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This Is Our School

Students of grade 6 School Pau Vila January 2014

THE DIRECTOR`S OFFICE The director’s office is downstairs, between the secretary’s office and the staff room. The director of the school is Pietat and she is sympathetic and intelligent. She manages the school and she decides the rules of school, there is one meeting table and two desks.

Marina, Estel, David, Marc.

The gym is near the playground, and it is front of the school. The teachers are Lara and Ernest. In the gym we play sports like bowls, football, basketball, handball ‌ There is a stage, there is a basket, there are two benches, there are many materials for the sports, there are balls, there are two changing rooms, there are two stereos, there are lots of mattress and there are two table tennis.

RubÊn, Clara and Àdam

The school dining room is near the porch, on the ground floor. There are Monitors, Javi the cook, Anna the responsible of the dining room and the kitchen auxiliaries work there. We have lunch. In the morning some children stay before the class and in the afternoon the school. There are a lot of tables, chairs and toys. There are a lot of balls. In the dining room there is a big kitchen and three wardrobes.

The library is near the dining room downstairs. In the library we read books, we watch videos with the projector. In the library there are a lot of chairs, tables, books, there is a computer, a projector, there are three mattress, posters, lamps, there are many shelves, there is a door ,there are windows, there are two teddies, there is an armchair, there are a lot of pillows.


Laura Gisela Marta

The staff room is next to the director’s office and near the dining room. In this room are the teachers, they have lunch, work and have meetings. In this room there are 38 chairs, a very big table, 2 microwaves, a very big calendar, 1 coffee machine, 1 coke machine and magazines for the teachers.


This is the computer room. It’s near the music room and next to the hall. There are 20 computers, there are tables, there are mice, there is one door,there are windows, there are lamps, there is a printer and there are chairs. The computer room is on the first floor. Ernest is in the computer room and he is the responsible of the computers.

This is the English room: It is in the first floor, it is near the music room, too. Opposite the English room there is the Drauvil room. In the English room there are four computers, one big blackboard and one small whiteboard. Enric and Julia work in the English room. They are the teachers. In the English room we study English and do lots of activities.

This is the photocopy room. The photocopy Room is on the ground floor. It is next to the Care Taker, and near the secretary and the hall. Carme Melero works in here; she’s the Care Taker of the school. She’s the responsible of photocopies, she opens and closes the doors and she answers the phone. Carme Melero is the Care Taker and the responsible of Photocopies and laminates papers.

Pablo, Marc, Sara i Raül

This is the secretary room. It is on the ground floor near the photocopy room and the library. Lara and Susana are the secretaries and they control the economy and organize the students’ files. There are two computers, four tables and three chairs. There is a fax, a telephone, files, material, a window, a paper bin and a clock.

Kevin Maria Pau Anna

The Sick Room is on the ground floor. It is near the Dining Room and in front of the Library. We haven’t a nurse in the school but if we get sick or hurt, Carme, the caretaker, cures us. There is small table; there is a sink to wash our hands, a toilet and a cupboard.

Andy DenĂ­s

Adri Adry

This is our school  

In grade 6 we did a short project about our school. First we observed the different rooms and spaces. Then, in groups we chose one and wro...

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