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n a m e : catharina h e i g h t : 1 m 74 bust:


w a i s t : 23

h i p s : 34.5 e y e s : blue h a i r : blonde

c o n t r i b u t o r s

Gael Froget

Richard Bennett



Summer is reaching its end, Autumn will soon starts and for this new fall 12/13 season, Pastel Trend makes its come back. Following the ramp shows through out the world, designers as well as fashion houses has based their collections on Light Blue, Green, Orange and Prints. Pastels also returns in the Beauty Section, Makeups houses published their new products, much more colourful and bright. Hairstyles also have change, the 1920’s and 1960’s style are back again. This new edition of the En Mode: Newsletter, with our brand new layout and sections reveals the effort of our team to do their best. Focus on the Pastel Theme, and discovering the actual trend is our aim. The powerful come back of Gael Froget, is astonishing! Surprised and amazed by his new series of Artpieces, the team meet him again to get his impressions about his new collaborations.

ZARA 12/13 Campaign, whats a revolution in the Fashion Advertising world, how best to show the new designs of the Men collection with Jon Kortajare-

Brian Dean

Blue Veneer. Chalk Pastel Image: Sue Hillock

Richard Bennett, with his M-N underwear collection, also is present to introduce us to his Brand and vision.

EN MODE s s e r D s e o h S ls e ew up J e k a - M

Shopping Pick up the right color scheme for your outings.




e t s rs

o a l P Co




s l

Pu s




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Oasis London Landmark Shopper ASOS $19.88

Oasis Floral Postcard Dress ASOS


RB4170 - 856/55 HightStreet Collection RAY BAN

Giorgio Armani PrivĂŠ AW 12

Sproul ALDO

$60 Braided Multicolor Leather Belt ZARA $28.43

Pastel Color Trend

Beetle Necklace ZARA $21

Chanel AW 12

A/W Collection Giorgio Armani PrivĂŠ AW 12

Viva Glam Nicki MAC


ramps trend

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The Spring / Summer 2013 Collection

Malene Birger Spring Summer 2013

Peter Jensen Spring Summer 2013

Stine Lefoged Spring Summer 2013





Pale and attractive, pastel colours are all over the trends of this year. They have become the must-haves in one’s wardrobe. Since the collections of Spring 2012, the glacier blue, the spearmint green, the genteel lavender, the bitter lemon and the damask rose among others, are seen on the runways, in the streets, everywhere. But subtle, light and soft pastel hues will work for you only if you get your colour combinations right! Here is the guide to wearing pastel colours in the right way. While you may be in love with the new pastel trend, you may not know how to flaunt it because bad colour combinations can your outfit for the day, a disaster. The first thing you need to know about pastel coloured clothes is that it screams for accessories! It may not be the case for all situations but most of the time, to give your look a little bit of edge and more personality, grab some accessories and wear them. However, pastel colours are light and they make your look simple and stylish. Adding too much accessories will ruin it. The simpler, the better. Jewelleries such as golden cuffs with no or intricate designs are just perfect. But Jules Smith offers the nicest necklaces, bangles, hoops and rings on its website! You can pair any of them with your pastel coloured outfits


Pastel hues are gorgeous on their own. Do not think of adding dramatic colours to your look when you have pastel on. If you have a pale mint dress and add a black Miu-Miu-esque collar with it, it may look wonderful as well as disastrous if you do not have a sense of style. But if you go for the trend, get bold and do not be afraid of combining different pastel colours. They work perfectly with each other. Now one wears pastel to lighten up their look and to look sweet and stylish. But you may not want to look sweet as candy. No pun intended. Pastel colours add a feminine attitude to your look whatever the clothes you are wearing. Do not go all pink and unload all your ribbons and flowers artillery. Put a metal cuff in your hair instead of ribbons. Such a small twist in your look changes the perception others may have on your look totally. We have been saying go for pastel colours this season but the crucial question we have not asked yet remains pending. Are pastel hues for every complexion? Your skin tone is definitely to be considered when buying pastel outfits. If you are of a fair complexion, do not just go for some neutral or nude colours, because you are not being bold about your look. Light peach and abricot will work for sure but always try something that will enhance your skin colour. Go for brighter colours if you got an olive skin complexion. And for the dark skin, I think that just every colour works! Model Ajak Deng in the latest nasty Gal’s campaign is the perfect example.

While after reading the article you still do not know how to wear pastel colours, one simple thing you might do is buy pastel jeans. They are a killer! Combined with the simplest things – a white top with or without print, a chic neutral-coloured blazer and a nice pair of heels, a pastel jean will definitely make your look stylish. And add to it a hot bright coloured purse, you’re out to make an impression without doing too much. Even guys can buy pastel shorts and pair it with the same white t-shirt minus the blazer. Pastel coloured jeans with a white shirt, a straw hat and matching bag and a pair of denim shoes will work both for girls and boys. It is the nicest look for summer and for days at the beach. Pastel colours are light and are the perfect thing for you if you want to look effortlessly chic and laidback. So remember to always associate pastel colours with a few accessories while not going to for “cheesy sweet gal” look. Work the colour block combinations if you want to go bold with pastel and bright colours. You will not go wrong if you match your colours nicely and avoid the dramatic colours.


En Mode: International

The invasion of the Dark Knight on our big screens recently inspired one of UK’s funkiest clothing brands. Lazy Oaf, recently came up with a vintage Batman clothing line which will be most welcome and appreciated not only by fashion addicts but also by movie goers and DC geeks. For this new clothing line, Lazy Oaf sought the collaboration of Viktor Vauthier for their lookbook. Vauthier, young trashy British fashion photographer comes out like the black sheep of the pack, rejecting the digital and making mostly use of film or traditional photography. The whole clothing line, massively takes its essence and references into the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie thus explaining the numerous printed vintage Batman logos all over the clothes, the skin tight dresses similar to Cat woman’s kitty suit or the bat wings for the extroverted ones among us.

Lazy Oaf Batman As usual, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that once again Lazy Oaf made use of recycled vintage material to create a new extravagant and hype clothing line which will inevitably attract the most colorful and flashy characters. Also, the prices of this new Batman inspired line varies from 60-65 £ which is relatively affordable if you guys want to keep up with the trends.


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Fame Black Fluid by Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is known for her eccentricities and also for her very distinguished and original taste for fashion. While it was thought that her career had reach it’s saturation point after the catastrophic sales of her latest songs, the one and only that dared to dress with meat is about to release her first fragrance. For sure, we were promised a perfume based sperm but when Gaga finally unveiled Fame Black Fluid, it turned out to be an incredibly black juice which becomes completely transparent once sprayed. The container is inspired by the concert dresses of the singer and made an impression of a bottle of black magic potion.

Originally intended for women, Black Fluid Fame by Lady Gaga in collaboration with Coty is to be released on next September and will probably be very welcome by the singer’s fans.

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H&M Fall / Winter 12/13 Collection For its Fall / Winter 12/13 collection, H&M relied heavily on chic and sobriety. It is all in the cuts and the colours of its latest offerings. The new items of this collection have been created with a minimalist and sleek feel to them while providing sculptural outfits for women and sharp tailoring for men. The fans of the brand will find in the collection dresses, vests, skirts, t-shirts and shirts for everyone. H&M worked the finishes perfectly for better adjusted cuts that will ensure your look sets the right pace for the new season.

And since it is a Fall / Winter collection, it was unthinkable that fabrics such as leather, wool or mesh to be absent. Therefore, as well as featuring great textures, the latest collection of H&M offers different colours from brownish green to mustard, as well pale beige, yellow, green and violet. The collection being gorgeous and affordable, you will certainly be trendy for this season at H&M.


Jennifer Gan (photographer) - Jakarta Nada (model) Kuala Lumpur

En Mode: Portrait



Powerful Comeback

Here again we come back with Gael’s new set of artworks and as we can say, his powerful comeback.

You came out of “Vandalism” Fashion advertising images, to fashion photography, why this change? Yes, it started when I was out of magazines, and I still had the need to vandalize. One night not knowing what to do, I took a picture online and I start to have fun with. Also, I had great need of evolution in what I was doing, I saw myself going round with what i was doing before, so I moved. I tried digital imaging, and it really looks good I think

The concepts come from you? Not for the moment, I rather work with photographs already taken without any artistic direction from me,. Only a few of my pieces are photos that was taken so that I can vandalize them with my personal proposed concepts. I’m currently working on several photoshoot, with great talents.

A photo has a story already, it's like entering the photographer's world and do the housework or rather disorder. Vandalizing a photo is not comparable to paint. The painting begins generally on a blank canvas, where you have to tell a story, vandalizing a photo, is like adding some spices to the story without really trying to make a sense out of it.

Right now on my desk, vandalizing.

How do the models and photographers with whom you collaborate found the project? People with whom I work, whether, photographers, models and makeup artists are always surprised and very excited by the projects. Most of them are in the fashion world and are not used to work with artists,. Comments are always very encouraging and welcomed.

Personal opinion on this new series? Is it easier for you to create through photography?

Finally, What is the place where you feel better?

I think I have reached a superior level in my work. I started to have hope that one day, may be, I could make a living of my passion.

Gael Froget by Fremlot Photography.


Remember our 2nd Issue, focussing on men’s trend and artist? En Mode team has caught up with Gael Froget about his “Vandalism” Art and work.


anel Bedrossiantz - Paris

Bustamam Mokhtar(Photographer) - Kuala Lumpur Bernard Chandran (Model)

Dean Chalkley (photographer) - London Zayn Clyre (model) - London

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Upon hearing for the first time about M-N, I was surprised to hear the office was located in Reduit. It is quite an unlikely place for an office to be located in Mauritius, but entering the place with my colleague, we were even more surprised that the office was also a manufacturing plant. Though small, the place felt warm with the employees being so nice and friendly and one of them led us to the man we schedule a meeting with. Richard Bennett dressed casually in his office welcomed us warmly with a big smile. We were instantly put at ease in this office where men underwear and mannequins with boxer briefs on, surrounded us. You have to understand, M-N is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of men underwear. It is not just some company producing underwear; it is a fashion company making functional and comfortable garments that follow the trends around the world. Richard Bennett founded the brand 5 years ago. However before venturing into this business, he studied Interior Design but was later drawn to fashion design menswear which he studied at the London School of Fashion. While he believes in providing added value and wearability where the fabric of the underwear enhances comfort, the designer also believes that style and sex appeal should be part of the package. And that is why he created 4 different ranges of men underwear all of them providing an ergonomic fit with different fabric selection and designs. The items all come with what the designer Richard Bennett referred to as the “lift system” which enhances comfort in the hammock structure. All M-N underwear are designed with different colour combinations.

However, the two distinct groups are Azure and G-Sport. Azure includes boxers, briefs and trunks with prints in a 2 colours combination and it is needless to say that all of the designs well-thought and the fit hugs the body nice and tight. The other line, G-Sport is the top of the line range of M-N. Made from bamboo with viscose elastic that is soft to the touch, the G-Sport underwear includes boxers, briefs and strings. All of them carry a sporty feel thanks to the colour block design. The designer also thought of functionality when designing underwear; many of the items come with little pockets on the side made for carrying condoms. Very practical. Men will even find among the products of M-N, some sexy numbers with mesh and see-through details. It is the perfect item for those guys who want to spice things in the underwear department

Richard Bennett states that one of his underwear lines, named ZOM (“man” in creol) is more affordable than his other ranges which are meant for other markets. The fact is M-N’s clientele lies abroad mostly in Europe (UK especially), Japan and very soon, America. But those interested can buy the ZOM underwear in Réduit itself, for M-N does not have any outlets open in Mauritius yet. Very soon, M-N is planning to launch a line of men trousers (chinos and shorts). Having seen the colour palette for those trousers, the project should be a success. Wait and see. Visit the M-N underwear website:

Richard Bennett says of his work that research is important, for while he provides comfort and functionality, it is essential to pick the right colours. And the colours are not chosen because they look good in this combination, but because they are the actual trends. The designer believes that foreseeing the colour trends is what helps his designs




Zara is back with its Fall/Winter 20122013. It is no surprise to see Sean O’Pry on the campaign pictures since he has been the Spanish fast-fashion retailer’ favourite over the last several years. But this time, Zara also enlisted Jon Kortajarena by Sean’s side to front the brand’s latest advert. Lensed by photographer David Sims, the models were captured in a very retro-inspired atmosphere. Donning the brand’s sleek, European cuts and high fashion finishes, the pair channelled the spirit of iconic actor James Dean in a vintage American desert environment. Rebels without a cause? The male models sell the latest offering of Zara perfectly, clad in soft sweaters and turtlenecks or refined suits with skinny ties or double-breasted vests and even denim shirts. The fall/winter advertisement delivers a very strong cinematic appeal thanks to the retro black and white pictures as well the styling of Beat Bolliger. See the video of the campaign as well.




l o c a l



The Olympics The event on everybody’s lips, on everyone’s phones. And if you were awake for the opening ceremony, you must have noticed some incredible, chic and bizarre things in a couple of countries’ respective outfits. Here’s a selection: Netherlands: I quite liked their orangeblue colour combinations.

Canada: I hope this doesn›t sound mean but come on; the sweaters are reminiscent of those found in a university campus.

Czech Republic: Those galoshes and umbrellas paired with the short-suit. Just a little too eccentric for me. Spain: Red and yellow are spanish colours, to be sure, but the combination of both was ill done, and too reminiscent of McDonalds (same thing applies to the athletes kit).

Great Britain: The outfits were so unflattering (and not designed by Stella McCartney by the way) and looked so tacky, and what is with the gold armpits?!

Classics: The Italians and French were fully geared in suits. Simple, minimal but chic, though slightly too conservative, but still - what better choice to represent their countries?


EN MODE Beauty

s r lo s o C ye - E ir - Ha s - yle st

- Ne w prod ucts

- Ha ircut s

En Mode: Beauty

s s e p i y L E

Colour can’t be touched, but it can touch us. It can’t be felt, but it can change the way we feel. Try describing a colour and you can only really describe the things that we associate with it. But despite not being a tangible, physical thing, like our clothes or our shoes are, colour is key to the world of fashion. It’s one of the visual clues that helps define a season. Fall 2012 is no exception to the rule. And while the temperature is one of the things regularly driving the moods we portray through colour, the colour trends for fall 2012 aren’t all cloudy greys or cheerless blues. If the colour trend predictions are anything to go by, our wardrobes will be filled with traditional fall tones punctuated by optimistic pops of bright colour.


En Mode: Beauty


Hairstyles for fall 2012: the best trends, cuts and styles. As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten our sense of style will change - and so too will our hairstyles to match. Whether it’s for practicality’s sake or simply because we crave the refreshing breeze of change, fall / winter 2012 will see new hairstyles and cuts entering our repertoires. And the same can be said for men and women. As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten our sense of style will change, it’ll adapt. We’ll don new clothes and accessories for autumn / fall 2012 and some will be for fashion’s sake while others will be for practicality as we seek to keep warm and dry. And whenever we adapt our style or fashion to a new season, there often comes the need to adapt our hairstyles. Not all hair cuts and colours and suited to all seasons. More often than not, however, we simply feel like a refresh. We’re bored with the old, desire the new and a new season is the perfect excuse to change a hairstyle. After the break we’ll take you through all the fashionable hairstyles of autumn / fall 2012, from the standout styles to the head turning cuts. It’s no news when we say that the 1920s have had a significant impact on the fashion industry. It started with accessories, clothes, and then moved on to beauty, as wine-tinted lips and fluttering eyelashes hoarded many an advertisement campaign. With the anticipated release of Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, the period has taken another deep-end dive into the ocean of hairstyles.

The 1920s tousled bob is one such look that once waved the flag for being primped and pristine with its disciplined finger waves. But in 2012, we’ve seen it update itself with a modern edge, more texture and added sexiness. And as far as 2012 hair trend predictions at are concerned, this style is not a passing cloud. It’s well and truly here to stay, so you better take your notepads and curling tongs out and get ready to hop on the time machine that travels forward.

The 1920s waved bob: how it started. When dancer Irene Castle flaunted her bob in the early 20s, the world categorised her as an independent, mature woman, due to her courageous hairstyle. The Castle Bob, as it was famously known, was a tousled straight cut that levelled with the ear lobes. Scott Fitzgerald created Bernice Bobs Her Hair and Coco Chanel cut her locks. It wasn’t long before the flapper girls started playing around with the style and made it the look for the partyfilled decade. For the majority of time, it was a short bob with a defined curl resting on the forehead or on the side of the cheek. The once cherished long locks were traded for The Shingle Bob, Eton Crop, Windswept Bob and Bernice Bob. But as the flapper culture faded away, the strength of this cut also lost its aura and the bob was no longer a phenomenon until the 1960s.

Tousled: the waved bob now. Mark Fast gave a push to this tousled bob hairstyle as his spring 2012 collection came down the runway. It almost seemed like he had asked his hair team to chop off every model’s hair, in order to get the perfect length, shape, texture and flow. Mark Fast was quoted backstage at the show when he described the mood of the hair, “The palette originates from sand tones in a desert landscape… we wanted to create movement over the body to emulate the force of a sand storm, the hair needed to flow with this”. The side parting worked efficiently for the 1920s-theme, but the textured bob glued itself to the aesthetic of the collection, as a newfound elegance found its way on the runway. The general rule for a hair trend to gain additional value is to see it off the runway. And so be it, with Arizona Muse claiming the position of an unofficial ambassador of a bob. Muse has tried them all, from a ‘60s style mod bob to this textured 1920s bob. She has the perfect cut for it, making it viable for hair stylists. In this crimped-up messy do, as shot on the streets of Paris, Muse has taken a subtle and modern approach towards the pristine finger waves. It’s inclined towards a casual, less defined style and is also translatable to your daily hair regime.

En Mode: Beauty

When John F Kennedy was quoted saying, “Those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future, ” the world should have given him credit for the not-so-closeted fashioniser in him. In reality Kennedy was, without a doubt, talking about something much more serious in terms of politics, leadership, economy and technology, but as readers you’ll know how we like to interpret words, images and clothes. But despite the fact that fashion is always progressing towards the future, the coming year is all about anything but that. So much so, that it’s the perfect year for those of us who are nostalgic and cannot stop dreaming of the past, and an equally perfect year for those wont to follow fashion designers whose creative minds draw inspiration from the years gone by. While there are certainly other decades of influence, one of the biggest 2012 fashion trends that’s defining the year is the 1960s fashion revival. First runway shows aplenty had a sixtiesmakeover and then the London look presented us with a modern Swinging Sixties muse. With many a fashion accessory also taking inspiration from the sixties, it was almost certain that women’s hairstyles would quickly get inline with the evolving trend. So we see the return of the Mod-bob, a 1960s inspired hairstyle short on length but heavy on bobby pins.

The Mod bob’s origins.

The Mod bob now.

It’s fair to say that the Mod bob isn’t truly a revivalist hairstyle. What, then, influences it?

The ‘60s had more hairstyles than what can be counted on fingers, and all the Mod bob in 2012 borrows heavily from the three previously covered hairstyles. From Bardot we get the volume, from Jackie O the shape, and from Twiggy the parting and the Mod vibe.

When you look back at the era, Brigitte Bardot was the poster girl not only for not only its hairstyles but the era full stop. Hence it’s not a bouffant that we speak of, but rather the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle with its bed hair qualities and centre part. Unlike some of her fellow Sixties beauties, Bardot chose to cater to her sensual and messy side, with the allure of her trademark hairstyle resting just as much on its untidiness as on her personality itself. And it’s this allure that 2012’s revival of a short bob hairstyle with Mod overtones rests upon – consider it the short haired sex kitten look.

If you’re looking for the perfect example of how the Mod bob revival should be worn and styled then you need look no further than the Arizona Muse and Daphne Groeneveld 60s inspired photo shoot for issue 35 of Self Service magazine. Much hyped, it’s Muse who rocks the hairstyle and whose model-ofthe-moment qualities have propelled it into 2012.

But the 1960s bob wasn’t all about the sex kitten, particularly when it came to American royalty. From 1961, Jacqueline Kennedy changed the way working mothers approached their wardrobe and beauty cupboards. In fact, one could argue that she placed fashion on the map of American politics, as far as the First Lady is concerned. Despite changes in the length of her hair and precisely where she parted it, over the years the wind-swept, outwardly flicking version of Kennedy Onassis’ hairstyle remains her most iconic. One last person: the 1960s can’t be written about without a mention of Twiggy. While hair lengths now provide little in the way of shock factor, the length of her Twiggy’s hair was revolutionary for the time. a super short bob, well above the ears, with side-swept fringe that was monitored with a bobby pin. This Mod hairstyle became a sensation, especially popular amongst schoolgirls for its prim-and-proper, neat look. However, it was often shunned for being androgynous and too bold. So there you have it: three icons of the 1960s, each with hairstyles that had little in common save for their length. What does that give us for 2012? An amalgamation of all three.


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