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 What is the most significant personal story of transformation that you can tell? The most significant transformation in my life may not have been fully made yet. I believe that, for the moment, I am in a process of transforming. The current moment, in my opinion, would be my most significant personal story, where I am being aware of a transformation that in its progress. The reason is rooted in where at my spiritual belief is. Before I came to the U.S, I’d never considered what my religion should be. If there was one, it was not the one I gave significance for. I’ve been to Buddhist temples when I was small, following my relatives, such as my grandmother. Some times I went there as my mom asked me to. Because as many Mongolians do, my mom believed that if one sits in a room and prays as she hears the worship of the monks, she gets well as well as her relatives who are in her prayer for good. Since she was busy and I had no problem doing what she told me to do, I followed her wishes and went to Buddhist temples. However, besides just completing my mom’s command or rather request, I wasn’t really spiritually engaged in my prayers. Later, although I did go to temples on my own, it was for purposes of a school project, studying pigeon flights. That was my experience in Buddhism. Then, after I came to the U.S.A, I started going to a Christian church, following my dad and sister, who had been going to church for 3 years before my arrival I the U.S, in 2007. I went to the church not because I was required or pleaded but rather because I was simply invited. I could either go with my dad and sister to the church or stay home. I chose to go, as I was simply interested in meeting new Mongolians, as I was newly starting my American life. The first few months and a year, then the next passed by without so much of a difference or significance in my spirituality. I guess then gradually, after two years or so, which was about two years from now, my heart started to get engaged in my prayers for God. My experiences with others who were and are very spiritual and serious in

their beliefs, such as my sister, Zulaa, and also listening to their admiring testimonies have helped me come to a level where I am as a Christian. However, I am not perfect, and actually, I am still a baby in my growing belief in God. As I can’t feel the God’s existence in the physical world, I still have a difficult time trusting whether or not God exists. Yet, I truly try to find him. The point where I had started to seek God and the fact that I am struggling to find seems to suggest how a change in my character has already started. And until I find God, the once started transformation can’t be made. I had behaved or been immature, selfish and or disturbing when I first learned about who God was. It may still be true, but the difference between now and back then is that I want to change who I was before. I would like to grow personally; I want to become kinder and more caring for others than I was before and I am now. I want to compose my temper better and learn how to be calmer at challenging moments. I believe that all of these wishes in my personality change can be achieved through gaining more knowledge in God’s love. The fact that I am aware of what my goals and knowing what I could do to and trying to actually achieve them suggest that my significant transformation is its process. By the time I truly believe that there is God, I will have been fully transformed. The journey to find the God will be my journey to find the true love and peace. What was formerly unseen in your story and now perceivable to others? My venture in finding peace could now be expressed through my kinetic design collectively. Both of my sources of design and spiritual inspirations are seem to be interrelated. “Doves, usually meaning domesticated Roc Pigeons are a traditional Christian symbol of love and peace.” I am excited to see the connection between my initial source of design inspiration, a pigeon flight, and the significance in my personal story of reaching to a sate of peace. My effort to express a wing flap or in extreme, a flight, has been developed through my iterative design process. As the class was assigned to design a mobile construction, my desire to express a moving object was now to be actualized. The objective of my actually moving design was to apply the wind force as an advantage. Once my construction gets mobilized in the wind breeze, shapes, in my design, that abstractly form feathers of a dove, are to be viewed as a whole piece of a flapping wing, The kinetic structure would move only by an external invisible force, the wind. The fact can be interpreted as with my significant personal story. My process of changing or finding the peace is the kinetic structure itself. It started to turn once after it was constructed; the change in me has started. The mobile design turns around and moves if there is the wind, and it will still do, as long as there is external force. Therefore, the fact suggests that my journey of finding peace can be active only if am still connected to the force that encourages me to. I finding peace journey is directly correlated to the power beyond me. So as long as my kinetic structure moves, what that suggests is that there is the God’s power, although I don’t see physically, which proves his

existence and helps me moving on in my journey of finding his peacefulness and love.

What is significant within the context of your selected site? Context of my site is quite significant to my design. The site where there is the existing relief sculpture portraying faces of different ethnicities, could nicely be related to my design. First, it is outside where the wind is available although its blow is not as strong to be able to constantly move my mobile. Particularly, the fact that the faces, to my excitement, are closed their eyes and being smiley, is the reason why I chose this site to place my construction. As being next to those faces that are seem to be in peace, my design can be its context, where it seeks to find peace.  

Tuvshuu's Narration  
Tuvshuu's Narration  

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