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DeCember 2009

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The new generation of wind turbines at e.n.o. energy

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T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

New generation of wind turbines The further development of the e.n.o. 82 and the new development of the e.n.o. 92

e.n.o. 92 – 2.2 technical data e.n.o. energy now also represented in Turkey Office opening and RENEX exhibition in Istanbul

Rotor solutions which reduce energy costs LM Glasfiber – The expert for rotor blade manufacturing

The e.n.o. energy wind energy participation certificate Investment products with a double rate of return

Exhibition dates 2010

A company which is always close to the wind Schwerin-based tower manufacturer KGW

A new tender is up for sale

Optimum foundations from HCE HCE - mechanical engineer for foundations

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CEO Klaus Nielsen (right) at the exhibition stand at RENEX in Istanbul


Dear Readers, In its coalition contract the new German government assumes that by 2020 renewable energy will make up 30 % of the total volume of energy produced. The German Federal Association of Renewable Energy [Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energie e.V. (BEE)] in contrast estimates that this share will be 47 %. According to a statement made by BEE managing director Björn Klusmann, estimates on the speed of developments in the wind energy sector in particular are far too conservative. The BEE’s forecast for electricity supply in 2020 assumes that wind energy on land – 45 000 MW installed output – and in the North and Baltic Seas – 10 000 MW installed output – will together provide one quarter of Germany’s electricity consumption. Fluctuating wind energy means that this share cannot, however, be increased infinitely, making a mix of controllable bio energy also necessary in future. The mix depends on ecological and economic conditions. Because, however, assumptions concerning evaluations and facts in this regard could be wrong, conventional cost-benefit analyses are generally a failure. Clear political guidelines are thus of crucial importance as a precondition for the long-term planning security of wind turbine manufacturers and operators. The political quarrels lasting for months in the planned “Energy State of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania” demonstrate just how difficult that can be. Despite the financial crisis 2009 was a successful year for e.n.o. energy, particularly since the company celebrated its 10th anniversary. The construction department has the most news to report: the further development of the e.n.o. 82 and the new development of the e.n.o. 92 (P. 4). In addition to this, our company’s advertising look has been completely overhauled. The e.n.o. mag, for example, has been given a new, more attractive layout. The red stripe, symbol of the corporate colour, will in future appear in all media.

Dipl.-Kffr. Britta Kunis Marketing/PR



T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

New generation of wind turbines at e.n.o. energy The further development of the e.n.o. 82 and the new development of the e.n.o. 92

Borne out by the success of the e.n.o. 82 - 2.0 MW and spurred on by the increased demands of the market, development work on a new turbine generation commenced at e.n.o. energy almost one year ago. The e.n.o. 92 with 2.2 MW is a new construction development; the e.n.o. 82 with 2.2 MW is a further development. Å

Head of Construction Stefan Bockholt

New development of the e.n.o. 92 - 2.2 MW The key goal leading to development of the e.n.o. 92 was to increase energy output in comparison to the existing e.n.o. 82 - 2.0 by enlarging the swept rotor area. The corresponding aim was for the new development to build on the successful engineering construction concept of the e.n.o. 82 in order, for e.g., to generate purchasing and service synergy effects thanks to identical components. Another important side effect of this identical component strategy, which is not to be underestimated, is also that allows e.n.o. energy to build on its operating experience with, and the track records of, the individual components used in the e.n.o. 82 - 2.0 serial production turbine. In the case of new components, and in accordance with the extremely successful components strategy used for the e.n.o. 82 - 2.0, care was taken that, where possible, components made by top European manufacturers were used. Based on suitable rotor blades from Danish company LM Glasfiber a diameter of 92.8 m was specified for the turbine’s main rotor. This resulted in a swept rotor area some 21 % larger than that of the e.n.o. 82 - 2.0. The choice of rotor blades and the present specification of Certification Class IEC IIIa were followed by calculation of the tentative loads using a conceptual turbine model. Optimum exploitation of the rotor blades’ potential was achieved thanks to

iterative fine tuning of the control system concept. The result: an attainable electrical rated power of 2 200 kW at a rotor speed of 14.8 min-1. The rating of the e.n.o. 92 – 2.0 thus amounts to approx. 325 W/m2; a sign of an efficiently utilized, universally employable turbine. To satisfy the demands of wind park planners for low noise levels the turbine was designed for a relatively low rotor speed of 14.8 min-1. This resulted, on the one hand, in noise levels under 104.8 dBA; on the other hand, however, to a relatively high gearbox input torque. For that was the differential gearbox GPV 505D developed in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth. In addition to the improved load bearing capacity of the gear teeth the Bosch Rexroth 5 Series differential gear-


3-D view of the e.n.o. 92 - 2.2

box used also offers significant size and weight advantages over comparable gear boxes in this performance class. A mere 20 percent increase in weight in comparison to the e.n.o. 82 – 2.0’s gearbox resulted in a 40 % higher torque ratio. A steel tubular tower for a hub height of 103 m was developed as a standard tower option. The e.n.o. 92 is thus approaching an overall height of 150 m, making it suitable for numerous german and international locations. The tower design fulfils the specifications of Wind Class IEC IIIa and/or Wind Zone II as specified by the German Institute for Construction Technology [Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik]. Other tower options for hub heights of 123 m and more are currently in development.


In contrast to the existing e.n.o. 82 with its double-fed induction, asynchronous motor a brushless, separately excited synchronous motor located on the full power converter has been used for the e.n.o. 92. For the e.n.o. 92 was developed a completely new proprietary control system, in this were integrated special algorithms, e.g. for derating, increasing output or network control. Thanks to this strategic decision - for a full power converter and a new proprietary control system - an uncompromising electrical system in terms of output and network interconnection has been implemented for the e.n.o. 92, which, moreover, leaves all avenues open for further development.

kW. For reasons of cost as well as of required input a fundamental change in the construction engineering design of the e.n.o. 82 – 2.0 was out of the question. Feasible improvements were thus to a large extent limited to the electrical system. Taking into consideration network interconnection conditions, which are becoming ever more demanding, the change to a full power converter concept also proved to make sense for the e.n.o. 82. During development work for the e.n.o. 92 care was thus also taken that the generator converter system was also suitable for the e.n.o. 82 – 2.2. This as concept study intended wind turbine will be erected together with the prototype of the e.n.o. 92 at the beginning of the next year.

Further development of the e.n.o. 82

e.n.o. 92 - 2.2 and e.n.o. 82 - 2.2 prototypes

In the course of the new developments for the e.n.o. 92 concepts were developed which can also be used for the e.n.o. 82 with a rated power of 2 200

The prototype for the e.n.o. 82 - 2.2 will be erected in February 2010. The prototype for the e.n.o. 92 - 2.2. will follow in March. The site for both wind turbines

is approx. 30 km east of Rostock. This close proximity to the e.n.o. energy development department will make testing and future development work immeasurably easier. The good wind conditions at the joint site mean that rapid progress of the service trials can be expected. In addition to their functionality the turbines will also have to prove themselves in terms of performance, noise levels and network quality. The monitoring phase will be carried out in partnership with Bargeshagenbased company Wind Consult. From 2010 e.n.o. energy will have two new types of wind turbines. Firstly, the newly developed e.n.o. 92 - 2.2 and, secondly, the e.n.o. 82 - 2.2 as a new option of the currently very successful e.n.o. 82 - 2.0. Clients will in future thus have the option of selecting a product which is perfect for them from a wider range of products. Stefan Bockholt

Further information of the e.n.o. 92 you can find at page 6.


View of the nacelle interior


T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

Technical Data  e.n.o. 92 - 2.2 Tower manufacturer type design

General type name rated power hub height above ground rated wind speed cut-in wind speed cut-out wind speed Rotor diameter relative position to tower (luv/lee) rated speed/speed range rotor blade pitch setting swept area Rotor blade manufacturer type material length Gearbox manufacturer design transmission ratio Generator manufacturer numbers design rated speed(s)/speed range Operational data

e.n.o. 92 2.200 kW 80 m,103 m,123 m ca. 13 m/s 3 m/s 25 m/s 92,8 m luv, rigrid 4-14,8 rpm variabel 6.764 m²

Yaw control design (active/passive) drive

active electromechanic

Control system/control kind of power control actuation of power control manufacturer of control system

pitch electromechanic e.n.o. energy

Other electric installations kind of interconnection manufacturer harmonic filter (yes, no)

LM Glasfiber LM 45.3 P GFK/GRP 45,3 m

Brake system brake system (primary) activation type brake system (secondary) activation type

Bosch Rexroth combined spur/planetary gear ca. 1:111

Noise level calculated noise level

VEM Sachsenwerk 1 synchronous generator 450-1650 1/min / rpm 50 Hz / 690 V

Calculated Power Curve e.n.o. 92 - 2.2

various 80 m, 103 m, 123 m tubular tower, concrete

Full Power Converter ABB yes Pitchsystem electromechanic aerodynamic Disc Brake electrohydraulic Friction 104,8 dB(A)


P (kW)


at 6-12 % turbulence, calculated efficiency, uncertainty ±5 % 

1500 1000 500 0




15 v (m/s)

Stand: 10/2009 | Subject to change




e.n.o. energy now also represented in Turkey Office opening and RENEX exhibition in Istanbul The wind energy market in Turkey is booming. As a result e.n.o. energy opened an office in Istanbul on 30 October, just in time for the premiere of the RENEX exhibition.

According to information provided by the Turkish Ministry of Energy the country has potential, technically serviceable wind energy amounting to at least 48 000 MW at its disposal. The coastal regions in particular are well suited for such use. In 2004 installed wind energy capacity was a mere 18 MW. In the period to 2009 a further 495 MW has been added to this. This total amount (513 MW), representing 1.17 % of total energy produced, is, however, miniscule in comparison to the overall sum of all energy producing installations (43 500 MW). The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (in Turkish: EPDK) has assigned all the licences available for wind turbines facilities and is currently reviewing the possibility of issuing additional licences. In all, applications for a total of 78 000 MW have been submitted, of which approval for the construction of facilities producing some 8 000 MW should receive approval in 2010. Plans foresee 12 000 MW being in place in 2015 and installation of 20 000 MW by 2020. Individual capacity forecasts vary widely. The smallest proposed wind

Å With

park has an output of 1.5 MW; the largest should produce 3 000 MW. The input of electricity into the public grid is regulated by the Law on Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources, which came into force on 18.05.2005. The feedin tariff is currently 5.5 euro cents. The Turkish government is, however, planning to amend the renewable energy sources law to include guaranteed additional incentives for the production of electricity using wind energy. It is expected that the feed-in tariff will be increased to 7-8 euro cents. The new law should serve to persuade more foreign and domestic manufacturers and investors to participate in wind energy production. Insufficient grid capacity in some regions represents a technical problem. Additional investment will be required in order to be able to absorb the peak loads generated by wind turbine facilities. Thanks to its presence at the ICCI exhibition in spring e.n.o. energy was able to establish its first contacts on the Turkish market (see e.n.o. mag 2-2009). Following concrete negotiations the company’s management decided to open an office in Istanbul.

our Turkish partners at the RENEX Å Team of e.n.o. energy: left to right: Zafer Hamamizade, Klaus Nielsen, Ferit Kalfaoglu Klaus Nielsen und Britta Kunis

This plan was implemented in conjunction with the RENEX exhibition, where e.n.o. energy also had a stand. The RENEX premiere was surprisingly successful. 17 000 trade visitors came to the Convention Center to obtain information on innovative technologies for the generation of renewable energies. Visitors were international and received advice from a total of 300 exhibitors. The significance of the RENEX is, without a doubt, great – as illustrated by the speech given by the Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Taner Yildiz, at the exhibition’s official opening: “If we don’t open up the way for clean energy our measures to combat climate change will be insufficient.” He also emphasised that “the renewable energy sources law and the energy productivity law are the clear expression of our decision. It is now time to implement them.” The e.n.o. energy stand was well attended. In cooperation with our Turkish partners Ferit Kalfaoglu and Zafer Hamamizade visitors were given comprehensive information on wind turbines ‘made in Germany’. Immediately following the exhibition the telephones in our branch office in Besiktas Istanbul rang off their hooks. The vast majority of the calls were in connection with in-depth questions regarding e.n.o. 82 and e.n.o. 92 wind turbines. Increased marketing of our wind turbines in the Eurasian country is now planned via the Turkish office. A service team for technical operational management and servicing on site is planned at a later date. BK


T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

Rotor solutions that reduce the cost of energy LM Glasfiber - Expert for rotor blade manufacturing Blades are a key component in wind turbines – their design is crucial to the efficient exploitation of energy from the wind. With specialist know-how and more than 30 years of experience, LM Glasfiber develops new technology that makes wind turbines more efficient and extends the service life of both the turbines and the blades.

LM Glasfiber produced its first blade in 1978. The company, that was founded in Denmark, is the largest independent supplier of advanced rotor solutions and was one of the pioneers of the wind industry together with for example Vestas and Bonus (today known as Siemens). The first blade was around 8 meters long. Today, the longest blade in LM Glasfiber’s product portfolio – and in the world - is 61.5 meters, a powerful illustration of the technological development that continues to characterize the industry. LM Glasfiber handles all aspects related to blades from design and mould design to production, testing and service throughout the blade’s 20 years of operation, from research centers,


offices and production facilities all over the world.

Focus on the customer LM Glasfiber has one goal that is shared with the customers: to maintain the competitiveness of wind energy by making sure to continuously improve the annual energy production from the turbines. In this regard, the blades play a crucial role and LM Glasfiber’s global team of specialists and highly skilled engineers consistently achieve improvements in blade performance. The blades are often developed in close cooperation with

By end 2008, LM Glasfiber had produced and sold more than 120 000 blades since the initial start-up of blade manufacturing in 1978. This corresponds to a capacity of 37 GW, which every year contributes to saving the world 70 mio. tonnes CO2. LM Glasfiber currently has production in Denmark, Poland, Spain, the US, Canada, India and China. More information at:

the customers and customized to their turbine with the aim of optimizing rotor efficiency and increase operational reliability. Thus, LM Glasfiber specializes in optimizing blade geometry and blade structure to the constraints of the individual turbine.

Balancing price and performance The most decisive factor for the blade’s energy production is the length of the blade. The longer the blades the more energy produced and thus the more return on investment for the turbine owner. Developing new and

The LM Glasfiber blade concept covers the complete range

© LM Glasfiber



longer blade types with the necessary strength for 20 years of operation, yet without increasing turbine loads too much is based on concrete decisions regarding design, materials, processes and a deep understanding of a wind turbine load management.

fiber layers. By combining the advanced design tools with small and large scale testing, material capabilities are stretched to the max., continuously expanding the envelope of what can be achieved.

Optimizing materials

Small and large scale testing

LM Glasfiber has specialized in utilizing stable, well-tested materials that provide the best possible balance between price and performance. Glass fiber and polyester have been proved to facilitate high technology airfoil designs. The materials allow for pre-bending of the blades with reduced weight and improved performance. With sophisticated software, blade geometry and structure are optimized within a few days, including automatic design loops that integrate data for chord, twist, area, length, weight and

LM Glasfiber’s proven blade concept includes high-performance specially designed and tested airfoils that are validated in the company’s own state of the art wind tunnel. The unique testing facility enables LM Glasfiber to test airfoils, blade features and add-ons 365 days a year in realistic flow conditions, matching multi megawatt blade sizes. In addition to the wind tunnel, LM Glasfiber is the only supplier with extensive inhouse full-scale blade test facilities, allowing for dynamic and static tests of all prototypes regardless of certi-

Construction site Domnitz

fication criteria. Here, the blades are exposed to conditions corresponding to 20 years’ operating lifetime and extreme loads. The four dynamic test facilities at the company’s disposal can handle blade lengths up to 80 meters and have capacity of up to 20 yearly static tests. One in three wind turbines have LM blades, including those from e.n.o. energy. The cooperation was established a few years ago, working closely together during the turbine design phase as well as entering into a long term supply agreement ensuring delivery of several blade types. With the many years of experience, broad capabilities and proven technology, LM Glasfiber remains a strong and reliable partner for e.n.o. energy. Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen


T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

The e.n.o. energy wind energy participation certificate Investment products with a double rate of return Renewably focused investment products allow investors to profit from a good rate of return as well as use their money for an ecological investment

The idea is as simple as it is convincing: Anyone putting their money into regenerative energies is not only doing something for their own bank account but also for the climate. Sustainability pays off in the long term – or so an increasing number of people think, and not just since the most recent financial and economic crisis. With the public issue of its new wind energy participation certificate e.n.o. energy has positioned itself as a real alternative to investments in traditional fields. By investing in wind energy turbines investors boost the growth of renewable energies and ensure that today’s energy mix of different kinds of energy will in future be slanted towards renew-


Wind park Domnitz I + II

able energies. This will make it possible to guarantee a clean energy supply independent of raw materials in the long term. It is not, however, just the environmental angle which speaks for the new eco-system “made in Germany”. Additional factors are security and a market based on solid growth. With a possible rate of return of up to 10 percent the e.n.o. energy participation certificate is a clear winner over conventional fixed term deposits. Parallel to this, a booming market and state-guaranteed tariffs for feeding wind-generated electricity into the grid make for a high degree of security. The market’s potential depends on the

industry’s numerous, diverse specialists: financial service providers, technology corporations, consulting companies, wind park operators. Particularly interesting in this regard are companies with a broad base, such as e.n.o. energy. The Rerik-based company covers the entire value creation chain – from project planning of wind parks to owneroperated wind parks and the sale of turnkey wind parks through to the manufacturing of wind energy turbines. Investors subscribing for the new e.n.o. energy participation certificate will be financing the erection of major new wind parks in Germany and European growth regions France, Italy, Sweden and Turkey. When it comes to the


provision of regenerative energy using wind energy these countries have an enormous amount of catching up to do. Thanks to its acquisition of French company EEF S.A.S. last year e.n.o. energy already has excellent market knowledge and an established position on the French market. ThereEin is more than just technological Unternehmen imbehind Aufwind know-how the capital investment. Over andAlsabove this e.n.o has in Zeichner des e.n.o. energyenergy Windenergie-Genussinvestieren Sie in gefestigte Strukturen und the pastscheins already successfully initiated a starke Ideen. Seit 1999of beweist das mittelständische Unternehmen mit whole range sustainable investment Hauptsitz im Ostseebad Rerik im Bereich der Windenergie opportunities, including three wind park seine Innovationskraft und Zukunftsorientierung. Inzwischen hat sich der einst regionale Windparkbetreiber zu funds and wind park Rund-um-Dienstleister participation einemtwo international aufgestellten in Sachen Onshore-Windenergie weiterentwickelt. Kaum certificates. These ecologically valuable ein Anbieter im Markt deckt ein vergleichbares Leistungsspektrum ab. investments have to date been able to Neben zehn Jahren Know-how und Erfahrung zeichnet fulfil all return forecasts. new sich die e.n.o. energy GmbH The vor allem durch e.n.o. ein Gespür für nachhaltige Markttrends aus. Neben dem Ausbau des energy wind energy participation certifiGeschäftes in internationalen Märkten, konnte sich die der Entwicklung einer eigenen cate hasUnternehmensgruppe a volume of 6mitmillion euros with Windturbine außerdem als fortschrittlicher Anbieter für tragfähige Repowering-Maßnahmen positionieren. a minimum subscription of 1 000 euros. Engagieren Sie sich mit der e.n.o. energy GmbH für die 100 percent repayment takes place Zukunft und profitieren Sie: after a manageable seven year term, mit sauberen 7 % Rendite jährlich und einer zuzüglichen Erfolgsbeteiligung ending on von 31bisDecember zu 3% pro Jahr. 2016. The new wind energy participation certificate not only provides investors

with a profit-based interest yield, i.e. dependent on e.n.o. energy’s success. Over and above this they will also be supporting innovative ecological projects with their capital. This is important because the opening up of regenerative energy sources and thus new wind energy parks is a key mission for our times. Clients who are interested in investing in the new e.n.o. energy wind energy participation certificate can download all relevant information and documents from the website: (available since 1 December 2009) e.n.o. energy GmbH or request itZeltplatz via the telephone service Straße am 7 18230 Ostseebad Rerik number +49 (0)381 . 20 37 92-299*. Deutschland


Ihre wetterfeste Kapitalanlage mit Rückenwind Saubere 7 % Rendite mit dem neuen Windenergie-Genussschein

Success with wind. fon: +49 (0)381 . 20 37 92-299* Please note: e.n.o. energy has published a security prospectus for the public offering of the participation certificate, which can be downloaded free of charge at the website: Holger Schlösser * 0,19 ct/min aus dem Festnetz der dt. Telekom; Anrufe aus anderen Netzen sind abhängig vom Netzbetreiber.


the latest salesfolder

* 0.19 ct/min from the Deutsche Telekom fixed landline network; calls from other networks are charged at rates specified by the relevant network operator.

Exhibition dates 2010 of e.n.o. energy You can visit us at the following exhibitions: ICCI


Eolica Mediterranean

HUSUM WindEnergy


Istanbul, Turkey

Dallas, Texas, USA

Rom, Italy

Husum, Germany

Istanbul, Turkey

12.05.-14.05.2010 WOW Convention Center

23.05.-26.05.2010 Level 1


21.09.-25.09.2010 hall 3, Stand 3E07

30.09.-03.10.2010 hall 1


T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w it h w i n d

A company which is always close to the wind From ship building supplier to partner of the wind energy industry KGW Schweriner Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH (KGW) was founded in 1948. Following a number of ups and downs in the company’s 61 year long history incorporation into the Wilms Group in 2006 ushered in a continuous upward trend. The long-established company has developed from a shipbuilding supplier into a manufacturer of tower sections for wind turbines. In 2008 190 employees generated a turnover of 35 mio EURO.

Originally set up to manufacture maritime products for the shipbuilding industry, such as cranes, winches and steering gear of all sizes, following the collapse of the Eastern European market in 1990 the company had to radically rethink its strategy. Within the scope of an in-depth market analysis and correct assessment of the company’s technological and manpower strengths initial contacts to wind turbine manufacturers were established in 1992. The existing company structure seemed well-nigh predestined for the building of steel tubular towers, since the crane pillars and towers previously manufactured for the shipbuilding industry were similarly


Colouring of the tower sections

structured in terms of the technology involved. Following the required new investment and creation of the space needed, KGW manufactured its first tower in 1993, followed by an order for 9 towers in the same year. In subsequent years the volume of orders increased continuously; some 200 towers were manufactured in 2008. After overcoming the current, complex international economic conditions the opening of a new, second manufacturing section (Works II) will make it possible to produce 1200 tower sections annually. The sheets processed during manufacturing have thicknesses ranging up to

• 1948 Company set up as KGW Schweriner Maschinenbau GmbH • Manufacturing of maritime products for the shipbuilding industry • 1993 Expansion of the product range to include steel tubular towers for wind turbines • Concentration on energy and environmental technology with annual production of approx. 200 towers • Comprehensive quality management More information at

85 mm; sheet widths are up to 3 000 mm. In addition to the production of towers KGW also has an excellent manufacturing reputation with its customers in the maritime and special engineering products industries in particular. As a matter of course the company’s quality management system has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 since March 1992. Since embarking on its partnership with wind turbine manufacturers KGW has developed close relationships with almost all German players, as well as with Danish and Spanish companies. e.n.o. energy has been a long-standing customer since its entry into the market in 2006. In the early years KGW produced both the foundations and the towers for the prototype and the pilot series of the e.n.o. 82 – 2.0 MW for the company, which is also based in North-Eastern Germany. In the coming years the relationship with e.n.o. energy will doubtless become closer, allowing both companies to jointly maintain and develop their position in the growing wind energy market. Frank Weltzien



A new tender is up for sale e.n.o. mag reported on the successful sale of the first tender in its 2-2009 issue. Due to the strong demand the company’s management has now decided to prepare another project portfolio.

The current tender offer consists of 8 wind parks, located in Germany and France. Their total power output is 86 MW, predominantly generated by e.n.o. 82 wind turbines. In addition to this Enercon and Vestas wind turbines are also in operation. Some of the projects are still at the development stage. Erection and connection of the wind parks to the grid are planned for the period late 2009 to late 2010.

What is special about this portfolio is that e.n.o. energy is selling the wind parks as turn-key sites. Furthermore, e.n.o. energy will take on the technical and commercial operation management for the entire service life of the parks. The offer immediately generated great interest, so that it has already been possible to hold initial discussions with potential investors. In addition to this tender e.n.o. energy

is also offering further wind parks from its own portfolio. These parks are all located in Germany. A number of different turbines are in operation at the sites. For detailed information on the tender and the wind parks on offer please contact BK



One of the tender wind parks


T h e m a g a z i n e f o r s u c c e s s w ith w i n d

Wind turbines require perfect foundations e.n.o. energy builds on HCE Hartwig-Consulting-Engineers Thomas Hartwig (38) 10 years of e.n.o. energy also mean an almost 10 year relationship with HCE in the engineering field. e.n.o. energy has been a firm customer since the Hamburg-based company Hartwig-Consulting-Engineers was set up in 2000. Both companies can today look back on a dependable, trusting partnership.

Numerous e.n.o. energy wind energy projects are based on designs from HCE. HCE provided, for example, the technical work for the foundation designs for the Rosenthal, Drehnow, Kauxdorf/Bönitz, Wormlage, Silmersdorf, Groß Treben, Zölkow and Fienstorf projects. Today, in addition to site investigations and foundation recommendations HCE still also develops the foundation designs and, as required, deep foundation designs for e.n.o. energy projects, always taking commercial aspects into consideration. e.n.o. energy will also be relying on HCE’s competence in the future. Current examples of this are the collaboration of the two companies on the development work for the e.n.o. 82 and e.n.o. 92 wind turbines and the project planning for the prototype sites. e.n.o. energy’s engineers have worked hand in hand with the HCE Energy on both projects.


e.n.o. energy’s success story is reminiscent of HCE’s development. The initial four man engineering office has become the HCE Design Group with a total of some 25 employees. The engineering group includes Ingenieurbüro HartwigConsulting-Engineers; HCE Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, set up in 2004; HCE Project Development & Design GmbH as well as other subsidiaries. The global wind energy industry now swears by the HCE design. Whether it be China, Vietnam, the USA, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belgium or other parts of the world, wind energy plant manufacturers, project engineers and investors entrust their turn-key and/or development projects to HCE. The range of services offered by the HCE Design Group in the field of wind energy includes the development of foundation and tower designs and the

Foundations with HCE


• Construction engineer • CFO of the HCE Design Group and managing partner of HCE Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and HCE Project Development & Design GmbH • 12 years’ professional experience in the execution of turn-key projects for the special civil engineering sector • 10 years’ experience in the field of regenerative energies • Member of the spokesmen’s group of the working group Fundamente im BWE Contact:

project planning, planning and execution of the construction aspects of wind energy projects. From site investigations to the planning of foundation designs; from earth-moving and access route construction work and any other construction specifications required for the project to their coordination and acceptance, HCE is a reliable partner. In mid 2008 HCE responded to the strong demand in the field of technical inspection of turn-key projects and has since then represented the interests of numerous manufacturers world-wide. Since 2009 HCE has also been represented as a project engineering provider in Turkey by its partner company HCEnergy Turkey and is currently preparing its own wind and photovoltaic projects. Despite the company’s rapid international development HCE continues to focus in particular on Germany as a wind energy site (on- and offshore) and thus also on local companies and longestablished, proven partnerships such as, for e.g., the one with e.n.o. energy. Thomas Hartwig


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Für Ihren Erfolg. Windenergieanlagen von e.n.o. energy.

Nennleistung: Rotordurchmesser: Nabenhöhe: Nennwindgeschwindigkeit: Einschaltwindgeschwindigkeit: Abschaltwindgeschwindigkeit:

2,0 MW 82,4 m 58,6 m / 80 m / 101 m / 108 m 13 m / s 3 m / s 25 m / s

Nennleistung: Rotordurchmesser: Nabenhöhe: Nennwindgeschwindigkeit: Einschaltwindgeschwindigkeit: Abschaltwindgeschwindigkeit:

Nach mehr als zehn erfolgreichen Jahren als Projektentwickler wissen wir, woher der Wind weht. Und wie wir seine Kraft optimal nutzen. Deshalb bauen wir jetzt auch Windenergieanlagen, die all unsere Erfahrung und das Know-how renommierter Zulieferer vereinen. Für einen sicheren Betrieb und Ihren Erfolg mit Wind. Gern beraten wir Sie in einem persönlichen Gespräch. fon: +49 (0)381 . 20 37 92-0

Success with wind.

2,2 MW 92,8 m 80 m / 103 m / 123 m 13 m / s 3 m / s 25 m / s

eno mag 4 2009 (englisch)  

eno mag 4 2009 (englisch)

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