the patent attorneys at the territory of Russia is controlled by provisions “On Patent Attorneys” dated February 12, 1993 No 122. In accordance with the Provisions a citizen of Russia who: • is a permanent resident of Russia, has a higher education and at least 4 year experience of practical work in the sphere of defending industrial property or professional trade representation (as an attorney or another person received a permit for dealing in the sphere of law enforcement activities); • knows legislative and other normative acts of Russia, international agreements and treaties necessary for carrying out activities for defending the rights for the objects of industrial property in the amount defined by Rospatent and correspondent skills of practical applying them confirmed by he results of the qualification exam can be registered as a patent attorney. A patent attorney can carry out his professional activities both independently as an entrepreneur and being employed. In accordance with the data of the Federal service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (ROSPATENT) as of 31.12.2006 162 patent attorneys are registered in St. Petersburg, authorized to provide, register and support the right for inventions and useful models, industrial samples, and trademarks at the territory of Russia. Some patent attorneys of St. Petersburg are united in the College of Patent Attorneys90 registered by the City Administration. 3.4. Human resources Labor resources of St. Petersburg are one of its major investment advantages. A great number of qualified personnel is caused by the fact that the city is one of the largest scientific and cultural centers not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. The Program of the development of the labor market for 2006 – 2015 (further - the Program) which represents the complex of activities of the governmental executive bodies of St. Petersburg, directed on the achievement of the main purpose of the Program – the formation of personnel potential for effective social and economic development of St. Petersburg – was adopted in St. Petersburg. The Program has the following purposes: - to create the conditions for providing a required number and also demographic and qualifying structures of the labor resources and an increase of working capacity of the population of St. Petersburg according to the needs of the economics of St. Petersburg; - to increase the efficiency of use of available labor resources by the organizations in St. Petersburg; 89 90

The information from the website of St. Petersburg College of Patent Attorneys Information from the website of St. Petersburg College of the Patent Attorneys 128  

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