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Lights Funded by TK Tallent Fund Creative Team: Andrea Flynn, Andrew McIntyre, Francesca Verity, Kirsty Thompson Sound: Simon Stewart Lights: Otis King Truss Installation: Paul King Media: Andrew Tyson, Sean Major Front of House: Jessica Berriman Chaperones: Tom Baxter, Francesca Verity, Susan King, Trevor Clerk, Mike McGuire, Paula Kennington, Rachel Cook, Paul Westgarth. Photographs: Eddie Serrell Band: Andrew Robertshaw, James Robson, Jack Mylchreest


Thank you to all parents/carers who kindly donated raffle prizes for tonight’s performance.

Enter CIC would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year | | 01740 655437 | @EnterCIC


These amateur performances are given by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD 12-14 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JJ, Email:, Tel: 020 7580 2827

Young people performing in tonight’s show: Isaac Clerk, Grace Hunter Clements, Shannon Sutherland, Jack Wilson, Charlie Pearson, Chloe Metcalf, Shannon Storey, Charlie Nichol, Emily Pegler, Libby Batty, William Kennington, Jessica Burtenshaw, Kacie Salkeld, Molly O’Brien, Blake Roddam, Jake Lee, Summer Laverick, Eden Spence, Morgan Clark, Beth Wilson, Dylan Wilkinson, Charlotte Willetts, Shauna Claughan, Meg Gibson, Alana Nutter, Emily Roddam, Luke McGuire, Nathan Sharp, Kelly-Anne Nichols, Danielle Johnson, Megan Hamilton, Neave Farry, Francis Todd, Abbie Todd, James Weston, Gracie Flynn, Chelsea Hill, Ellie Simmons, Eleanor James, Kate Story, Emily Hall, Abbie Collins, Niamh Collins, Grace Clerk, Joe Houston, Leah Brechin, Sienna Brechin, Chloe Sutherland, Nicholas Sutherland, Kate Hamilton, Abbi White, William White, Chloe Jackson, Abigail Davison, Matthew King, Ruby Spence, Caitlin Foster, William Clerk, Olivia Hall, Grace Raper, Kathryn Gibson, Ella-May Connolly, Sam Rutherford, Ashton Flynn, Ruby Moore, Andrew Robertshaw, Jack Mylchreest, James Robson, Ben Richardson, Cameron Gough, Dane Clements, Otis King, Lauren Major, Anthony Gibson, Lauren Gash, Sophie Maddison, Zoe Cullen, Sam Hall, Robyn Collins, Chloe Mitchell, Lauren Slater, Chloe Fellows, Sam Westgarth, Charmain Claughan, Sean Major, James Priestley, Faye Rodgerson, Kieran Cervantes, Christopher Campbell, Lauren Thompson, Lexie Kehoe, Danielle Wynn. We hope you enjoy the show, Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year

‘ROCK NATIVITY’ Scene 1 - Prophesies/Praise Scene 2 - Magnificat Scene 3 - Don’t Be Afraid Scene 4 - Open Your Heart Scene 5 - This Is Herod Scene 6 - To Be A King Scene 7 - Far Away In Persia Scene 8 - Follow The Star Scene 9 - Caesar’s Decree Scene 10 - Useless Then To Argue Scene 11 - Going To Be Taxed Scene 12 - Mary Barely Conscious Scene 13 - With You Scene 14 - Counting Sheep Scene 15 - Don’t Be Afraid (reprise) Scene 16 - Come All Ye Faithful/Follow The Star (reprise) Scene 17 - Silent Night/What A Way To Welcome Him Refreshments will be available after the show.

The Enter CIC Team

Can we ask everyone not to use flash photography.