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Mobile Marketing: The Texting Teen Do you own a business that markets to teens? Maybe you know someone who does? Mobile Marketing for these Texting Teens could be an untapped goldmine! I recently read an article by Jay Donovan , about teens and their usage of text messaging. I had to chuckle when I read it as I have a 12 yr old and I know all about her text message addiction. I had no idea it was this insane! According to Jay's Article: US TEENS TRIPLE DATA USAGE "The report states that In the third quarter of 2011, teens age 13-17 used an average of 320 MB of data per month on their phones, increasing 256 percent over last year and growing at a rate faster than any other age group. While this deluge of data consumption seems immense, messaging still remains the largest teen behavior in the mobile space, with the number of SMS/MMS messages reaching 3,417 per teen. Let me just say that again3,417 texts per teenseven messages per waking hour, according to the study. Um, WOW!" As a mobile marketing manager, that gives me a great deal of insight into the texting teens as a target market. If you do not have a product or service that the texting teens would want, I would recommend finding your target market age group on the image above to gain some insight into using mobile marketing with your business. WHO IS THE TEXTING TEEN? Well, apparently all of the teens are "texting" teens. After I thought about this for a moment a light bulb turned on! My logic was as follows, If I gave my teen a paper coupon for the free pizza she needed for lunch, she would lose it or forget it more than half of the time. However, the entire house could be on fire, the world could be crumbling around us, and the one thing that would always be attached to the child would be guessed it...the PHONE! Which means if the pizza coupon was on her would survive the life of a teen. Mobile Marketing was made for the texting teen.All kidding aside, if the teen population is part of your target market, and you are not using sms marketing, you could be missing out on 3,000 messages a day.

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