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disney, the new guy in town

the urban jungle

Voids: It is a world phenomena, it reffers to the emptyness in the cities , this Ò emptynesÓ is located mostly arround the infrastructure and is the path for serious problems among all the countries.

get ready to the skyscraper coaster ride

Infrastructure ATTACHMENT

Voids = Potential This Infra-voids (emptyness in the infrastructure) is a sleeping potential wating to be exploted, and Disney City-ventures take advantage of them beeing the catalizer ofrevitalizatization all over the city in a way that only the major company of entretainment in the world can do it... lets the majic begin.

Disney City Ventures can be profitable both for Disney company as well for the city.

Deep sky baloon discover stories of the city while flying

river cruise

animal discovery river cruise

BUILD THE STORY . Intervention method

ride trough the wild atmosphere of the zoo

It can be used as tool to Ò healÓ urban problems arround the globe.

be amazed in this unusual boat trip

1. Select a city 2. Identify existing infrastructure 3. Select nearby places (to improve or to revitalize) 4. Attach and design Disney City-Ventures 5. Live the experience

Deep sky baloon flying byke

Take a deep breath and enjoy the city from the highs

watch live sports like never before

RevitalizE IT!

electro ride take a seat in this elecrifying rollercoaster in akihabara

speed demon

water rivers as infrastructure

Discover cities like never before. Unusual perspectives and thrills only seen in action movies!

breath-taking coaster velocity

Disney City Ventures the beginning

infrastructure network railway and higway

The city is the playground! It is the new scenario!

Disney city-ventures attaching to the infrastructure Intelligent Symbiosis

Move in absolute three dimensional space

places identities of the city

places to revitalize railway or higway junctions unused buildings under developed places unused factories

flying byke

the ultimate Experience

cycle trough the buildings

concept map

Activation of economical activities, development of infrastructure and fostering lively places with all the magic and fantasy that the reality has to offer, telling the story of a city, of its people, of its identity.

Disney City-Ventures is designed to become a worldwide phenomena, every 4 years the major cities in the world may compete to become the host of this event. An intelligent and modular structure can be attached to different infrastructures allowing to migrate and adapt anywhere in the globe.

Global Event

flying byke flying byke

feel the rush in the biggest fish market in the world

tokyo edition 2020 river cruise enjoy tokyo bay

unused roof tops becomes the support for the roller coaster

using the existing highways like never before

Baloons guided by attached rails in the highway

fantasy meets reality

boat coaster -rails the new concept Baloons guided by attached in the highway

attached pavillion in the higways structure

the sky scraper coaster

Disney City Ventures - the beginning

Disney City Ventures  

Proposal for Disney Imaginations Competition

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