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Berkshire Medical Center

Scott Renzoni and Alexandra Lincoln in Preludes, 2007


Written by Dennis Krausnick Directed by Bill Barclay

(“sheep-biter,” for instance). And they know he was clever with words.

hen it came time to choose the entertainingeducational entry in this year’s Bankside Festival, Shakespeare & Company Director of Training Dennis Krausnick decided it was time to add a new member to our roster of “the story of Shakespeare” plays. Where would it come from? He would write it, of course.

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Fans of Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World and Wild and Whirling Words already know how awesome—in the truest sense—Shakespeare’s work is. They know how many words he contributed to our language (as many as 2,000), what his father did for a living (he was a glover), and some of the best insults he concocted

But neither of those two pieces delve as deeply as Wordplay into how clever he was. What is it about the way he uses language that is so fantastic? That’s exactly what you’re about to find out. In choosing the scenes that would form the tapestry of Wordplay, Krausnick sought out specimens with extended volleys of wordplay, the kind that leaves spectators’ heads spinning. These scenes rise above and beyond the simple pun or bawdy double entendre, while relishing the sport of the English language. Created especially for our Rose audience, Wordplay promises to be witty, intelligent and riveting enough to please and enlighten the whole family. Playbill notes by Enrico Spada



hen it came time to choose the entertaining- educational entry in this year’s Bankside Festival, Shakespeare & Company Director of Train...

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