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The Managing System of the Real Estate being the property of the city of SaintPetersburg72 Organisation

The main functions


Phone/Fax Number

The Committee for City Property Management (KUGI)

Manages and runs the state real estate which is the property of St. Petersburg and the Russian Federation (within the limits of the powers provided by Rosimuschestvo according to the agreement between the Government of St. Petersburg and Rosimuschestvo, approved by the Governmental Order of the Russian Federation of 30.12.2005 No. 841).

Approach 6, Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060,

Phone: 576-7744 Fax: 574-1026 E-mail:

The Committee for the Land Resources and the Land Management

Accounting and monitoring of the real estate objects of all the property forms, state controlling of the land usage and custody, keeping of the State Land Cadastre. The Committee Structure includes 16 district divisions.

62 Suvorovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 191124

Phone: 740-3639 Fax: 740-3641 E-mail:

State Unitarian Technical inventorying, accounting and market extent of Company “City the objects of the state untenantable foundation and of the Authority for housing. Inventory Taking and Realty Evaluation� (SUC CAITRE)

1-3 (Approach 6) Zodchego Rossi St., St. Petersburg, 191023.

Phone: 710-4893 Fax: 710-4780, 710-4893 E-mail:

The Fund of St. Petersburg Property

In the name of the city of Saint-Petersburg executes the functions of the preparation of the real estate of SaintPetersburg for the privatization, implementation of the decisions on the privatization conditions and the controlling of the privatization. The basic working fields are organization and running auctions on sale of the state real estate.

5 Grivtsova Per., St. Petersburg, 190000

Phone: 777-2727 Fax: 571-0001 E-mail:

The Department of Federal Registration Agency in St. Petersburg and Leningrad

Executes the state registration of the real rights for the estate property and the transactions with the rights for the real estate objects located within the territory of the circumscription

3 Galerny Proezd, St. Petersburg, 199226

Phone: 324-5910 Fax: 324-5902 E-mail:


According to the Official Web- Site of the Committee for City Property Management of St. Petersburg (KUGI):


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