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Introduction to the group


The Enovagroup has been formed by Tim Gurnett, founder and owner of Pebblepools, in partnership with Alan Jones, a US and UK-based entrepreneur with an active interest in the Algarve. Evolving from the established framework and working practices of Pebblepools, the group represents an expansion into the rapidly emerging new technologies of Renewable Energies, Information Technology and Building Control Systems. Specialising in design, consultancy and installation the group will serve the private and commercial sector, from conception to commissioning, in these very specialised areas.

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The directors

The directors

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Alan Jones Alan Jones is a serial technology entrepreneur

In 2003, together with a team of award

who has founded, developed and sold a number

winning builders, he formed Foundation

of successful technology companies. In this

Land and developed over 50 prestige homes

area, his key achievements include founding

in the UK. More recently Alan has worked to

and selling Memory Technology and Shuttle

meld his business experience, passion for

Technology, to SCM Microsystems Inc. Up until

technology and love of Algarve life through his

2000, Alan served as US president of NASDAQ

partnership with Tim Gurnett. He believes that

company, SCM Microsystems. Since that time

the Enovagroup will be able to greatly enhance

Alan has continued to invest in UK technology

the efficiency, technology and corresponding

companies, including Aerstream and most

lifestyle within homes and businesses

recently, DriveSentry.

throughout the region.

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tim gurnett Tim Gurnett graduated from Brunel University

The success of Pebblepools led to the formation

with an honours degree in engineering in 1984.

of EuroPebbleTec in 1999 (the European

After spending some years travelling he settled

master franchisee for PebbleTec materials and

in the Algarve in 1989 and has lived here with

systems). EuroPebbleTec now has 15 registered

his family ever since.

licencees throughout Europe and Pebblepools is used as a model and training school for them all.

Engineering in the Algarve has generally always meant construction but in the early

The evolution to the Enovagroup, in 2007, is the

90’s, in a considered decision to keep out

fruition of three years planning and research

of mainstream building he, with a partner

and would be impossible without the extremely

at that stage, spent some time researching

dedicated, talented and loyal management

the possibility of bringing "Australian" style

team which have so successfully controlled

swimming pools to Europe. In 1994, having

and expanded the activities of Pebblepools and

served out his ‘apprenticeship’ he founded

EuroPebbleTec over the years.

Pebblepools in partnership with his wife Kate and set about changing the whole philosophy of pool construction, firstly in Portugal and soon throughout Europe.

Living with innovation

Our ethos

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Environmental awareness and technological progress are set to change construction philosophy and techniques more in the next five years than they have in the last fifty. This move to intelligent, economical and ecological solutions will be driven by an irresistible combination of legislation and consumer demand. These new technologies, if embraced and utilised correctly, will create a new level of living comfort and well-being whilst maximising the efficient use of the world's natural resources. The Enovagroup has been created to provide solutions which help us live in harmony with nature through the effective use of technology.

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The group's concept & structure

The group

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The concept

The companies

The Enova Concept is a Technology Centre

Pebblepools - Long-established as the

which is a one stop destination offering

Algarve’s premier pool company, with a proven

consultancy, design, installation and

pedigree offering latest-technology pools

maintenance, focusing on local legislation,

fused with imaginative design. Pebblepools’

requirements and conditions.

organisational and logistical structure forms the foundation of the Enovagroup.

The Enovagroup is a holding company formed to consolidate and amalgamate a collection of

Enovahome - Specialising in home

speciality businesses and provide, for them,

automation, entertainment systems and the

a comprehensive infrastructure and support

supply and installation of renewable energy

system. Under this regime each business can

systems to the domestic and commercial

focus on providing efficient customer service


and allocate time and energy to the on-going product research and refinements, which are

Enovaconexion - IT, Commercial Wi-Fi

essential in such dynamic industries.

and VDSL installations, Telecommunication solutions, website management, remote

Linked by the common themes of efficiency,

monitoring and data storage.

convenience and comfort these specialities are set to become industry standards and the

Enovambient - Consultancy, design and

Enovagroup is positioned to guide and assist

project management of building services,

private and corporate clients with information,

specialising in the incorporation of renewable

demonstration and solutions.

and sustainable energy.

h o l din g c o m p an y

s e r vi c e s & p r od u c t s

The services

Services within the group

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01. Swimming pools

02. Home Entertainment

06. Telecommunications

05. Information technology

03. Home automation

04. Alternative energy

01. Swimming pools

04. Alternative energy

· Classical traditional pools

· Photovoltaic solar power

· Freeform pools

· Wind generation

· Natural rock pools

· Thermal solar collectors

· Razor edge & combination pools

· Ground source thermal heat recovery systems

· Dedicated & overflow spas

· Combined heat and power units

· Commercial pools

· Coordinated design of environmental systems

· Refurbishments

05. Information technology 02. Home Entertainment

· Sales and support for personal computing

· Design, build and installation of home cinema

· Sales and support for business solutions

· Centralized audio & visual systems

· Wi-fi & VDSL installations for localized ISP

· Internet & solid state recording & reproduction

· Web management and site construction · Remote monitoring & data storage

03. Home Automation · Home security

06. Telecommunications

· Energy management systems

· V.O.I.P/P.S.T.N. Home accounts

· Air handling / Climate control

· Calling Card service provider

· Lighting / Environment control

· Network voice & data business solutions

Traditional & freeform swimming pool building

01. Swimming pools

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Pebblepools was launched in 1994 with a single, core principle at the heart of it's foundation: To import the best of worldwide pool building technology to Portugal and bring a completely new product range to the market. By the beginning of the 21st century the principle was firmly established but the demand was so great that it became clear that rather more than just a pool building business was developing! Pebblepools as a company had grown into "the Pebblepool concept" both here in Portugal and throughout Europe. Pebblepools are the exclusive Portuguese licence holders for PebbleTecÂŽ products and practices and are experts in the "shotcrete" method of concrete projection. This combination enables them to offer the highest possible guarantees, the most reliable build schedules and unique design possibilities. Pebblepools' work ethic and philosophies form the heart of the Enovagroup. They are now able to offer a new generation of pool solutions by utilising and maximising the extra resource available within the group and focusing on environmental and economical solutions to pool heating and remote and automated control systems.

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Cinema quality video & audio

02. Home entertainment

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Enovahome offers solutions for home cinema, T.V. and audio for both stand alone installations and fully integrated systems, on a design, install and support basis. For home cinema or public information display purposes Enovahome also offers the exclusive Blue Ocean rear projection screen. Resort solutions are available and can be integrated with telecoms and internet provision if incorporated at design stage on new developments. The Enovagroup are independent of any particular manufacturers and as such can offer the best solution to each requirement. The Enovagroup showroom includes a full home cinema as well as installed units for inspection and testing.

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Domotics - automation techniques for comfort and security at home

03. Home automation

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The technology available in the new science of I.P. modulated intelligent home systems is limitless. To date however, the technology has not broken into main stream construction and remains a mystery to the majority. The challenges which the Enovagroup have successfully addressed are: » To present the options and solutions in a coherent and practical way in order to ensure that customers are supplied with a suitable and user friendly package » To build into their business model, right from the outset, a support structure and S.L.A. system which ensures faultfree operation » To keep all support and monitoring systems in-house using the I.P. protocol and hardware capability available within the group The extensive facilities at the Enovagroup showrooms include working models which potential clients can touch, see and use in order to truly assess the personal value which each system can offer. The Enovagroup brings intelligent home technology to the market in a way which ensures it will help, not hinder, everyday life.

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Environment friendly energy development

04. Alternative energy

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The Enovagroup offers consultancy, design and installation of renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications. Each project is designed individually to ensure the optimum solution from both a technical and financial perspective. The Building Services division provides clients with: » Design of integrated mechanical & electrical schemes » Preparation of speciality projects for licensing » Energy audits » Building certification » Feasibility Studies » carbon Neutral assessments In addition to the supply of hardware and services the enovagroup has in-house facilities which enable them to apply for all the necessary licencing and permissions on behalf of the client. Among the specialities covered are: Thermal Solar; Photovoltaic Solar; Solar pool heating; Hybrid pool heating solutions (commercial pools); Ground source heat pumps; Geothermal cooling; Wind turbines; Combined heat and power units; Free cooling and heat recovery; carbon neutral heating; low energy lighting.

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Information technology

05. Information technology

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The I.T. facility within the Enovagroup operates in two sectors: » Domestic, residential customers benefit from a personal service encompassing consultancy, supply, sales and support. In-store or on-site repairs and management are available as is a full service contract incorporating anti-virus, anti-spam and remote data storage. The PcCentre within the group has been operating in the Algarve for over 10 years and with it's incorporation into the Enovagroup can now offer a new level of service to it's existing customer base. » Corporate clients also now have many viable new solutions available such as automated data back-up, video surveillance facilities and website management and hosting. The Enovagroup’s facilities also enable them to offer developers a facility to become I.S.P.’s and media providers as well as telecom suppliers, as explained on the following pages.

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Residential & business telecommunications

06. Telecommunications

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The I.T. capability within the Enovagroup includes a unique telecommunications platform aimed specifically at providing the best possible package for customers who regularly call internationally. Conexion2 offers a full range of telecom solutions for the domestic and commercial users. These solutions are all based on the next generation of computerized exchange systems, utilizing state of the art telecoms technology. For enhanced reliability the operation is co-hosted and managed from a Lisbon Telcoms house and the Enovagroup’s Algarve data centre. The system is able to offer many unique facilities to private users and is also an ideal solution for developers wishing to integrate a private telecoms system into a resort structure. Automated billing is part of the service and accounts can be accessed live at any time via the website As listed under the I.T. section, I.S.P. packages are also available and can be integrated into the same cable network at design and build stage.

Service authorized by ANACOM - National authority of Communications | Declaration ICP-ANACOM nÂş 04/2007

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How to find us & contact us

Location & contacts

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Latitude: 37º 7' 37.91'' N Longitude: 8º 40' 14.00'' W

For a detailed location map visit our website

This brochure is printed on Conqueror® cx22 fsc certified paper. The paper is 25% Recycled Post consumer Fibre and 75% FSC© virgin fibre.

Head office & Showroom

Urbanização Industrial da Marateca, Lote Nº4 8600-314 LAGOS Tel +351 282 770 080 Fax +351 282 788 691


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Urb. Industrial da Marateca, Lote Nยบ 4 8600-314 LAGOS PORTUGAL

Tel +351 282 770 080 Fax +351 282 788 691


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