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by Rosalind Wear

The poet’s pen turns them to shapes

Beauty is often classed as an outer, visual element, such as how we appear and ‘create’ our self. I strive for individuality in my design work, and fabrics. What we wear creates the chance to reflect our personality, interests and who we are. I always work from personal experiences and things that have inspired me and find interesting. Visiting the globe theatre created a starting point for my most recent project. Shakespeare’s language is filled with imagery, linking nature to feelings. Dress gives us the chance to create a social identity and how we appear to others. Beauty not only relates to how we look and present our self, but it also expresses who we are as a unique being. “…And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns them to shapes.”


Given Poetry  
Given Poetry  

Revista fictícia de poesia. Treball de 1r de Gràfica Publicitària. EADT 2007