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ACTIVITIES. Activity1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Running time: 116 minutes. Nationality: United Kingdom and EEUU. Date: 1988 (color) Directed by: Stephen FREARS. Produced by: Norma eyman I Hank Moonjean. Film producer: Warner Bross. Script: Christopher Hampton. Photography: P.Rousselot. Editing: Mick Audsley. Music: George Fenton. Costume designs: James Acheson.

Activity2. We are going to talk about the principal characters. Mme de Merteuil: Is an old woman, who is obsessed with improve her reputation. She will do whatever she needs to arrive where she wants to arrive. She always is good looking, with very expensive clothes, and she likes to wear whit make up. Viscount of Valmont: We can see the same as the Mme. Both of them wants to be a very important social person; they don’t care about hurting people so they can arrive to their goals. He wears expensive clothes and make up, too. He is tall and thin.

Mme de Trouvel: Is a very important woman, who loves her husband. She has been grown by the religion, and she’s very religious. But, in the film she fell in love of Viscount of Valmont. She’s a beautiful woman who wears expensive clothes, too. She is thin.

Activity3. In this age, we can see that all they want to good impression to the other people, so that usually spend the time on the living room, which is very big with good illumination and a lot of jewelry. They spend much time in very beautiful and big gardens too.

Activity4. We think they are genuine at the time of dressing, because they want to be exclusive. Mme Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont like to wear expensive clothes, so everybody can see they are rich people. Something distinctive is that both of them like to turn his face as white as is possible, just because they want to look the most pure as they can.

Activity5. We can see that a lot of people is no what they are supposed to be, all the rules that they need to follow some rules, conventions and traditions, that they need to respect so they can’t be however they want because they need to be as the society want. All the objectives that they have are being so popular and they will not be stopped by the rules. We think that they aren’t really happy because they are always under low pressure and it makes them unhappy.