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On your special day everything must be perfect. You have got it all sorted out from the dress to the cake to the honeymoon. What about the transportation? When looking for a limousine hire Melbourne you will have many options, so do your research! You should consider how many people will be traveling, how much distance is between where the ceremony will take place and where the reception is going to be.

How big, or small is your wedding party? For a small affair just a chauffeured sedan would do. If there are several bridesmaids and several groomsmen a larger vehicle will be required. An elegant stretch limo can accommodate 10- 12 people. Thinking you will need more room? A stretch Hummer can fit 14- 16 people, with plenty of leg room. If you need to provide transportation for 30 of your guests there are some firms which provide coach buses. Of course, the higher the number of people the higher the cost will be.

What do you want the limousine to say about you? The right car can convey how elegant or refined or luxurious you are. Many of the limo firms will provide whichever additional services you need. Do you need a full bar for you and your guests? Would you like the driver to perform any additional tasks? Do you need something simplest, do you need just a chauffeur to drive two of you with no frills? Whichever your goal is there will be a limousine with the exact look you are trying to achieve for your wedding day.

Now that you know what you are looking for do not be afraid to search around. Let the company knows what you need so there are no hang-ups when the special day arrives. With all the limousine hire in Melbourne companies you are sure to find the one which has the size, services, and statement that is right for you!

Hire limo Melbourne is of course something we have all heard of and we know it usually involves a big shiny car, a smart looking chauffeur to hold open the door for you, and probably even a glass of champagne waiting for you inside the limousine

too. While this traditional image of limousine hire is still accurate, and can be recreated by a dedicated limo hire company just for you, limousine hire is also so much more.

Limousine hire is now defined by so much more than a big car and a chauffeur in a top hat and tails. Limousine hire comes in so many different form, that if you were to define it simply by using this traditional image of limo hire, you would hardly recognise some of its modern incarnations.

To start with, the limousines in the traditional images you are thinking of are probably black and white, right? Well limousines are now stretching into the entire colour spectrum and if you were looking for a limo to be either black or white, you may want to put on your sunglasses. A limousine can now be almost any colour you can think of, from black or white, silver or grey and cream or pearl, to pink or purple, red or blue and gold or yellow, and many more colours in between.

Limousine hire can also now see you sliding into a limo which is almost as big as your house, well that's how it can seem, or seemingly as small as your own family car, but with space inside in all the right places. This is because limousine hire companies don't just source limos from the traditional coach builders anymore, but from specialist builders who have turned ordinary vehicles into limousines by extending the wheelbase to create more legroom, and adding luxuries and accessories for a comfortable and indulgent ride.

But while standard luxury sedans, and modern stretched vehicles are equally classed as a limousine, so too are the super stretch limousines, often also called party buses. These too have been stretched and modified by dedicated coach builders, working on standard vehicles, not typically seen in the limousine hire industry. However, party bus limousines have not been stretched from just any ordinary vehicle, but from SUVs, making them some of the most imposing and head turning limousines you will ever see.

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