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A UNIQUE COMBINATION Out of the four elements, fire represents the forging department at Hollandia. Hot forging is used to manufacture a wide range of fastening products. In coordination with our in-house hardening department and the metal removal department, we are able to use a highly sophisticated inventory of bar stock that ranges from carbon steel to high-grade types of stainless steel, to create an extensive range of forged and machined products that are applied in the most diverse disciplines and industries. A well-equipped forge, the metal removal department and a well-stocked inventory of semi-finished and finished products, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in the area of fastening products, provide the solution to any type of demand in a very short time frame. Š EC/02


PRODUCTION The forge uses a series of forging presses that range from 1.500 to 16.000 KN to produce upset and die-forged products with a pieceweight up to approx. 20 kg. Each year the forge produces a volume of approx. 4.000 tons of products. Dependent on material quality, supplementary heat treatments are performed in our own hardening department. The required machining processes are completed in the metal removal department that is equipped with high-tech CNC-machining centers.To manufacture internal and external thread this department uses tapping and thread-rolling machines for screw thread up to and including M125 or 5�. Our in-house design department uses CAD/CAM systems to support both the forge and the metal removal department.The design department efficiently converts complicated product molds into the required forging dies and the software for the metal removal machines.

Š EC/02


Hollandia B.V. work yard at Krimpen a/d IJssel

PRODUCTS Hollandia produces and delivers an extensive range of standard and special products for national and international customers in e.g. the onshore/offshore, chemical and petrochemical industries, equipment construction, general construction and pre-fab industries and the automobile industry. In addition, Hollandia produces components for agricultural equipment, metro railway cars, and applications in the defense industry.

STANDARD FASTENERS Hollandia keeps in stock hexagonal nuts in various material qualities and in compliance with DIN- or ANSI standards, but they can also quickly be made in non-standard material qualities according to client specifications. Hexagonal bolts or internal hexagon bolts are often converted from semi-finished product and can be quickly produced and delivered in the required specifications. In addition, Hollandia offers stud bolts, anchor bolts, rack bolts, and pre-stretch bolts complete with matching nuts. © EC/02

Naturally, Hollandia also provides for various surface treatments, including thermal or electrolytic zinc plating as well as various Teflon finishes.

STANDARD NUTS AND STANDARD BOLTS. Delivery program standard product Product Hexagonal nut

Standard DIN 934 DIN 934 H=D DIN 6915 DIN 2510 ANSI B18.2.4.6M ANSI B18.2.2 ANSI B18.2.2 ANSI B18.2.2

Dimensions M12-M125 M12-M125 M12-M72 M12-M125 M42-M72 1/2”-4.1/2” 1.1/2”-3.1/2” 1.1/2”-3.1/2”

Quality of Material ISO 898 kl.5-8-10-12 ASTM A194 2H-2HM-4-7-7M ISO 898 kl. 10 DIN -1.7258 / 1.7709 / 1.7225 ASTM A194 2H ASTM A194 2H-2HM-4-7-7M DIN - 1.7258 ASTM A453 Gr. 660

Hexagonal bolt

DIN 601/931 DIN 6915 ANSI B18.2.1

M12-M80 M12-M72 1/2”-3.1/4”

ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN ISO 898 kl. 10.9-12.9 ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN

Internal hex bolt

DIN 912 ANSI B18.3

M12-M80 1/2”-3.1/4”

ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN

Threaded rod

DIN 976 ANSI B16.5

M12-M125 1/2”- 4.1/2”

ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN ISO 898 / ASTM / DIN


SPECIAL PRODUCTS For a variety of OEM’s, Hollandia produces in addition to forged semi-finished products also forged, machined components that can be assembled if needed.These products find their applications in various branches of industry.

FASTENING PRODUCTS FOR CIVIL WORKS For civil works, especially for the construction industry, Hollandia manufactures and delivers e.g. anchoring constructions, coupling systems, anchorages and coupling elements for sheet pile wall foundations, supplemented with the frequently non-standard bolts and nuts in diversified material qualities.


QUALITY CONTROL The forge department has implemented a quality assurance system that adheres to ISO 9002. In addition, the department has the TĂœV-approval AD/W0/W7 for applications in boiler construction and pressure equipment. Coupling elements for construction and pre-fab industries are manufactured and delivered with the KOMO-certification mark. To guarantee the quality of our products, the quality control department uses advanced measuring and analysis equipment, including a 3-D coordinates measuring machine and spectral analysis equipment. Resources to perform destructive and non-destructive testing are also available to this department that guards the quality of the incoming materials and goods as well as outgoing products. As needed, each product is inspected separately and if necessary supplied with an independent approval mark.The combination of approved basic material with our authority to re-certify that is based on our long-standing intensive collaboration with independent inspection entities can significantly speed up the purchase procedure and enable very short delivery timeframes.

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