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Introducing new OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife – Designed for maximum flower life

Distributed in the UK and Ireland



Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Designed for Maximum Flower Life



OASIS® FLORAL FOAM MAXLIFE GOING WHERE NO FLORAL FOAM HAS GONE BEFORE. Revolution – It’s not normally associated with the sedate world of floristry, but across the globe florists are buzzing and cheering, and it’s all down to OASIS® Floral Products. What’s causing such a stir?


The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show is next on the horizon on the 24th to 28th May 2011. There are sixteen florists in each category. RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year and RHS

This special OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife edition of fresh features designs by Heidi Lawley. Farmer’s daughter Heidi grew up in rural Shropshire surrounded by sheep and with a great appreciation of the countryside. Heidi’s first career choices were game keeping or taxidermy, however a school work experience trip in a sandwich shop where the owner was also a florist dispelled all thoughts of

Chelsea Young Florist of the Year. They have slogged it out in the British Florist Association hub meetings to get to the prestigious final at Chelsea Flower Show. For tickets log on to Have a great summer!

any other career – a florist was what Heidi wanted to be. Enrolling at Walford and North Shropshire College, Heidi’s tutor soon saw her potential and quickly entered her into the British Florist Association Young Florist of the Year competition, and to Heidi’s surprise she won the title. More competitions and prizes followed including being part of the Worldskills squad, and a coveted Gold medal at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Young Florist of the Year competition held at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.


Arrangements made with floral foam should be watered daily; however, if a consumer forgets to water, flowers in OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife will keep fresher, longer than un-watered arrangements in floral foam.

The new OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife is a breakthrough development with an unmatched ability to maximize the life of cut flowers. It’s a huge and exciting step forward and shows our unwavering dedication to florists’ success and profitability.

Florists the world over already know the quality and consistency of OASIS® Brand Floral Foam compared to other floral foams, now with the additional benefits that OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife brings, the value in consumer pleasure will have a marked effect on a florists reputation. Even with all these benefits OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife will remain at the same price, now there is a floral revolution and florists are the winners!

Flowers live as long, or longer, than flowers in a vase: • Provides better uplift of water into flower stems than water alone. • Florists are no longer restricted to a vase for Roses and other hard-to-hydrate flowers. • The new formulation offers florists more confidence to design in floral foam.

Lynda Owen is an established and respected figure in the world of professional floristry. For forty years she has been at the forefront of floristry, pushing the boundaries, leading the drive for higher standards and increasing the awareness of consumers to the great joys of floral design.



Courageous Heidi has transformed herself from a shy country girl who was petrified of even travelling on a train alone to an effervescent and charming young floral designer, with extraordinary artistic talents. Having worked in a number of florist shops Heidi is now pursuing her dreams, and exploring her own creativity to develop a style of floristry that is uniquely Heidi. At the fresh photo shoot Heidi was bowled over by the diversity of OASIS® Floral Products, and was one of the first to try out the new OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife. © Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd 2011. All rights reserved. Neither the whole, nor any part of the images or copy in this literature may be reproduced in any form without express prior permission from Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd

Market research shows time and time again that customers rate florists by the length of time their flowers last, so anything that florists can do to maximize flower life is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. Florists all know that designing in floral foam opens up so many more style possibilities, plus arrangements in floral foam are something supermarkets and multiples can’t do, so competing

• Prevents premature petal burn, wilting and petal drop. • Prevents premature browning of petals. • Stops premature bent neck in flowers with soft stems. • Stops leaves from premature yellowing, browning and falling off stems. • Prevents stem burn. • Maximizes the lifespan of a variety of flowers.

You have probably been introduced to the exciting new OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife by now, everyone is talking about this revolutionary product which will be a huge benefit for florists in the future. You may even have tried it out and found the advantages for yourself. Because OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife enhances the life of flowers in floral foam, now is the time to look again at flower arrangements in floral foam and toss aside the hand tied bouquets beloved by supermarkets. The new floral foam opens up so many more design opportunities for florists, read all about OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife on page 3.

We all had a great time at Bloom in Weston-superMare, and if we didn’t see you there then another chance to catch up with us is at Bloom, Manchester on 15th May 2011. Click on Whilst at Bloom try your hand at the popular OASIS® Button Hole Bar and make a trendy wrist decoration to take home.

Flowers live longer in OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife than in any previous floral foam through maximum hydration:

Stephen Short, Vice President of Northern European and Mediteranian Operations for OASIS® Floral Products says:

Heidi Lawley

Already the wedding season is in full swing and in this issue we have fresh ideas to inspire your brides, creative new looks to revitalize your collection of wedding designs. Try page 6 where our designer Heidi Lawley’s shower bouquet is a classic reborn, and page 10 ‘Going Green’ shows how to create a complete and stunning look for the bride, groom and entourage. A wedding is full on emotion and capturing the essence and tradition of the day, entering into the spirit of excitement with enthusiasm will win over the bride, and capture the wedding order. Showcasing a whole range of bridal designs in a glamorous and professional portfolio is essential because it is from these pictures that the commission will be clinched. So it’s worth taking time to get together a great selection of photographs, and then create a special album. This is where OASIS® Floral Products really helps you, because you can download stunning bridal bouquet images from the Design section of our website

Here is the dawn of a new era of floral foam, the leading floral foam producers, OASIS® Floral Products have developed a revolutionary floral foam; it is the most important breakthrough since they invented floral foam in 1954 and florists and their customers are the beneficiaries. OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife allows flowers to live up to 50% longer than in previous floral foams and for the first time, it is the only proven floral foam in the industry where flowers live as long or beat flower life in a vase. Now that is something to get excited about, because for the florist it opens up many more opportunities for creating designs in floral foam, and what’s more customers are going to love having their flowers live longer.

with mass retailers is easier. With the additional benefit of longer lasting flowers, this is a surefire winner. Don’t take my word for it; here are some of the proven facts made through comparative laboratory tests;


At twenty-four Heidi has the world at her feet, wherever her career takes her it will be a road enhanced by her bubbly personality and amazing floral talent.



Flowers and Foliage Ornithogalum Arabicum Rose ‘Vanilla Sky’ Muscari

However Champagne alone can look like an after thought, or a no thought at all gift. Decorating the bottle with flowers gives the gift super star treatment and turns it into a glamorous present.

Tulips ‘Golden Parade’ Aspidistra Sundries OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Dark Green Oval Designer Bowl

An OASIS® Mini Deco is the perfect size for a bottle decoration. Secure the OASIS® Mini Deco with a decorative wire collar and garland then use one or two special flowers such as Phalaenopsis to luxe up the look. The attractive gift is inexpensive and quick to make. Place the Champagne and flower gift on the shop counter, and watch your customers bubble over with delight.

Apple Green Willow Bundle

It’s a happy time for florists because the arrival of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife will transform the way floral designs are done in the future.

We all know how fickle corporate clients can be, they get bored very easily and if you want to keep them happy diversity is the answer. Now with flowers often lasting longer in OASIS® Floral Foam

Bubbling OVER A bottle of champagne is the choice when anyone is stuck for a gift idea.


Creating arrangements in floral foam opens up much more design potential for florists, in particular for corporate work where modern futuristic designs are required, and flowers must have long lasting qualities.

Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Bleached White Mitsumata Branches Pot Tape

Maxlife than in a vase of water, endless possibilities are unlocked. Try it yourself and prepare to be amazed. This lovely spring like arrangement with Tulips, Muscari and Roses entwined in horizontal Mitsumata Branches will give the customer many more hours of pleasure because it is made in OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife. It’s happy days for florists and for their customers.

OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Oval Designer Bowl Maxlife

Pot Tape

Mitsumata Branches

Willow Bundle OASIS® Mini Deco

Metallic Wire

Flowers and Foliage Phalaenopsis Orchids - White Asparagus unbellatus – Ming Fern Hypericum ‘White Condor’ Sundries OASIS Mini Deco Mint Metallic Wire Silver Metallic Wire ®



Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Traditional with a

Designed for Maximum Flower Life



After many years in the doldrums the shower wedding bouquet is making a comeback.


Freesias are the all time favourites when brides request fragrant flowers, but in the heat of summer when the lasting qualities of Freesias are not so good they can be problematic to use.

Bridal bouquets that are traditional, but with a twist of modern styling appeal to brides of today. Made in an OASIS® Countess Bouquet Holder a curled Rustic Grapevine Wire framework surrounds a mix of soft summery coloured flowers. Follow our step-by-step guide to make this modern classic bouquet.

Wire Edged Organza Ribbon

Rustic Grapevine Wire


Now OASIS® Floral Products have introduced OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to all their bouquet holders so florists can be confident that flowers will have longer lasting qualities than ever before. The OASIS® WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder with its angled head is ideal for smaller brides or bridesmaids bouquets.

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

Designed by Heidi Lawley

OASIS® Countess Bouquet Holder

OASIS® Floralife® Finishing Touch

HOW TO: Step 1 Curl the Rustic Grapevine Wire with pliers into neat circles making one long framework and two shorter pieces. Secure the curls together where necessary with Bindwire. Finish the back of the OASIS® Countess Bouquet Holder by gluing in place Hedera leaves, and then use Wire Edged Organza Ribbon around the handle.

Step 2 Soak the holder and drain excess water away. Use a variety of foliage to mask the floral foam and create the outline of the bouquet. Ensure the foliage outline is placed well back around the perimeter of the floral foam to give the finished bouquet an interesting profile. Secure the Rustic Grapevine Wire frames firmly into the floral foam with long wire hairpins.

Step 3 To aid security make sure the stem ends of the flowers are cut diagonally and pushed well into the floral foam. Wire the stem ends with a double wire mount support for additional anchorage if necessary. Add the long Zantedeschia first, followed by three Roses in the focal area. Fill in around these Roses with Eustoma and Muscari, tucking Bouvardia and Daucus between and finishing with sprigs of Rosemary. Check all the floral foam is covered then spray with OASIS® Floralife® Finishing Touch to aid longer life.


Flowers and Foliage Rose ‘Sweet Avalanche’ Muscari Zantedeschia ‘Garnet Glow’ Eustoma ‘Piccolo Rose’ Bouvardia ‘Diamond Pink’ Rosemary Daucus carota ‘Dara’ Mixed foliage including Eucalyptus, Ruscus, Hedera. Sundries OASIS Countess Bouquet Holder Brown Rustic Grapevine Wire White Wire Edged Organza Ribbon Natural Bindwire ® OASIS Floral Adhesive Tube OASIS® Floralife® Finishing Touch

Here a collar of Bullion Wire cocoons the bouquet with soft Organza Fabric tucked between the flowers and wire webbing giving added value to the bouquet. Dainty spray Roses and Freesia give the scented appeal that brides will love.


Bullion Wire

Organza Fabric

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

Flowers and Foliage Gypsophila ‘New Love’ Freesia – White Rose spray ‘Snowflake’ Hypericum ‘White Condor’ Spray Chrysanthemum ‘Delianne New Green’ Flexigrass – Ficinea fascicularis


Sundries OASIS® WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder Silver Bullion Wire Pure White Organza Fabric OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube


Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Take a seat Decorating the bridal couples chairs at their wedding ceremony or reception is another way of making the bride and groom feel special.

Designed for Maximum Flower Life


THINKING Innovative design ideas with customer appeal. Heidi Lawley knows the importance of table arrangements at a wedding reception and that the style will set the tone for the whole day.

Flowers and Foliage Anthurium ‘Midori’ Rose ‘Avalanche’ Bouvardia ‘Diamond white’ Viburnum pinkum Gerbera ‘Alpino’ Selection of tropical foliage Sundries OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife 14cm Clear Mirror Cubes Bleached White Midelino Sticks Silver Aluminium Wire

These classy linked designs can extend down the length of the table to give reflected beauty to the top table. Gerberas now have an amazingly long life when using the new OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife. They keep their perfect appearance up to 50% longer, which means these arrangements can be made well in advance freeing up valuable time on the busy wedding day.

fresh designer tips

OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Midelino Sticks Maxlife

• Soak the Midelino Sticks in water to become pliable then twist together to form decorative bridges between the arrangements. Starting with a firm foundation is essential when making chair back decorations, and an OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Le Klip is the perfect solution. The device can be adjusted easily to fit any chair and it has OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife encased in a sturdy cage for added security. Wire the Pepe Cones together with Bullion Wire to form a structure. Thread Beads through the Pepe Cones and use vibrant green Viburnum pinkum and luxurious Phalaenopsis Orchids to deliver an eye-catching design.

14cm Mirror Cubes

Aluminium Wire

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Sundries OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Le Klip Bleached White Pepe Cones Silver Bullion Wire Natural Finland Moss 20mm and 14mm White Beads Ivory Organza Fabric OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube



Bullion Wire


Finland Moss

Organza Fabric

Pepe Cones

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Flowers and Foliage Phalaenopsis Orchids – White Viburnum pinkum Aeonium canariense Ornithogalum Arabicum

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

fresh designer tips • Use Organza Fabric to wrap around the chairs to cover the OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Le Klip base and give a luxurious finish. • Finland Moss makes a great covering for any exposed floral foam.



Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Chic and elegant floral designs lift this bridal party from the ordinary to the sublime. These luminous green designs make a refreshing change from the everyday bridal bouquet, and show how florists can make the world of difference when their design skills are given full reign.

Style Bags of

Floral handbags are setting a new trend for bridesmaids and are a great accessory for the brides Mum. Skeleton Bayan Leaves give the gossamer look to this delicate bag made on a Wire Handbag from OASIS® Floral Products. The Wire Handbags come in a set of three sizes with the smallest being ideal for cute little bridesmaids who want to feel grown up on the wedding day.

Echoing the bride’s sceptre with a smaller bridesmaid’s version is a clever way of emphasising the architectural quality of the designs. The brides sceptre is made on a 12cm OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Sphere with a Zinnia topping, cascading Amaranthus and a long Cornus handle. The bridesmaid’s smaller structure is made on a 9cm OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Sphere.

This Wire Handbag is made by overlapping gauzy Skeleton Bayan Leaves and gluing in place to give a firm base. This can be done weeks ahead of the wedding and made in a colour to complement the dresses worn. Finish off the bag with silver leaf shapes made from Beads, silver Bullion Wire and Metallic Wire, and then glue the flowers and foliage in place.

Completing the perfect picture the groom wears a Cornus backed buttonhole that again shows the individual skill of a florist.

Bags of style are a great idea that will be a winner for the coming wedding season.

OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Spheres

Corsage Magnets

Metallic Wire

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

Flowers and Foliage Cornus Alba Amaranthus caudalus Hypericum ‘White Condor’ Zinnia ‘Envy’ Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Magical Emerald Classic’ Cocculus laurifolius Sundries 12cm OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Sphere 9cm OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Sphere OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube Lemon Metallic Wire Corsage Magnets

Flowers and Foliage Phalaenopsis Orchids Ornithogalum Arabicum Ceropegia woodii Aeonium canariense Sundries NEW! Set of Silver Wire Handbags – largest used Bleached White Skeleton Bayan Leaves Silver Bullion Wire Silver Metallic Wire 20mm, 14mm and 8mm White Beads OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

Wire Handbags

Bullion Wire


Metallic Wire

Skeleton Bayan Leaves

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

fresh designer tips • If necessary use a voile lining inside the bag to give depth of colour. • Make sure the Skeleton Bayan Leaves are overlapped well for a dense covering. • Leave the glue to go tacky first before sticking the leaves to the Wire Handbag.



High and MIGHTY When it comes to church or venue decoration floral designs should be in keeping with the architecture and one or two larger displays of flowers have more impact than a whole host of small arrangements. Heidi’s beautiful pedestal arrangement echoes the grandeur of the Cathedral and the simplicity of the design stands out against the carved stone decoration on the altar. The OASIS® Pedestal Block now made with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife is the perfect size for large arrangements and now has the added advantage of enhancing the life of the flowers. The focal point of the wedding will be where the marriage vows are made and it is good to frame or pin point this area with flowers. High and mighty arrangements located at strategic places will ensure the entire congregation can see the flowers.

OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Pedestal Block

Green Bulb Bowl

Mitsumata Branches

Palm Leaves


Greeting guests with door decorations should not be left for Christmas alone.

• Place large floral arrangements where they will be seen but not in positions where they will be hazardous to the public. • Check out the lighting, churches can be dark and a luminous colour harmony is essential.

Any celebration is a chance to create welcoming door designs and weddings are the ideal opportunity to make these additional sales. Using an OASIS® FOAM FRAMES® Open Heart that has the benefit of being made from OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife will ensure the flowers stay fresh and look good for longer. Create this vintage looking sweetheart by following our easy instructions. HOW TO: Step 1 Soak the floral foam and then drain off any excess water. Tie two lengths of Double Face Satin Ribbon at the top of the heart knotting securely. Ensure the ribbon is strong enough to hold the heart and the flowers in place without the ribbon breaking. Pin in place looped Aspidistra and Cordyline leaves around the edge of the heart and fill in with Ruscus. Spray the leaves with OASIS® Floralife® Leafshine for a glossy effect.

Flowers and Foliage Zantedeschia ‘Snow Queen’ Anthurium ‘Midori’ Roses ‘Avalanche’ Mini Gerbera ‘Alpino’ Aralia leaves Aspidistra leaves Monstera leaves Sundries OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Pedestal Block Green Bulb Bowl - 24 x 9cm Pot Tape Bleached White Mitsumata Branches NEW! Apple Green Palm Leaves Apple Green Willow Bundle

Step 2 Place groups of Roses at intervals around the heart pushing the stems firmly into place. Use Daucus and Hypericum between the Roses ensuring the heart shape is kept. Its best to assemble the heart whilst hanging, care must be taken if making on the workbench to achieve a wellbalanced design. Step 3 Fill in the heart with more Roses, Gerbera and Eustoma until a lush look is achieved. Loop three Callas to one side. Thread Hypericum berries onto Steel Grass and attach little Bullion Wire hearts. Push the Steel Grass into the base of the heart to create interesting trails. Hang in the workroom to allow any excess water to drip out before hanging in position on a door. Flowers and Foliage Rose ‘Sweet Avalanche’ Daucus carota ‘Dara’ Gerbera ‘Kimsey’ Zantedeschia ‘Garnet Glow’ Hypericum ‘White Condor’ Cordyline ‘Red Edge’ Xanthorrhoea – Steel grass Ruscus hypoglossum

Willow Bundle

fresh designer tips


Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Pot Tape

Designed by Heidi Lawley

Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Sundries 15cm OASIS FOAM FRAMES Open Heart NEW!! 40mm Fuchsia Double Face Satin Ribbon Mossing Pins Raspberry Bullion Wire OASIS® Floralife® Leafshine ®


Double Face Satin Ribbon


Bullion Wire

Mossing Pins

OASIS® Floralife® Leafshine 13

Designed for Maximum Flower Life

Designed for Maximum Flower Life



Flower arrangements need to be narrow when space is at a premium on a dining table, and this clever design has clean lean lines that allows room for the serving dishes also. Made on an OASIS® Table Deco Medi that sits on a narrow white plate the leaf surround is achieved by overlapping Cocculus leaves to stand on guard around the edge of the floral foam. The leaf sentinels are decorated with ribbon and Ornithogalum Arabicum heads. Glass votive candleholders sit in the centre of the floral foam with minimal flowers dancing around them.

This is a clever bouquet for the bride who wants a statement design that is individual and fun.

OASIS® Table Decos

Double Face Satin Ribbon

OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

Flowers and Foliage Gypsophila ‘New Love’ Freesia – White Rose spray ‘Snowflake’ Ornithogalum Arabicum Hypericum ‘White Condor’ Cocculus laurifolius Sundries OASIS Table Deco Medi NEW! 25mm Pale Green Organdy Ribbon NEW! 10mm Cream Double Face Satin Ribbon NEW! Apple Green Coloured Sand OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube OASIS® Floralife® Leafshine ®

Organdy Ribbon

Coloured Sand

OASIS® Floralife® Leafshine

fresh designer tips • Keep flowers and all materials away from lighted candles.

OASIS® Lady Heart Bouquet Holder

Metallic Wire

Aluminium Wire


OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube

The OASIS® Lady Heart Bouquet Holder is the perfect romantic shape for the big day and here it is encased in a Sisal covering and bound with red Metallic Wire to give a textured base for a spectacular red garland. Red Aluminum Wire is used to form an elongated structure, decorated with small Cornus pieces and Hypericum berries then placed diagonally across the heart. Dramatic Vanda Orchids give the centre of the heart a striking heartbeat.

fresh designer tips • Glue the Sisal to the frame first then bind over with wire to give a neat dense look.


Flowers and Foliage Vanda Orchid ‘White Magic’ Cornus Alba - Gouchaultii Hypericum ‘Dolly Parton’ Sundries OASIS® Lady Heart Bouquet Holder White Sisal Red Metallic Wire Red Aluminium Wire OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube


NEW New Floral Foam Delivering up to

50% longer flower life than in previous floral foam

DAY 12 ▲


New Carton ▲


New OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife provides longer life for flowers - UP


than in previous floral foam. And, for the first time, it is the only floral foam in the industry proven to meet or beat flower life in a vase.

SEEING IS BELIEVING visit for more information


© Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd 2011. All rights reserved. Neither the whole, nor any part of the images or copy in this literature may be reproduced in any form without express prior permission from Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd


Oasis fresh magazine nr.11  

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