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The book This book was written by Jonathan Swift, in the 1.726. This is the story of a man who arrives in Lilliput.

Lilliput Lilliput Is the city where Gulliver finds lost. At first treat him wrong but shortly afterwards they love him a lot. Fight against the General and knows to a princess.

Cast Away This movie talks about a newyorker who goes to the Bermuda’s Island to write a report for a famous magazine. He rents a boat and starts sailing across the ocean and a storm surprises him. He wakes up and a group of Lilliput’s people surround him: He discovers that he is a giant.

The Army General The giant becomes the main General after saving the king’s life. Lilliput turns suddenly into Manhattan and its main square into Times Square.

The princess The princess must marry the General and she doesn’t want to.

The friend His friend is tall, thin and nice. It's a good person and nice to everyone, but sometimes it's a little heavy. Gulliver met him in a prison, where he was imprisoned for attempting to seduce the princess, and when he rescues becomes his counselor. Gulliver’s friend falls in love with the princess

Gulliver Rescue A friend at work comes looking for a few days ago that it will not work. When finally found him, knows Lilliput and its people. Gulliver is in love with her. To prove his love, faces the former General and defeats. When Gulliver wins the battle she rushes off to hug and kisses.

Gulliver Returns Gulliver returns home with a boat they have built Lilliput. Upon arrival, his girlfriend proposes to work with her in her travel agency. He accepts and is much happier than before.

Gulliver's Travels  

Gulliver's Travels

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