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May 11, 2011 To Whom It May Concern, I have been asked to write a letter on behalf of a project to bring a skateboard park to the peninsula. I am happy to do so. I wish we could have put one on our school campus. We have given this thought before but the logistics did not allow for it. There are obvious issues involving safety and proper supervision. I have been involved in education on “The Hill� for 30 years at 4 different high schools. At each school there have been skaters. These are good kids but they often drive school personnel crazy when they are on their skateboards in unauthorized areas. In short, they need a place to skateboard. It is a passion for them so of course they look for areas to use their skateboards. I drive by a skateboard park in Hermosa Beach quite often and there are always kids there and they seem to be having fun. I would be supportive of a project to build a skateboard park. This would make school, city and private business personnel happy because there would finally be a safe and supervised venue for skateboarders. I hope to see a successful project in PV. Sincerely, Chris Bowles, Principal, Palos Verdes High School

PV High Letter  

letter from Principal Chris Bowles endorsing a skatepark

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