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LOCKING IN FARM-FRESH FLAVOR WITH LIGHT-PROTECTED PACKAGING Food and beverages don’t always reach consumers with the same nutritional content and taste as when they left the farm. One of the main factors is light – both natural and artificial, such as retail lighting, LED and Fluorescent lights. As consumers wake up to this fact, brands are at risk of losing trust. But right now, they have a huge opportunity to get ahead by optimizing their product packaging to protect nutrients against light damage, and communicating this to their customers with a Noluma logo – the only way to reassure them that the food they’re buying has been fully light-protected.

Noluma International LLC is the first company to use technology developed to assess, measure and certify light protection in packaging in relation to its contents. Noluma’s testing process replicates two weeks of light exposure in less than two hours, saving companies time and money. The Noluma team can then assess the effectiveness of the packaging, objectively collaborating with consumer-packaged goods companies to offer guidance on how to redesign packaging content to better protect from light damage. Noluma is the only company that certifies products as meeting the highest standards of light protection. A Noluma™ certification provides customers with the guarantee that a product’s nutrition and sensory qualities is fully protected from light damage by its packaging.

Light protection in action Jersey Girls Dairy, based in Vermont, is proud of the milk it produces. To preserve both nutrients and sensory quality, Jersey Girls partnered with Noluma to measure the light protection of its packaging and advise on the development of a container that would preserve the taste, freshness and nutrients in its farm-fresh milk. Through this partnership, Noluma launched a new light-protected bottle, and used local campaigns to help educate people about how light affects milk. The campaign resulted in Jersey Girls’ sales tripling in just two weeks, with the quality improvements noted by local consumers, who recognized the smell and taste difference of light-protected milk compared to those contained in unprotected packaging. As more consumers become aware of light degradation and nutrient loss, they’ll begin to seek out brands that can guarantee their products are sufficiently protected. It’s a trend that all food brands and manufacturers would be wise to get ahead with now – and Noluma can help. For more information, email Learn more at

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