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ECOSYSTEM FOR RESILIENCE MANAGEMENT An extensible "enterprise scale" framework that promotes “cross lifecycle” IT System, IT Service & Business Process Resilience through an uplift in architectural transparency, proactive controls, operational standardization and automation.

BENEFITS OF Ecosystem RM With EcoSystem RM you can find benefits across your whole lifecycle (Development, Test, Training & Production). This includes:

Reduction in Production Incidents Reduction in IT Project Incidents Avoidance of Business Outages

Avoidance of Project Delays Recovery Cost Avoidance

PROBLEM STATEMENT Whether in Production or Non-Production, at the point a company enter a remediation situation they have already failed as they are exposed to significant costs and remediation effort. Considerations:  The backbone of your Business is its IT Fabric.  IT Incident are very common and unpredictable  Crisis & incident recovery is costing your businesses Millions pa  Customers are unlikely to forgive a significant Production outage.  Non-Production resilience shouldn’t be forgotten as it impacts project timelines, cost and “time to market”.

Resilience Visibility + Readiness

CAUSE THE 5 PILLARS OF RM Our EcoSystem RM solution provides the following key functions:


Resilience Modelling (Systems, Services & Processes)


Planning & Coordination


Stewardship & Metrics


Resilience Operations (Streamlined with Automation)


Measurement & Optimisation

  

Architectural Non-Resilience. “Reactive” (Recovery Only) Focused Behaviour. Lack of Resilience Preparation & Continual Testing.

  

Lack of Resilience Visibility. IT Operations are too labour intensive and too slow. Forgetting about the other 50% (Non Production).

HOW ECOSYSTEM WORKS? EcoSystem is an “extensible and Integratable technology” based on a 4 Tier “GMSA” operating model that promotes enterprise transparency & control and ultimately leads to significant reduction on IT & Test Environment expenditure and an increase in IT Project productivity.



Modelling your IT Systems, Services & Processes. Management of Resilience Risk & Metrics and Proactive Resilience Planning & Coordination.

Enterprise Status Accounting, Reporting and Audit by capturing holistic and integrated resilience information and data.



Standardization & Simplification of Operations through the promotion of consistent IT resilience practices and use of automation.

Streamlining of all IT Resilience activities through preventative, diagnostic & recovery automation and information integration.

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Enov8 - Ecosystem RM IT Resilience Management  

EcoSystem RM IT Resilience management is an “extensible and Integratable technology” system that promotes enterprise transparency & control...

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