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Keep Up The Pace With Ever-Changing Data Compliance Regulations

GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and more have made the tech industry toss between the compliance goal and delivery goal.

With the continually changing privacy legislation, business executives of the IT firm contemplate the ways by which they can stay ahead of the game and also follow the compliance policy.

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR) shook up the privacy policies of the business and brought a rapid change. We don’t say it is the first and one of its kind regulations, but it inevitably brought public consciousness about the privacy issue.

The other regulations which followed the act are, California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) which shall come into effect on 1st January’20, Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act, coming into effect in the year 2020 and Nevada’s legislation, Senate Bill 220 implemented on 1st October’19.

The changes will have a potential impact on businesses worldwide, and for being in the game, industries would have to adapt to the ever-changing laws and regulations.

Companies that change with the scenario will have long-term benefits, and the ones who fail to upgrade shall falter in the race. You would be surprised to know that even the Big Giant, Google was fined $56.8 million for failing to meet the GDPR compliance.

So even after knowing the law’s implications, many companies fail in data privacy operations and don’t utilize the IT environment management tools. So what should you do to stay ahead of the curve? Here is the blog that gives you a way to be in the game while meeting the compliance regulations.

Read and Conduct Daily Research: ●

Reading and being updated is the panacea of all the problems. Search google feeds and find out every possible updated news and information related to laws and compliance.

Check for updates and relevant information. List out the regulations that are applicable to your business and make sure you implement them later. By doing this, you can dig into the details of the regulations as soon as they are available online.

Know the basic and key concepts: â—?

Upgrading and fixing the website is not the only solution to meet GDPR compliance; there is more in the bucket. You also need to know how and which other departments of the company will get affected by the upgrade.


You need to know the changes made in the key terms like data controller, IT test data environment, data processor, and personal data. Having an idea about all these will give you a better and broader picture.

Follow the news and attend tech meetups: ●

Try to be in the users’ shoes and think accordingly. This will help you avoid invading user’s privacy. You should also start following the news headlines which will always keep you updated with the updates.

You can also join the tech meetups and stay on the top of the data privacy regulations news. Tech meetups are quite efficient for knowing regulations in detail and also in less time.

Look into the core of privacy regulations: ●

It is not that, with every update, security regulations change; instead, few things always remain in common.

Few things like, who have access to the regulated data, which located the data is regulated, and the workflows remain common. And hence, instead of panicking, you need to focus and understand the core of privacy regulation.

Joining a data privacy group: â—?

The ever-changing landscape of privacy regulations has made it essential for IT leaders to remain updated and meet compliance.


For this, tech leaders should join a data privacy group, where they will have constantly updated information on the regulations and compliance.

Outsource some business operations:


With the continuous revolution, it becomes difficult for the in-house to meet up the speed of delivery and comply with the regulations. Hence, you should think of considering outside expertise.

Payment, shipment, fulfillment, data security, and more may get affected by the change, which further can reduce the efficiency of the in house team. Therefore, outsource some business operations to reliable service providers who are dedicated to solving specific, nuanced problems.

Keep a Compliance Officer: ●

Companies need to have a keen and up-to-date knowledge about the compliance to legislation. If the companies can afford, they should definitely hire a compliance officer who specializes in this.

They will comprehend the business operations to meet the regulations and help in stabilizing the workflow, system, and test data. Having them on board helps you to immediately adapt the regulation changes for which others may take time.

Have a checklist defined: ●

With every GDPR update, you need to update the checklist. Every concerned team member shall update this checklist on a regular basis.


By doing this, you distribute the responsibility amongst every individual and ensure that the updates are wellmaintained.


We hope this article is helpful to you in keeping up the pace in the competition and maintain Data compliance and a seamless IT environment management in your company. For any further assistance, you can always contact the expert and stay updated.

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Keep Up The Pace With Ever-Changing Data Compliance Regulations  

We hope this article will be helpful to you in keeping up the pace in the competition and maintain Data compliance and a seamless IT environ...

Keep Up The Pace With Ever-Changing Data Compliance Regulations  

We hope this article will be helpful to you in keeping up the pace in the competition and maintain Data compliance and a seamless IT environ...

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