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Ennio Sallemi Education and training 2016

Italian architect certification exam.


Master degree of Architecture, 110/110,


Bachelor degree of Architecture,


Erasmus scholarship,


Scientific high school diploma,




Computer skills Autocad 2D Indesign Google SketchUp Microsoft Word

Born in Comiso (Rg), Italy 15/06/1990 Phone. 0039 3339506709 living in Milan

Languages Italian: English: Spanish: Portuguese:

Rhinoceros Photoshop Illustrator Artlantis Microsoft PPT

ArchiCAD Microsoft Excel


Professional experiences 2009 Private country cottage, Vittoria, Italy. ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANCE AND BUILDING SITE ASSISTANCE.

2011 Architectural competition “Ponte del Cadenon”: Special Mention, La Zise, Italy,

in collaboration with arch. Giuseppe Morando, Katrien Stakenborghs, Corrado Faccioli.


2012 Sport Center, Vittoria, Italy. PRELIMINARY DESIGN PROJECT

2012 Internship with arch. Corrado Faccioli, Milan, Italy. PRELIMINARY DESIGN PROJECT OF AN APARTMENT, BUILDING SITE ASSISTANCE.

2013 Office for a Company, in collaboration with arch. Giuseppe Morando, Milan, Italy. ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANCE AND BUILDING SITE ASSISTANCE.

2013 Single-family house, Saronno, Italy. PRELIMINARY RENOVATION PROJECT

2015 Internship with “OSW_open source workshop”Studio, Milan, Italy. DESIGN PROJECT OF AN EXHIBITION AREA

2015 Apartment, Vittoria, Italy. PRELIMINARY RENOVATION PROJECT

2016 Single-family house, Vittoria, Italy. PRELIMINARY RENOVATION PROJECT

2016 Graphic design for Marina di Porto Rotondo, Sardegna, Italy. DESIGN OF BROCHURES, AND TOURISTIC MAPS OF THE PORT

Other experiences 2005-09 2012

Volontaring with Agesci in various associations helping children, political refugees, elders. Publication of the survey campaign of Portinari Chapel, Milan, in the book: Milano. Maths in the city. A mathematical tour of milanese architecture, Duvernoy Sylvie; Mele Giampiero; Rossi Michela, 2012, Maggioli Editore, Milan. MEASUREMENT AND REDRAWING OF THE CHAPEL.

2013 2015-16 2016 2016

Portuguese language course at Casa do Caminho Language Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Waiter for Mama event catering, Milan, Italy. Opening online shop page “OFFICINE INDIPENDENTI”, handmade products made by artisans. Volunteer in a renovation of an historical residence house, Prague, Czeck Republic. ARCHITECT AND WORKER




Thesis project


Tourist accomodation


Exhibition spaces


Yacht design


Residencial building


Furniture design


Work experiences


Thesis project Politecnico di Milano, Italy

7 Brugnato (SP)

Pigna (IM)

Study of the open spaces in the Ligurian villages

Open spaces of the project.


MARINA GRAN HOTEL The thesis work consists in the project of the new port of Finale Ligure (GE), into which is inserted the Grand Hotel with extensive facilities to create a new attractive pole in the city. The hotel project is about the reinterpretation of the traditional morphology of the nineteenth-century Grand Hotel in a new (scattered -diffused )dimension. So the usual building-monolith is fragmented into smaller volumes by creating compressed outdoor spaces. The intention is to recreate a fragment of a village in which the relations between solids and voids, and building forms are fully into the context of the Ligurian city. The Hotel consists of nine buildings sitting on two different areas, one on the mainland and the other on the water. It wants to retain the monumental aspect of the traditional Grand Hotel, despite its volumetric disintegration. It has maintained its role in the city, and the multiplicity of its functions.

Volumes study

Coastal density



Horizontal section +7,0m

View from the entrance of the port

Front north

Longitudinal section

Detail of the southeast building

Tourist accomodation UniversidĂ d Camilo JosĂŠ Cela, Madrid


Hostel in Delft Hostel is situated beside the Gothic cathedral of Delf. The parcel is very narrow and runs alongside the church in all its length. It develops above and below the ground floor. Its pitched roof wants to draw the sloping roofs of neighboring houses. The profile of the cover is recognizable in the entire longitudinal section and in plan. Its facade facing the street is made entirely of glass with varying degrees of solar shading. Besides the rooms the Hostel offers, an area used as a club, a conference room and public areas. First floor

Circulation Vertical circulations Ground floor


Prospect from the street

Rooms areas Common Connection with the crypt

Comercial area

Longitudinal section


Common dining area

Conference room

Common dining area


Exhibition spaces

Politecnico di Milano, Italy.




Contemporary Art Museum


Project area

Contemporary Art Museum is a project of the architectural graft in an ancient building and the subsequent change of use where is situated a museum, studios and residencies for artists. The need for more space produced an adding of new volume suspended on a concrete tripod that covers an underground square. The exhibition spaces for large-scale works are concentrated in the new building, while in the old building, there are two floors of exhibition space, studios and residences for artists.


+ 0,00 m

Front south

- 3,00 m

+ 0,00 m Ground floor

Trasversal section


Longitudinal Section


First floor

Yacht design Politecnico di Milano, Italy.



Tiger M Yacht Design project af Tiger M is a resyling starts from the hull of the legendary Tiger of Caliari 1969. The aggressiveness, the angular lines mixed with curved lines, the style of the Tiger, are maintained and replicated in a contemporary way. The nature of the boat remains the sport one, offering the wide spaces to relax both inside and outside. It has managed to incorporate powerful engines and dual drive keeping the slender shape. Longitudinal section

Flybridge plan

Width: 4,80m Length: 15,35m


Heigth: 3,25m Draught: 1,15m

Residential building Politecnico di Milano, Italy.


Front south

HOUSING An old military area in the city suburbs is brought to new life through a masterplan which comprehend a brand new residential district and services. The project has been studied from the masterplan (+1.000 inhabitants) to the interiors of some of the blocks. The aim has been to bring variety of ihanbitants - offering the wider set of apartments in dimentions and features.

Ground floor


Last floor apartment for 5 persons

Last floor apartment for 5 persons

Main view of the apartments First floor

Furniture design Politecnico di Milano, Italy.



CE.35 The CE.35 is a partition furniture also equipped with a container which gives it greater stability. It consists of three pieces covered with aluminum that rotate about a pivot to open and divide the space, and open at 360 degrees. The large size gives the furniture a totemic appearance and this allows it to divide the space into several parts making it viewable and usable by all sides.

Pivot detail

Cabinet detail

Work experiences


House renovation

Current state

The renovation project of this house is for a young couple. The house is the early twenties, is developed entirely on the ground floor and has a street facade in eclectic style with concrete bas-relief decoration on the architraves of doors windows. The goal in the renovation was to intervene as little as possible on the load-bearing walls and leave the external facade intact. Inside the house it keeps a constant eye contact with the green in the two patios through the use of semi-reflective surfaces of the furniture and more.

Stato di fatto

Floor 6

Stato di fatto

Livello 1

Floor 5

PENTHOUSE RENOVATION The apartment occupies the top two floors of an apartment building. The client asked for a house with wide flexibility of public spaces as often hosts many guests. The living area has several semi-opaque movable partitions, which provide ample space flexibility. In fact, the dining area if necessary, can be expanded toward the living room and the study area can be completely closed. Livello 1

Current state - floor 5

Livello 2

Current state - floor 6



Design a stand for a food company. It has two levels and includes a kitchen, stairs, meeting area and spaces to exhibit the products. You can see three version of the space. The first one use Elix, a modular structure that is architecture and furniture in the same time. In the second one the architecture skin is composed of triangular backlit frames wrapped by a white translucent fabric . The third one is another transucent fabric with a massive Helix modulor inside an exhibition space during Fuori Salone 2015

Stand, triangular version.

Helix modulor inside an exhibition space, black version.

Space: 30% kitchen 70% exhibition area

Fluxus across the area


Stand, massive version. Current wall

Expository area

Ground floor

OFFICE Interior design project

Interior design project for the main office of a company. Working, meeting and relaxing have room in a professional while confortable atmoshere. White and gray scale colors henance the high quality space and the professional approach of the young Italian company. Research on materials, finishes and digital production are the core of the customized design.

CONTACTS Phone. +39 3339506709 Linkedin: Ennio Sallemi

Ennio_Sallemi Architecture Portfolio.