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Top 3 Mobile Marketing Must Haves For Your Business If you are a business owner then these top 3 Mobile Marketing must haves are for you! Mobile Marketing Quick Stats: There are over 4.2 Billion mobile devices worldwide One out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile.There are over 5,000 different mobile devices that can access the mobile web. 1) MOBILE WEBSITE: Research shows that businesses who invest in a mobile website will see a return on their investment within six months.We all know that the websites we created for our desktops were never meant to be viewed on our mobile devices. The first step in creating a Mobile Strategy is creating a mobile website. Your Website on the Small Screen! Browsing the internet on your mobile device is something you should do. From 3/2009 to 3/ 2010, the amount of mobile web-browsing has more than doubled and is predicted to continue at an even greater rate. Smart-phones literally are being given away by the carriers in an effort to renew more plans and steal business from competitors. At the current rate of growth, more people will own a smart-phone in 2013 and be capable of browsing the web than not. What does this mean for your business? The most recent data shows that a business that invests today in a mobile website that provides the same type of easy to use and complete transactions features of your current site, will recoup your investment within 6 months. Because of the rapid growth of the mobile web, it is easy to see why 89% of major brands either already have or are building out their mobile web presence.

Why build Mobile Websites? Load Quickly Get Information Now Easy Forms No FLASH Large Nav Buttons finger touch operation 2) MOBILE E-COMMERCE- According to Mashable, Mobile e-commerce is ramping up faster than online e-commerce, now making up 4% of total retail sales. In certain categories, such as computers, consumer electronics, music, movies, tickets, video games and books, online sales account for between 45% and 20% of the total retail market. Japans Rakuten shows how the mobile share of e-commerce is growing as well, from 10% of e-commerce in 2006 to nearly 20% now. Christmas 2011 generated more mobile sales than any other year and the anticipated growth through 2015 is expected to triple.

3) ENGAGEMENT- So you have a Mobile Website, Mobile store and great Mobile contentnow what? Its time for engagement. QR codes Text Message Marketing Mobile Coupons Social Mobile Media These are the 3 must have for your Mobile Marketing strategy.

==== ==== If social media is important to your brand and your business, then you are missing out on the advantage of adding mobile to your engagement strategy. ==== ====

Top 3 Mobile Marketing Must Haves For Your Business  

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