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Ennigaldi is a new luxury accessories brand, launching its second collection for Spring/Summer 2017. Founded on a love of art and steadfast values of fine craftsmanship, Ennigaldi draws inspiration from the art of different eras, translating its ethereal and timeless beauty into contemporary pieces that are both beautiful and unique.

WHO IS ENNIGALDI? A highly educated and influential princess, Ennigaldi is an iconic Babylonian figure on the historical timeline. She assumed the role of educator and high priestess and curated the world’s first museum, collecting and preserving many artefacts from around the world and times that were even ancient to her. Ennigaldi educated the world on what it means to be creative, think for yourself and liberate your being and our bags, crafted in her name, carry her message. Beautifully crafted and hand-finished, each Ennigaldi handbag forges elements of a particular artistic period into a breathtaking contmporary design. Featuring laser-cut motifs in the finest Italian leather, custom hardware and formed through the meticulous work of Italian craftsmen, an Ennigaldi handbag is not only inspired by art but is a work of art in itself.

THE MESOPOTAMIA COLLECTION The love of Art is at the core of Ennigaldi and our first collection is inspired by Mesopotamian art, which shows a unique emphasis on texture, weight and strong definition. Drawing from a palette of majestic ultramarine and earthy tones of ochre and sand, the bags reflect the culture and aesthetics of Mesopotamia. Each handbag is named after a Babylonian goddess and regarded as an amulet to guide and protect its carrier along their way. Instilled with unearthly powers to use on earth, every goddess is a testament to the powers and potential of every woman. The Babylonian goddesses can inspire today’s women to seize their power, their purpose and embark on their own unique journey.

BELTIS Named after a goddess of love, the Beltis is sealed with a laser-cut motif and boldly accented with Ennigaldi’s gold rod and ring symbol. Accompanied by a detachable leather shoulder strap, the Beltis is a practical tote that makes a definite statement.

SARPANIT The Sarpanit, named after the mother goddess of pregnancy, is a beautiful mini shoulder bag, designed to carry your most important necessities whilst giving you the freedom to welcome new experiences with elegance as each day unveils them.

MAMMETU The Mammetu, named after the goddess of destiny, is a streamlined clutch featuring an ornate laser-cut motif within the leatherwork. The bag, suspended on a detachable gold square link chain, is designed to carry only your most treasured essentials, the things that matter most when you reach your fate.

KULITTA The Kulitta, named after a goddess of music, is an artfully designed tote. Accompanied by a removable leather shoulder strap and featuring an ornate laser-cut motif within a sharp geometric silhouette it signifies the power of the mind and how magnificent creations can flow from a single intention.

AYA The Aya, named after the goddess of light, is an elegant hold-all for the urban traveller. Subtly adorned with a leather tassel suspended from Ennigaldi’s gold rod and ring symbol and an exposed gold zip, the bag is the perfect size to bring on any new adventure. It will protect your possessions and guard your back while you make your way in the world.

NINTU The Nintu, named after the mother of all Babylonian gods, who was believed to have created humankind, is an elegant versatile tote. It is the perfect work bag, large enough to carry all your creative tools to shape each day as you wish.

TIAMET Named after the primordial goddess of the ocean, the Tiamet is a medium-sized classic tote featuring the Ennigaldi rod and ring symbol within a sharp geometric frame. Reflecting the strength and self-assurance of its celestial namesake, the bag is the definition of certainty and order that ultimately rises from the infinite cycle of chaotic forces within the creative process.

OUR HARDWARE Every Ennigaldi leather bag is adorned with custom designed Italian gold hardware of the finest quality. The “Rod and Ring� symbol is a minimalist interpretation of the Ancient Babylonian sign of respect and nobility and features on every design in the collection. It also functions as a unique rotating clasp on some of the pieces. The shoulder straps are embellished with weighted lobster clasps and elegant gold square-cut adjustment loops, which are stamped with the Ennigaldi logo. Each bag is also finished with four gold protective studs at the base to support its upright shape in situ.

MAMMETU 12 x 24 x 5 cm

SARPANIT 21 x 18 x 7 cm

BELTIS 29,5 x 29 x 10 cm

KULITTA 30,5 x 24 x 9 cm

AYA 35 x 30 x 12 cm

TIAMET 44 x 34 x 10 cm






NINTU 49,5 x 36 x 10 cm



OUR PACKAGING Every handbag is exquisitely presented in a soft protective dustbag in a fine cardboard box in the the brand’s rich signature colour: Ennigaldi Blue. Our dustbags and boxes are marked with Ennigaldi’s logo in gold, featuring the timeless rod and ring symbol, reflective of our view of creativity as a continuous flow from an appreciation of the past towards a vision of the future.

ORDERING AND CONTACT DETAILS The entire collection will be available to view and order from our website at For stockist enquiries, please contact For wholesale enquiries, please contact For press enquiries, please contact

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Ennigaldi SS17 Lookbook  

In celebration of Akitu the Babylonian Spring Festival, Ennigaldi have introduced a pastel duo range to the Mesoptamia Collection for SS17.