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Editorial EnSci, Weir Group’s flagship division for cutting edge innovation and solutions, welcomes you to the next edition of our newsletter — EnScight July, 2013. Furthering our ambition to increase value through complete ownership, our plans for 2013 revolve around focussing internally on strengthening our capabilities and competencies and externally on different aspects of customer satisfaction — adding value, attracting new customers, and providing complementary benefits.This edition highlights some of Team EnSci’s projects that not only meet expected timelines and surpass required quality standards, but also deliver technological insight and enhance user experience, resulting in absolute customer delight. Firm in the belief that systematic technological service and reliable support are key to generating positive outcomes, we focused on helping sales teams respond and service their customers better in the last quarter. The Install Pump Base project is a fine example of leveraging technology to provide a platform for sales teams to update pivotal product information at the click of a button. The Valve Selection and Sizing Tool is another example of a futuristic, cutting edge product that assists our sales force improve efficiency and respond to the market with speed and accuracy. In addition, the Interactive Mill Circuit Application enabled our sales force to effectively showcase a wide range of products on an interactive mobile interface. In the coming months, we also aim to improve project management skills in both secondary and tertiary leadership teams through EnLead — the leadership education and development programme. Through EnScight we endeavour to continue strengthening our bonds with you by keeping you abreast of our achievements and growth. We hope you enjoy discovering us through this newsletter as much as we enjoy creating it. We look forward to hearing from you!


Capacity and capability enhancement through manufacturing automation Ever changing customer needs pose newer challenges to conventional manufacturing setups. Technological upgrades and process improvements are hence synonymous with every growing manufacturing organisation. Exposure to the latest manufacturing technologies and knowledge of applying such processes in the current setup result in: • Enhanced capacity • Better floor space utilisation • Better product flow • Upgraded fixtures & tooling systems • Optimised operations and processes • Reduced manpower problems EnSci has the capability to support introduction of latest technologies and processes for any given manufacturing setup. The manufacturing automation team at EnSci employs a methodical process for capacity and capability enhancement, as depicted in the flowchart.

In-depth research of the existing manufacturing setup

Feasibility study

Implementation plan

Product and structure study

Tooling concepts creation and ideation on arrangements

Manufacturing Support Equipment

Bottleneck study

Project simulations to substantiate the solution

Assembly and Testing

Layout functionality orientation

Upgrade estimation

Dry runs and commissioning


Multiple legacy and ERP systems information on a single platform Delivering insight, enhancing customer experience EnSci collaborated with a leading minerals and mining equipment manufacturer to develop Install Pump Base - an IT-enabled, demand planning solution. This solution collates customer and pump-related information accumulated over three decades from multiple legacy systems. The focus of this solution is to provide a platform for sales teams to update product wear life and service-related information and it is designed to improve agility in

Solution Highlights: • IT-enabled, demand planning solution • Provides all product-related information on a single platform • Behaves as a platform for updating product wear life and service-related information • User friendly and agile

Mr. Balaji Swaminathan, Vice President, equipment manufacturer

responding to market needs. The leading minerals and mining equipment manufacturer is enjoying the following benefits from this solution:

Mr. Balaji Swaminathan, says, “I

• Better forecast accuracy

responded positively to it.” The

• Region and application areas based forecasts

EnSci team is currently working on

• Improved inventory management • Improved cost efficiencies throughout the supply chain • Better sales and operational planning • Enhanced customer service EnSci designed a comprehensive solution that provides all productrelated information on a single platform. This information further assists sales teams to improve forecast of spare parts and component wear life while simultaneously enhancing customer experience.

showcased this solution at the recently held SMC meeting at Kuala Lumpur. And the participants

Gene Wilde, Demand Planning Manager, equipment manufacturer

“EnSci’s highly professional, capable, and well-led team executed and delivered the solution on time, at cost, and at expected quality level. This well-planned and executed effort was greatly appreciated by us,” says Gene Wilde.

improving this solution to meet the emerging expectations of the sales and demand planning team. This project is another example of how EnSci augments the Weir way of collaborative mindset and global capability in driving growth for business.

The team’s clear and in-depth understanding of end user requirements and prompt delivery of updates to the system were duly noted and applauded for being user friendly and innovative


In-depth analysis and reliable support - the key to positive outcome Quick and efficient on-field support EnSci was approached by a leading minerals and mining equipment manufacturer to provide quick on-field support for a cyclone cluster overflow pipe failure at their customer location. The overflow pipe made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) had sheared off causing a leakage and the situation demanded a quick repair of the pipe and a long-term solution to avoid recurrence.

the pipe to work out a possible quick fix and to determine the causes of failure. The quick fix involved onsite welding of the pipe; the execution had to overcome complications due to the rubber lining and the continuously operating cluster

Execution of the project was done by the manufacturer, thus putting an end to the leakage issue and eliciting a positive feedback from the client. Our team handled this problem in a competent and systematic manner, thus enhancing our reliability in providing field failure support.

EnSci’s field failure support team reached the location and examined

before stopping the leakage. The examination revealed the following attributes that may have led to the failure: • Vibration inside the pipe due to movement of solid particles • Snapping of weak HDPE joints due to overuse

EnSci’s systematic approach and instant service makes way for positive results

collaborated to finalise on the concept and jointly prepared an implementation plan.

• Wrong inclination angle of the pipe • Insufficient support for the pipe. EnSci developed four solution concepts addressing the possible causes of failure and alternatives to avoid them in future. The manufacturer and EnSci team


Technology at the forefront, engineering at its all-emcompassing best An advanced, realistic, all-in-one interactive application EnSci’s Techpub team showcased yet another facet of their capabilities by developing an iPad application for a leading minerals and mining equipment manufacturer.

Leveraging expertise built over numerous projects, the team delivered an application that addressed the marketing needs of the company, end-to-end.

This iPad application was designed as a one-point mobility pack for sales & marketing teams across the organisation to: • Provide comprehensive overview on products covering all the brands under the organisation’s umbrella • Provide application and environment relevance for identified products, creating better and faster awareness among customer circles • Create the much-needed visual delight and the pleasure of visual as well as technological interaction The EnSci team undertook a large amount of research and consulted several subject matter experts to understand the technical nuances in assembly and functioning of various products under different environments and create visuals and animations that are realistic. The team successfully executed the project by capturing these techniques and implementing them through modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, visual effects, and compositing.

Application highlights: • Developed for iPad • Comprehensive - includes all key products • Captivating and relevant visuals • All-in-one interactive application • Realistic environment and look and feel • Can be used as a training tool as well as a sales tool The application has been greatly appreciated across the globe for its quality and appeal. The Techpub team went a step further and delivered four incrementally superior versions of the same video in nine months; these covered further enhancements to the visuals and addition of new products under the brand stack.

Flash and iPad application compatibility highlights EnSci’s culture of staying at the helm of cuttingedge technologies and trends


Futuristic development, cutting edge products Enabling organisations improve efficiency with advanced automation products It is always a major challenge

This state-of-the-art tool

for customers and sales persons

provides easy user interface

alike to choose a product from a

and works on 3 selections

long list of any given application

streams: • Industry/application • Process parameters • Product specification

that meets the end requirement. EnSci’s IT Application team has made this job easier for customers by developing a Valve

In addition, VSS generates a detailed

Selection and Sizing (VSS) tool

data sheet providing complete

covering a wide range of valve

product specification for the selected

products. VSS aims to:

application upon final selection

• Increase productivity through elimination of manual calculations • Enable error proofing of selection process • Enforce industry best practices

in the desired format. The team is now working on developing similar applications for other products such as pumps, cyclones, and screens.

EnSci’s IT Application team has made this job easier for customers by developing a Valve Selection and Sizing (VSS) tool covering a wide range of valve products.


People Updates Weir India Carrom Tournament, 2013 Weir India’s sports committee along with the HR teams organised a month-long team bonding exercise “2013 Carrom Tournament” for its employees. 32 teams with 64 players participated in the tournament. Overall 63 boards were played over 5 rounds including qualifying, second, quarter final, semi-final, and the grand finale on elimination criteria. Each game had its share of excitement, fun, anxiety and with adrenaline running high the event quickly progressed from one level to another. The cheering squad of each finalist added to the merriment of the day. The runner-up team comprising Rakesh and Vinay gave a tough fight to the tournament winners, Dayanand TK and Suraj Kumar, creating an electrifying environment among the spectators.

The winners were awarded by the Functional Head during the Monthly Communication Meeting. EnLead: Ladder to Leadership Programme The function of leadership is to develop more leaders and not followers. Leaders play a crucial role in organisational growth, transformation, and strategic success. EnSci, realising that it is mandatory for businesses to invest in identifying and nurturing today’s accomplished employees into tomorrow’s leaders, designed a path defining leadership development programme - ‘EnLead’.

“As we look ahead into next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates

to apply them in context of today’s relevant strategic business scenarios. An interactive engagement enabled the participants to understand the roles of a leader, a manager, a boss and the importance of influencing as well as motivating, while getting an insight into ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ syndrome. In addition to using a conversational style throughout the programme, Dr. Iyer designed and delivered the program with the help of Powerpoint presentations, films, games, case-studies, and simulations.

EnLead is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, professional development programme designed to prepare high-performing employees and senior managers for the next stage in their careers. The programme helps enhance the ability of senior leaders to meet the challenges of global business and also helps them achieve EnSci goals and vision. EnLead uses skillbuilding sessions, self-assessment, one-on-one coaching with the unit head and the expertise of an external, professional coach to equip promising leaders with the ability to take on greater responsibilities. The EnLead initiative began with a 2-day session for the leadership team, which was conducted by an eminent trainer, coach, and mentor, Dr. P N N Iyer. The session was named ’Ladder to Leadership‘, and was designed to understand the latest paradigm of ’Evolved Leadership’. The team was exposed to the 12-step leadership evolution criteria and was taught

Participants appreciated the programme and some of the comments were: “The discussion was all about people and how they build organisations very relevant.” “It was a good coaching and mentoring session.” “The trainer has very good experience in the field and has a lot to share to inspire all of us.” “Very good examples of leadership. Some of them were very inspirational.” As part of the EnLead programme, EnSci’s senior leadership team attended a one-day customer centricity workshop which focussed on aligning each role’s actions towards customers and their requirements. The workshop was conducted by Umesh Chandra, Unit Head of EnSci. Leaders from business functions, service line functions, and support functions worked closely to identify their customers and customer requirements. They also identified areas that can help in new customer acquisition and bring about a paradigm shift in the degree of customer satisfaction. The participating teams presented their analysis and findings to the group.

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