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given issue on the domestic market

Foreign Currency Stock Exchange The absence of the uniform payment means at calculations in foreign trade, over credits, investments and interstate payments causes the necessity of exchange of one currency into another. Such an exchange is carried out on the currency market80. The foreign currency stock exchange is an element of the infrastructure of the currency market whose purpose is to provide services on organization and tendering during which the participants make transactions with foreign currency. At the foreign currency stock exchange free sale and purchase of national currencies basing on price parity among them (quotation) formed on the market under the influence of supply and demand is performed. There are some foreign currency stock exchanges specializing on terminal foreign currency and financial actives trade, such as London International Financial Futures Exchange, European Options Exchange in Amsterdam, Deutsche Tenninboerse in Frankfurt, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Sydney Futures Exchange, Oesterreichische Termin Optionsboerse81. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) is a leading Russian stock exchange on whose basis the national tender system on all basic segments of the financial market has been created. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation establishes an official rate of the Russian rouble basing on the results of currency tenders at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. On 21 May 1992 St. Petersburg Currency Exchange was founded by the leading banks of St. Petersburg and the Committee on external relations of the Mayoralty of St. Petersburg. The address of St. Petersburg Currency Exchange is 12/23 Sadovaya St., St. Petersburg. The basic functions of St. Petersburg Currency Exchange are: - Organization of operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency for roubles; - Performing activity on organization of trade on the security market; - Performing clearing activity; - Organization of exchange trade in commodity sections. Venture investment Venture business is an investment, as a rule, in the form of joint-stock capital, in fast growing companies, which demonstrate potential, and one of the main form of realization of the new technological methods. The purpose of the venture investment is a getting high profit from the investments, in more cases not as dividends, but as return on the investments at the sale of it share of company for the business partners after some years of successful development at the open market or to a large company, which operates in the same area, as a developing company. Venture investment, as a rule, are made in small and medium companies without granting of the pledge, what is different, for example, from the bank credit. Representatives of a venture investor usually take part in the control of the invested company. By the definition of the European Association of Venture Investment, venture capital is a joint-stock capital, presented by the professional companies, which invest own businesses in their starting development, extending and transformations, with the control at the same time. 80

According to the site of the dealing company “Teletrade”.


According to the site of the dealing company “Teletrade”. 118  

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