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Winning Relationship

2012 Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

are passionate about helping you have the intimate relationships & marriage of your dreams! Married for 22 years. Relationship Coaches & Marriage Mentors. Pastors and living examples that happy marriage is possible, no matter what! They offer seminars, programmes, workshops, coaching and Mentoring Videos which are helping many to make informed choices to achieve heir relationship dreams. They also Train business minds for Top Performance & high productivity through effective Relationships in the Workplace.

Stop Those Love Hackers! Has any of your websites been hacked into before? Well, mine was, just recently and for 2 weeks I was sorting this through with my web hosting provider, changing passwords and all of that! The most painful part was the thought that my blog, content, and my privacy was not secure and whoever had an unlawful access to what was MINE! Well after the hired technician finished, he showed me that there were 3 funny names that had become admin. I cannot even pronounce them. All these without my permission. Or did I give them permission unknowingly? Did I grant this hacker access into my space ignorantly? In relationships or marriages, there

are "love hackers" A hacker is a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information. That is a form of cyber-terrorism. Typically, this kind of person would be a proficient programmer with sufficient technical knowledge to understand the weak points in a security system. In relationships love hackers are clever, witty, and quite charismatic

The School Of LIFE Begins In Central London We are all unique and different from all other human beings who are or have ever lived. However, no matter our race, skin colour, looks, concepts of life or faith inclination, we all have some goals or desires in common We all want to have high levels of en-

ergy and to live free of pain and illness. YourLondonChurch

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allegorical sense, we are looking into a city without walls. Any intruder can go and they deceive the unsuspected with well crafted words, gestures and mannerisms in an attempt to lure them into a relationship trap. They show up as caring and kind persons only to unmask gradually later. But with boundary setting based on core values, you already have a strong security in place. What Are Boundaries Boundaries mark the limits, borders and psychologically it is the awareness of who we are apart

Personal boundaries are the limits we set in relationships that allow us to protect our selves from being manipulated

in and any precious item can be stolen. Most of us were never taught about boundaries. We had to learn mostly the hard way to discover, set, keep and maintain boundaries. How we can stop love hackers is to build our security system ( our self-worth) and our sixth

senses to both beep red (if they by, or enmeshed with, show up) and to guide us along emotionally needy others. Such that ultimate destiny choice of boundaries come from having a who will walk by us in fulfilling our life's purpose. good sense of our own selfExcerpt From Beyond Sexual Atworth. ~ John Stibbs from others. Boundaries define us and give us that exclusive permission to draw our lines of defence. It empowers us to say “no” and the ability to say “yes”. When there are little or blended boundaries then we feel over responsible for another's behaviour and is a breeding ground for resentment, chaos, panic, In an

traction: Repositioning Yourself For Your Relationship Comeback by Enomfon Ntefon Look out for new book on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Nobles. To be launched on the 9th March in London and 16th March Online on Amazon.

Enomfon Ntefon

Attract To Keep  

Navigate the unpredictable terrain of intimate relationship formation with confidence!

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