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Addresses and Phone Numbers of St. Petersburg Regulatory Bodies in Economy and Business Type of Control

Regulatory Bodies

Government Environmental Monitoring


The Department of Federal Service on supervision in the sphere of wildlife management in the North-Western federal region (The Department of Rosprirodnadzor in the NWFR) The Administration of technological and ecological supervision Rostekhnadzor in St. Petersburg


24(1) Odoevskogo, St. Petersburg, 199155


51, 10th line, VO, St. Petersburg, 199048


Supervision over Labor Law Compliance Observation and control for execution of definitive requirements of Russian Federation legislation in the sphere of sanitary-epidemic population welfare security of customers rights and consumers market Licensing Requirements and Terms Supervision

The State Labor Inspection in St. Petersburg

28 Zoi Kosmodemianskoi St., St. Petersburg, 198095 Territory management of Federal service 19 Stremyannaya St., St. Petersburg, of surveillance in the sphere of consumers 191025 rights security and welfare of individual in Saint-Petersburg

Currency and Export Supervision

The Main Administration of the Central Bank 68, 70, 72-74 Fontanka Emb., St. of the RF in St. Petersburg Petersburg, 191038


Control of following to custom legislation Tax Supervision

The North-West Customs Administration

20 Kutuzova Emb., St. Petersburg, 191187 The Administration of Federal taxation service 76 Fontanka Emb., St. Petersburg, of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg 191180


Antimonopoly Supervision

The Administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region


The Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade

16 Voznesensky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190000

7/9 Nevsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 191186

746-5986 712-2981 764-4974

315-5152 570-3371


The Table below shows major duties of federal regulatory bodies and their territorial bodies in St. Petersburg. No. 1

Type of Federal Control Controlling Body Governme Federal Service for nt Supervision of Environme Nature Resources ntal Monitorin g

Legal Regulation The Provision "On the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Resources" â„– Settled by the regulation of state government of Russian Federation from the 30.06.2004 â„– 400

Major Regulatory Duties 1. The control and supervision over protection, utilization and reproduction of objects of fauna and their inhabitance environment (except for objects of hunting and fishery), except for powers the realization of which is passed to the governmental bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation. 2. The control and supervision over organization and functioning of especially protected territories of the federal value. 3. . Control (within the limits of its powers) over the compliance with the laws of the RF on air protection and waste treatment. 4. The state wood control and supervision over the wood fund protection and reproduction of forest areas on lands of especially protected natural territories of Federal value.

Local Regulatory Bodies in St Petersburg The Administration of the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Resources (Rosprirod-nadzor) in St. Petersburg


1. STATE AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES IN ST. PETERSBURG In St. Petersburg the system of state authorities was formed which has statutory object...