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The Three Lost Men

Kelly Enterline

One starry night, a king was born in the little town of Bethlehem. News spread quickly of this birth and people began their long journey to witness this miracle.


We Three Wise Men joined together for this journey. We decided to bring gifts to the newborn in celebration of His birth.


Ralph said, “I will bring Him frankincense.”


Theodore replied, “And I will bring Him myrrh.”


Bernard said, “Oh! Well then I will bring Him gold.�


“Follow me guys, I know the way,” Ralph stated. Bernard was a little worried about Ralph’s sense of direction, but decided to follow anyhow.


After traveling for two days, they came upon a mountain. Ralph was confused because he didn’t remember the mountain being so high. Theodore decided to take over leading, since he was the outdoors-men of the group. While Bernard remained skeptical.


When approaching the top, it appeared that the Three Wise Men had reached their destination. However, Ralph was quick to point out that three men were already handing out gifts. “Oh, holy shhi.. knight, we got to go!� said Bernard.


As they scurried down the other side of the mountain, Bernard shouted, “Ugh... way to go Teddy, I thought you were the outdoorsy kind of guy. Now follow me to the correct manger.”


It was just their luck that a train happened to be passing by. They soon realized the train wasn’t stopping. “Quick guys, grab a hold of the ladder,” said Bernard and they jumped aboard.


The train came to a stop after two days of traveling. Bernard saw his golden nuggets illuminating from his treasure box and it was then that he believed they had finally made it. The Three Wise Men got off the train and followed Bernard toward the town.


“ who got us lost Bernard,” Ralph and Theodore stated. “Sweet baby Jesus, we ended up in the land of a giant manger,” shouted Theodore.


As they made their way back to the train, they soon found that it had left them; the Three Wise Men realized they were lost. Ralph turned to the others saying, “Guys, we aren’t that wise; we are just a couple of lost men.”


Suddenly, the clouds parted to reveal a bright, shining star that could have only been sent from above.


At that moment the Three Wise Men’s faith was renewed and they knew the star would lead them to their destination. Theodore looked up to the sky and thought, “Wow, we could have used you a little sooner.”


“At last, we have finally made it,� they all shouted at the sight of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Mary and Joseph welcomed the Three Wise Men with open arms.


Ralph presented the first gift of frankincense.


Myrrh was presented next by Theodore.


And lastly, Bernard presented gold to baby Jesus.


The celebration was finally complete!


The Three Lost Men  
The Three Lost Men  

A story about the Three Wise Men getting lost on their journey to the manger