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Blue Suede R250.00

Abtract Print Platform R650.00

Colorblock Heels R600.00 Colorblock Patent R600.00

Cap Toe Heels R550.00

Chain Link R650.00 Cap Toe Kitten Heels R350.00

Bow Toe Kitten Heels R350.00

Colorblock Peep Toe R650.00

Colorblock Platform R650.00

Colorblock Wedges R600.00

Colourblock Platform R600.00

Colourblock Snakeskin R700.00 Colorblock Peep Toe R700.00 Cut-out Suede R650.00

Double Ankle Strap R650.00

Embellished Platform R700.00

Metalic Accent Heels R600.00

Glitter Velvet R650.00

Double Mary Jane R600.00

Metalic Accent R650.00

Metalic Peep Toe R650.00

Metallic Trim Velvet R650.00

Necklace facet2 R250.00

Open Peep Toe Suede R650.00

Patent Peep Toe R600.00

Peep Toe Mary Jane R550.00

Perforated T-Strap R650.00 Star Accent Heels R650.00

Pink Platform R600.00 Rosette Accent Velvet R750.00

Reptile Platform Heels R700.00 Southwest Print R650.00

Necklace facet R250.00

Strappy Colorblock R600.00

Southwest Print R650.00

Strappy Velvet Wedges R650.00

Studded Back R600.00

Sttudded Ankle R700.00

Skinny Tusk R200.00

Star Accent Heels R650.00

Strappy Colorblock R600.00

Studded Loafers R250.00

Suede Abstract R600.00

Studded Heels R650.00

Suede Blue R250.00

Suede Peep Toe R650.00

Suede Mary Jane R700.00

Suede Peep Toe Platform R650.00

Suede Peep Toe R700.00 Suede Platform R650.00

Suede Strappy Heels R650.00

Suede T-Strap Platform R 650.00

T-strap - Sandals R200.00

T-strap Sandals R200.00

Two Tone Black and White R600.00

Two Tone Colour R600.00

Two Tone Glitter Black R700.00

Two Tone Colourful Platform R650.00

Two Tone Platform R700.00 Two Tone Embelished Platform R700.j00

Two Tone Embelished R700.00

Two Tone Mary Jane R700.00 Two Tone Orange R600.00

Two Tone Glitter R700.00 Two Tone R600.00

Two Tone Short Heels R350.00 Two Tone T-Strap R650.00

Zebra Platform Heels R700.00

Velvet Colorblock R600.00

Wedges R500.00

Two Tone Wedges R650.00

Two Tone Suede Heels R600.00

Woven Design Leatherette R650.00

Two Tone Velvet R600.00

Two Tone SnakeSkin Heels R650.00

Yellow Suede R250.00

Classy Feet  

Classy Feet is a classy collection of Women shoes.