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Mind, Body & Soul “Interest of Conflict and Conflict of Interest” Written by Lakesha Woods In today’s society there is so much interest in conflict. Most television shows high in ratings are reality shows with family or friends airing out their dirty laundry. Even regular John and Jane Doe’s are becoming Reality TV Show Celebrities. There once was a time when telling your business to everybody and their mama would be a conflict of interest but in today’s crazy world its normal to put it all out there but is this conflict or interest? I’m seeing that this need or interest in conflict is common everywhere: in schools, work, home and even in church. This is sad, and as humans we should be able to find something better to keep us amused aside from seeing others experience hurt, paid and abuse. When an accident slows down traffic we expect a delay, but once the vehicles are moved out of the road, its the drivers who are passing by who slow down to get a good look who are actually holding up traffic. This becomes a conflict of interest because the interest in the accident is really none of their business! And why do people stop working or take bathroom and coffee breaks as soon as one of their co-workers is called into the managers office? Some people will actually sit around and do nothing just so they can be available to find out what happened when their co-worker comes back ... interesting I guess, but it’s really being nosey and it causes a conflict when those same people aren’t able to meet their daily performance goals. Then you have the people who don’t start or finish a fight, but they will stand around and egg it on ... boost it up or quietly watch on the side-line ... think about it. Now days when there’s a domestic disturbance in the neighbor, most people won’t even go to their neighbors house to see if they are ok ... most people don’t even know their neighbors (not like they did back in the day) but they will stand out side for hours just looking until the police leave and talk among their family, speculate and try to solve the mystery. Sometimes we even take the risk of befriending people who seem interesting, they appear to be exciting and have a lot going on in their lives but be aware of those interesting conflicting people because there’s a thin line between excitement and nonsense and some people will have you out-right tired with all of their drama.

Relate to Love

Written by Evangline Emory

It takes more than love to make it with a partner for the rest of your life and for better or worse. Love is the emotion that motivates your heart to commit but its ones character that motives them to fulfil their commitment. To make it last forever it takes a backbone, guts and a strong head empowered by a strong will. Stepping into a relationship with your eyes wide open also helps each person to prepare for what’s to come in the days ahead. As time progresses people change and ultimately each person will change ... mentally, physically and emotionally but it takes more than love to make it last forever! 4.

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Runway Diva Shay The captivating ShaQuandra Davis, also known as Shay or Runway Diva Shay, comes from the impoverished city of Flint, Michigan. From the age of seven years old, she began her illustrious modeling career by gracing the cover of local publications. Due to her mother's profession, she was able to travel throughout the United States, which enhanced her entertaining ambition. While focusing on family and her education, she was unable to pursue her career to its' full capacity until two years ago. Today, 'Runway Diva Shay' is a diversified model, actress, philanthropist, radio personality, comedian and much more than what would exceed your expectations. When 'Shay' isn't pursuing her career, she is being a positive role model by volunteering for charities, mentoring and spending time with her family. She feels her purpose in life is to be happy and to make others happy. If you would like to know more, Google 'Runway Diva Shay'. If you think you have what it takes to be Enjoy Life Magazine’s next Skin Deep Beauty submit 1 head shot, 1 full body photo and your bio or you can submit this information on behalf of a friend via email to Those selected will be featured in the magazine and on Enjoy Life Magazine’s official website at! Enjoy Life Magazine


Runway Diva Shay

ShaQuandra Davis...

‘Runway Diva Shay’

“MR. 704 - Put it On My Back I’m Ready” Written by Lakesha Woods hen I met Mr. 704 the first words that

is motivation to be a rapper was

came to my mind were hey there – big-red! I was like WOW this is a big and tall man and he looks kinda’ tough. I wondered if he was mean, and if it was going to be hard to interview him, but once we sat down and talked for a bit I got him to break a smile here or there and then I noticed that he’s quite down to earth, professional and ready to make things happen with his music career. With a name like Mr. 704 even if you aren’t familiar with the area code you’d know that the person wearing the title is representing something or somewhere. So I asked Mr. 704 to tell me why he chose Mr. 704 as his stage name. I said, “Mr. 704, tell me why you chose that name, why did you take on the responsibility of representing the entire city?”, He jokingly laughed and said, “I like the way you say, that ‘Mr. 704’ you all smiling wit it”, then he said I chose that name because it’s the area code for the city and I wanted to bring some attention to the city along with myself”. Mr. 704 boastfully claims that he’s ready for the all this attention and responsibility that comes with it he smiled and said, “Put it on my back, I’m ready”!

driven by his desire to find a path for himself. He says, “I thought it was a lane for me a spot that was open up and could use me, so I dedicated all my time and put forth my best effort and decided to go into the industry”. Mr. 704 says that his rap style is versatile; he has something for the ladies and something for the Hip Hop heads … the authentic. Whatever style he chooses to display Mr. 704 says it is about the music for him. As for his critics who may question if he’s just another rapper who’s exploiting women in videos to make a song climb the charts and to earn a dollar; Mr. 704 rebuttals those criticisms by sticking to what he knows will work. He says he feels that most rappers today are really just talking about money and that he’s going with the ladies because the ladies are appealing to the eye and he says whatever works that’s what he’ll use.

. R M

No doubt, he’s ready … he’s been pushing his music since 2002 and working very hard at it, he’s ready for the lime light and his hard work is finally paying off. His songs are being played on more than 30 stations in multiple cities, he’s on the road doing radio tours, he’s been performing in various states and he says when its time to wrap it all up he wants to bring it back to Charlotte, his city because that’s where he’s from and he knows that he will get the support that he needs from his people. The response to his music in other cities has been good. Mr. 704 says a lot of people still don’t know that 704 is Charlotte, but that’s how he exposes Charlotte and North Carolina.

4 0 7

He shows great potential to be a well rounded artist and entertainer. He has aspirations to do other things within the music industry and although he says that music is his first love and he wants to be known as an artist first he realizes that things within the industry are always changing and his goal is to stay relevant, he says, “The sky is the limit”. And, that’s exactly the attitude that is needed to make it in this business and so far he’s used that positive thinking and great attitude to stay strong in the music business. He also successfully landed a role in the movie “The High and Mighty” as the character Isaiah. So I think we can look forward to seeing Mr. 704 doing more big things in the future. Cont’d. on page 12

Enjoy Life Magazine


All and all he maintains that he would not be able to move so progressively if he didn’t have a good team, and part of his team was right there with us during our interview … it was like a family outing, everybody dinning out and sitting at the same table. Mr. 704 says, his “Super Team” keeps him balanced, they do there part which allows him to do his part. Mr. 704 had a big summer in twenty-eleven (2011) and he released “Lately”, "They Hatin" and DOPEBOY SWAGG’N which featured Sean P (from YoungBloodz). While rep’n his city he was even able to maintain active in the community and participated in a back to school event… now that’s what being Mr. 704 is all about. He has a couple of songs schedule to be released, “Everybody Know Me” is due out this December and "Dreamin" is coming out for Valentine's Day! I asked Mr. 704 what does he want everyone to really know about him and he said, “I’m a family man first to my son and I want people to know that it comes from the heart and that it comes from me I don’t want them judge me based on anybody else”. You can find Mr. 704 on the Facebook and Twitter …


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Enjoy Life Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 4, MR. 704  
Enjoy Life Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 4, MR. 704  

Exclusive interview with Charlotte's very own Mr. 704, Lakesha Woods sums up the interview in the article title "Mr. 704, Put It On My Back"...