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All About Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the key ingredient in the recipe for increasing your online presence and putting you at the centre of attention of audience. But what it does and how it works is much more diverse than you think. Search engine optimization refers to online promotion of a web page by making it a front runner in the natural, organic or unpaid search engine results of popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Why SEO is important? Today, every information is available and accessible online. Whether it's a search for the best baby food brand in the area or a company that sells handcrafted bags, everything and anything is available online. But owing to a large competition and old players in the field, just being listed is not enough. One has to make sure that their corresponding web page or website is listed in search result's first page at all times to be able to properly make use of this opportunity. For this, SEO experts are hired by major online corporations so that their websites do not lag behind in the race for consumer attention. You will be able to provide your services to consumers only if they notice you and ask for your services.

How SEO works? Search Engine Optimization works at multiple levels. From the content of your website to a little HTML tweaking here and there in your web page, everything that aim towards increasing a client website's online presence is a part of SEO. Main pillars of SEO include:  Search Engine Optimization of web pages Search engine optimization of web pages include tagging and meta-tagging. The former is aimed at facilitating indexing by search engine crawlers. In order to allow crawlers to locate a particular web page, especially the ones which are most likely to remain unnoticed, an XML Sitemap feed is created and submitted to Google Search Console for free. Indexing status can also be checked on Google Search Console to evaluate the position of a webpage and steps needed to improve performance. Meta-tagging is the opposite of indexing. Here, undesired pages such as the admin log in page, log in pages of shopping sites, pages where sensitive credit card information is inserted and many more are to be kept at bay. For this metatags are employed which act as a barrier to search engine crawlers. Interlinking of pages is also done for the purpose.

 Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Social Media Marketing(SMM) Promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are a very common method of online marketing. Every day, we connect with our family, friends and colleagues over popular social networking websites. It's like meeting over a cup of tea to share some news, personal information and to discuss politics. Therefore, social networking sites offer a highly dense network of people all over the world which can be utilized in the favor of your business. A simple sharing of promotional coupons or a new

blog regarding your services can reach the target audience resulting in increasing your consumer base. Social Media Optimization refers to optimization of social media pages and posts through tagging and meta tagging so that the related feed or page appears in the search results of search engines directly.  Email marketing A very potent tool for SEO, email marketing is very effective in helping your services reach the target audiences. Whether you send a promo code on clients next purchase or a piece of information relevant to your services, emails are most likely to be read if not directed to the spam folder. Enterprise Web Cloud based in Brampton offers SEO and SMM solutions for businesses of small and large size alike. We deftly establish, maintain and manage social media pages of our clients to bring to them maximum exposure and consumer base. Our SEO and SMM packages offer complete online marketing solutions to escalate your sales and marketability.

Enterprise Web Cloud

All about search engine optimization by enterprise web cloud  

Enterprise Web Cloud based in Brampton offers SEO and SMM solutions for businesses of small and large size alike. We deftly establish, maint...

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