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ABOUT US Enterprise Africa is a monthly business magazine featuring stories from some of the continent’s most innovative and influential companies. Those businesses that have proven success is achievable and have overcome all the hurdles in the road are the type of organisations that are telling stories to our readership. We seek out businesses that can act as an example to others in their industry and further afield. We find those who are hungry for growth and interested in becoming part of a very modern commercial environment. Whether it’s building new headquarters, launching new products, designing new services, creating new partnerships, gaining new contracts, making new discoveries, expanding into new territories, or celebrating positive results, Enterprise Africa is talking to the businesses that triumph. We profile businesses young and old, regaling readers with tales from the past and ideas for the future. Those that choose to be involved know that their story will land on the desk of partners, suppliers, customers, competitors, employees, and many other stakeholders. Marketing is our passion and we do it very well. Digitally, Enterprise Africa is launched 11 times each year, on the last working day of each month (this varies in December depending on holiday dates).


The media world is evolving rapidly, technology is helping to connect people and business in an instant. We embrace this and invest heavily in our distribution channels to ensure that the publication is easy to read through a digital circulation which is accessible at your desk or on your travels through smartphone and tablet compatibility. Whilst being at the forefront of the digital push, we also retain a superb quality print run to deliver a traditional hard copy magazine to those who still like to get their hands on paper. Our research, editorial and design teams work tirelessly to produce the best content in the most well-designed, visually impactful publication of its type, helping businesses of any size and stature to deliver messages, and grow brands. Our readership is made up of business professionals across every industry sector across the continent. Typically, decision makers such as CEO’s, directors, and senior managers read the publication regularly, making the coverage that Enterprise Africa offers perfect for any business with a story to tell or a product to promote.


STATS Enterprise Africa has a unique and multi-layered monthly distribution comprised of elements including targeted mail, social media campaigns, and an ongoing drive to build subscriptions.

Readership: The readership is made up of a diverse mix of people from business around Africa. Typically, our readers are decision makers within their organisations – CEOs, Directors, Managers, Senior Officials, students and executive employees.

Size of company: 1-49 employees 16%


50-149 employees 19% 150-399 employees 24% 400-999 employees 21% 1000+ employees 20%

Job Title: Founder Owner Chairperson President/Vice President CEO COO CFO


CIO Managing Director Marketing Director Sales/Commercial Director HR Director General Manager

Operations Manager Brand Manager Marketing Manager Company Secretary Department Head Project Manager Student

Geographic Spread: South Africa 61% Namibia 7% Zambia 7% Kenya 6% Zimbabwe 5% Botswana 4% Swaziland 3% Lesotho 2% Other 5%

Gender: Male-71% / Female-29%

How to read: The Enterprise Africa website, where the magazine is primarily hosted, is created to suit mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop functionality. This is the best way to view content. The magazine is also available through Issuu - the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogues, newspapers, and other publications. Simply head over to and search for Enterprise Africa or click here. The hard copy is prepared, printed and distributed from the UK, using certified carbon capture technology to uphold environmental standards. Print copies are available upon request to featured companies and advertisers.

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ADVERTISING Enterprise Africa magazine is prepared to B5 paper specifications (single page = 176 x 250 mm or 6.9 x 9.8 in). Your company or client can advertise in Enterprise Africa in the following sizes: Quarter Page

Half Page: Horizontal/Vertical

Full Page

Double Page Spread

Quarter Page: R22,500 70 x 100 mm (300 dpi / no crop or bleed required) Half Page: R32,500 Horizontal – 144 x 100 mm (300dpi / no crop or bleed required) Vertical – 70 x 187 mm (300dpi / no crop or bleed required) Full Page: R45,000 176 x 250 mm (+3mm bleed all around / 300dpi / include print crop marks on supplied material) Double Page Spread: R63,000 352 x 250 mm (300dpi / +3mm bleed all around / include print crop marks on supplied material / do not include important info in the dead centre of the page to avoid losing material in the fold of the printed edition)


Inside Front: R45,000 First advert seen on opening the book - Design to Full Page size specifications Inside Back: R30,000 Last advert seen before closing the book - Design to Full Page size specifications Back Cover: R35,000 Design to Full Page size specifications Website banner ads: R19,500 Static or animated banner advert displayed alone in premier position at the top of Enterprise Africa website. Price includes one month display. Please ensure adverts are 728 x 90px at 72dpi if providing your own artwork. Priority mail out banner ad: R11,500 Once a month we deliver a mail campaign to our subscriber database containing links to the magazine and other content. Your banner advert can appear within this mail as an edition sponsor, hyper-linking directly back to your website. Please ensure adverts are 600 x 150px at 72dpi if providing your own artwork.



DESIGN SERVICES If you choose to advertise with Enterprise Africa, firstly you’ve made a good choice; secondly, we’ll need some input from your side. Ideally, your marketing team or designers will be able to produce the advertising material to the specifications supplied. Producing artwork internally is by far the best way to go as your people will have a full understanding of your brand and message, and will be able to stick to your themes. Perhaps you don’t advertise regularly or don’t have a dedicated marketing and advertising department. No problem – we can create high-quality material on your behalf. We have an in-house design studio with years of experience preparing advertising promotions in Europe and Africa for major brands including Ford, Peugeot, Citroen and many more. As soon as you can, please provide us with the following: • Company logo (Print resolution - Ideally vector file) • Any information you would like included in the advert (e.g. company bio, promotional message) • Images/photography (Print resolution - 300dpi) • Any required contact details (website, email, contact numbers, address, QR codes, social media tags etc) • If you can provide an example of how you would like the information arranged – a sketch, a scan, or a previous advertisement – please do. The above info should be supplied as PDF or JPEG files and should meet the class of 300 dpi. We cannot improve the quality of images; if an image looks bad on the screen it is likely to look bad in print. When producing new advertising material, we recommend that important information is kept away from the edges of the design to avoid anything going missing over the edges of the pages or into the fold of the printed magazine. Be careful about including too much content in the advert. Overcrowding can cause eyes to look over the ad without taking any information in.





Alex Rutherford

Jerome Touze

Jason English

Frikkie Grobler

Mark Wells

Victor Momsen

Duncan Theron

Moosa Manjra

Paul Simon

Mpumi Dweba-Kwetana

Miles Crisp

Robin van Rensburg

Graham Bird

Michele Brooks

Mbuyazwe Magagula

Nomad Africa

Momsen Bikes



Gray Swan Investments



Hello Paisa

Poison City


Uber Flavour



Port of Cape Town



FAQ How did we find out about your company? We have a dedicated team of researchers and project managers who search the entire continent for businesses that are making things happen. They will seek out specific details and make contact to understand more about your story and how best to position a story in Enterprise Africa. Are we a vanity publisher? No. The companies featured in the magazine do not pay for their positioning. They are featured because they have a positive story to tell. All content is produced in-house by our team. If a story is ever ‘sponsored’, this would be clearly marked. How do we build our readership? We encourage people to subscribe through the sign-up box at We also network the magazine to stakeholders of the companies that are featured. Do we work from sales databases? No. We do not have a central database of ‘sales leads’. We contact each company on an individual basis because of the potential for an exciting story. Do we sell personal information? No. Any information we obtain or are sent is stored securely and is never shared with any third parties. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set out in the UK’s data protection act. Do our advertisers dictate what we publish? No. The editorial and project management teams decide on the direction of articles in partnership with the featured company.


Where do we distribute? The magazine is distributed only in Africa, primarily in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Being available online, anyone can view from anywhere, but distribution is targeted at African readers. Where can I find a copy of the magazine? Online at or Why is the digital magazine more popular than the print edition? It’s easier to read, quicker to access, and free. The print edition is expensive to produce and can be difficult to find. Where are we based? Enterprise Africa is a brand of CMB Media Group, a UK-based company headquartered in Norwich, England. Do we publish other media? Yes. CMB Media Group owns a number of brands. Can information from Enterprise Africa be copied or shared? Not without permission from management of CMB Media Group. Often companies featured in the magazine will want to share the article online or through social media and this is usually no problem. If exclusive content featured in Enterprise Africa is reused or copied without permission, the publisher reserves the right to take legal action where necessary to have said content removed.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS – THEY’RE IMPORTANT These terms and conditions shall apply to all insertion orders for advertisements submitted by the advertiser and accepted for online publication by the publisher. All insertion orders are subjected to the publisher’s approval of the content. The publisher reserves the right to exclude an advertisement at its sole discretion at any time, in which case the advertiser shall have no claim for damages or breach of contract. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not constitute endorsement or approval by the publisher of any product or service advertised. The advertiser must submit materials by the given deadline. If materials are not received by the due date, the publisher reserves the right to use previously held copy or to compose generic advertising on behalf of the advertiser. Failure to submit advertising materials to the publisher shall not relieve the advertiser’s liability for the cost of the advertisement. Extra production work requiring artwork and/or film will be charged at cost. The publisher undertakes to exercise due care to avoid mistakes in published advertisements, but cannot accept liability for any errors or incorrect instructions on the part of third parties, agents or subcontractors. Claims that a published advertisement contains an error shall be considered only if the advertiser has previously submitted a finished advertisement and/or approved the proof, the published advertisement deviates from the submitted copy and/or approved proof, and notification of the error is received in writing within five days of the date of the invoice. The advertiser accepts full responsibility for all content submitted to the publisher including text, images, illustrations and advertisements and agrees to indemnify the publisher against all actions, costs, claims, proceedings, damage and liabilities whatsoever incurred by the publisher as a result of publication of any material supplied or approved by the advertiser. The publisher shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by the advertiser as a result of any act or omission of the publisher. The liability of the publisher in respect of any breach of its obligations under this contract shall be limited to the sum paid by the advertiser to the publisher in respect of the relevant order. Unless they cannot by law or statute be excluded, all express or implied conditions, warranties or representations related to the service provided by the publisher to the advertiser are hereby excluded. CONTRACT ADVERTISERS: If an advertiser cancels the balance of a contract (excluding covers or single insertion orders which cannot be cancelled) it relinquishes all rights to any to any series discount which may have been


granted, and all advertisements published will be invoiced at the full rate. While every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers regarding positioning of advertising, no guarantee can be made unless the advertiser has agreed to pay a special position charge. The insertion order, the rate card and these terms and conditions constitute all the terms of the contract between the advertiser and the publisher. No agent or other representative of the publisher may vary the terms of the contract in any way unless first approved in writing and signed by the publisher. Invoices are submitted and full settlement is due upon placement of the advertisement on the appropriate page of the Enterprise Africa web site. Advertisers that fail to pay within five calendar days may be liable to a surcharge of four percent interest per month for each full month overdue. Advertisers shall reimburse the publisher for any costs and fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by the publisher in enforcement of this contract and in collection of any sums due. EDITORIAL MENTIONS are offered as optional added value for certain advertisers. All efforts within reason will be made to ensure the advertiser has the opportunity to supply the actual words for the editorial mention. However, the publisher cannot be liable or held responsible for the advertiser not submitting the content for the editorial mention. The advertiser therefore has full responsibility to ensure the content is provided in the time set by the publisher, which will be determined by the publisher and notified in writing to the advertiser. The publisher retains the right to sub-edit the content with no proof if the word count is above what is agreed. The advertiser will accept all responsibility in paying the invoice irrespective of whether the advertiser provided the content. FEATURE COMPANY INVOLVEMENT AND LIABILITY TO CHANGES. While the publisher works closely with featured companies to complete an article of the highest standards and relevance, the final article appearance and text is shared with the feature company as the main interviewee prior to release. As such, the publisher does not accept any liability for final changes that have been chosen by the feature company. This includes changes to images or hyper-links and/or alterations to text. When no interviewee is put forward by the feature company, the publisher reserves the right to produce an article based on publicly available information such as but not limited to previous articles, press releases and other information in the public domain. Absolutely no part of Enterprise Africa magazine may be copied, shared, stored or reproduced in any way without the written consent of the publisher.





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CONTACT Enterprise Africa is a CMB Media Group publication. CMB Media Group is a Registered Company in the United Kingdom. Company Registration: 11309663 Address: Rouen House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RB, United Kingdom. Office: +44 (0)1603 855 161 Email: Web: Managing Director: Chris Bolderstone – Sales Manager: Sam Hendricks – Editor: Joe Forshaw – Senior Designer: Liam Woodbine – Senior Project Manager: Tommy Atkinson - Senior Project Manager: James Davey - Senior Project Manager: Chris Wright - Senior Project Manager: Lewis Hammond - Senior Project Manager: Daniel Roper - Finance Manager: Chloe Manning -


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Enteprise Africa Media Pack 2020