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Returning to the future The past year's Enrichment Programs were focused on aspects of how we create what is to come. Participants explored three interrelated topics: Human-Machine Future, Designing Tomorrow and Cities of the Future. NASA's Carolyn Porco dazzled us with images from the edges of our solar system. The CEO of the Saudi Electric Company, Khaled Alrashed, held the audience enthralled as he laid the foundation for our future cities. Stanford's Oussama Khatib transported us deep under the ocean waves to where a futuristic humanoid robot is exhuming treasures from a lost time. And Saudi Aramco's Nasser Al-Nafisee helped his audience peek into the future of work and how they can leverage it for personal fulfillment and success.

Amazingly, the 2019 Winter Enrichment Program promises an even bigger experience. From January 13 to 24, 2019, a range of top international academics, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs will explore aspects of Time and how it shapes our experience of the world. Communicating about time creates an interesting problem. Time is a linear experience for humans, and yet our capacity for suspension of disbelief, role play, storytelling and more allow us to inhabit past, present and future spaces at once—we are highly non-linear beings trapped in a seemingly linear universe. Let's meld past, present and future in this celebration of the Enrichment Programs we all spend the year waiting for.

Looking back at the 2018 KAUST Enrichment Programs