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According to the experts, there are not enough territories to completely satisfy the needs of the market. According to the evaluations, St. Petersburg will reach the point of satisfaction of its need in warehouses only by 2009. However, it is rater difficult to exactly predict the necessary volume of such real estate, as the demand will depend on changes in the macroeconomic situation in Russia and on occurrence of large players in the retail market of St. Petersburg. The rent rate on warehouses essentially depends on the technical condition of the object. New high-quality warehouses are, as a rule, a part of modern logistical complexes where the major part of premises is used for responsible storage of cargoes. The rent of the area in such a warehouse is accompanied with a complex of services on transportation, processing, labeling of goods. New high-quality warehouse, as a rule, are a part of modern logistical complexes where the most part of premises is used for responsible storage of cargoes. Rent of the area in such warehouse is accompanied by a complex of services on transportation, processing, marks of the goods. An important price-forming factor for warehouse real estate is location and transport availability. The rent rate on warehouses within the city boundaries differs insignificantly. Regarding a substantial increase in city traffic, the optimum spot for industrial and warehouse real estate objects are industrial zones located near St. Petersburg Sea trading port, the Circular motorway and other large highways on the edge of the city provided with branch lines. The tendency of decrease in demand for poor-quality warehouses is observed. The competition among trading companies stimulates the increase in requirements to suppliers and manufacturers of goods, which, in its turn, toughens the requirements to warehouse complexes. More and more often clients prefer to rent modern warehouses with full range of additional services (cargo handling services, account and control, logistical services, etc.). More and more often leaseholders prefer to rent warehouses in the complex with office premises located nearby. Technical requirements to warehouses are also put forward: a warehouse building should be rectangular, it should have one gate per every 500 sq. m, ceilings should not be lower than 7 m, floors should have an anti-dust covering, and there also should be compulsory ventilation and a fire extinguishing system. Trading real estate During recent years the market of trading real estate of St. Petersburg remains the most dynamically developing and economically attractive section of the market of commercial real estate. Recently the purchase of trading premises in the “sleeping” areas of the city is the most profitable. The demand for these areas which potential clients – dwellers of the houses located nearby – can reach on foot is constantly increasing. But the demand for premises in so-called trading corridors, on the first lines of houses, walking streets, the central highways and near underground stations – in the places with a high passage stream – remains traditionally great. Industrial premises The demand for industrial premises in industrial zones of St. Petersburg is formed by metal working, food-processing industry, manufacturers of building materials, furniture and chemical and packing industry. The market of specialized warehouses is basically presented by refrigerating warehouses, pharmaceutical warehouses and black oil stores. The major part of refrigerating warehouses is located in the port or close to it, and some of them are situated along railways. The most expensive districts are Vasileostrovskiy, Tsentralniy, Kurortniy, Moskovskiy and Petrogradskiy. The least expensive districts are Petrodvortsoviy, Krasnoselskiy, Frunzenskiy and Kalininskiy. It is caused by their remoteness from the city center. The optimum location for warehouses is industrial zones near 113  

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