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Enjoy Life Food - Ms. Woods shares her favorite brownie recipe!

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Trends this Season”

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Enjoy Life Food

Lakesha Woods

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Lakesha Woods


Unsigned|Hype SPLIT Hip Hop Rapper In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Mauris rutrum enim vitae mauris.

Marcus aka “SPLIT”, was born in TX in 1987. Raised in Buffalo, NY after a few years he moved to Charlotte, NC with his family 1996. Attending East Mecklenburg High school, with a passion for music he then soon led to rapping. 2004 he recorded his first song with close friend “J Gutta”. After recording his first song he knew that music was his talent. While at home and in school he spent his time writing and molding his craft. Do to life situations Split and J Gutta went their separate ways. After years of working on his music he got a chance to perform at a local club called Scandlos.


SPLIT Hip Hop Rapper

hac habitasse platea dictumst. Maur

After his performance he felt that he could perform at the next level and bring greatness to the stage. Soon after that he started performing all over the Carolinas at clubs such as; Ice, Wine up, Prevue, Twilight, Reign, Studio 64, Club Cream in South Carolina, and the list goes on. Split is the founder and CEO of F.A.N Club ent. Split released his first mixtape “Industry Killer” In June 2010 with his first single “Ima Star” with “SwagTac”. In late 2010 after 6 long years J Gutta and Split reunited and hit the studio to record the smash hit “Concrete Carpet” and “Your love”. Now that these two are back together they plan on taking music to the next height….. (Follow him @split704) ulputate, sapien eu egestas rutrum, leo neque luctus dolor, sed hendrerit tortor metus ut dui. Etiam id pede porttitor turpis tristique lacinia. Suspendisse potenti. Etiam feugiat.



Life of|Hip Hop Born Jeremy Henderson in Orlando, Florida; I picked up my love for rap and the Hip Hop culture way before ever thinking about creating music. I was a big fan of rappers such as Tupac, Biggie, Nas, JayZ, etc. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when I was 10 years of age where I started freestyling but would never let others hear my work.

“From that point forward I was from studio to studio trying to get my voice on any track possible.”

Gutta It wasn’t until my senior year in high

From laying tracks down to battling

school that I really let my family

other local rap artist I felt as if I was a

members and friends hear the songs I

part of the game that is now missing.

put down in my pad. The response so

I’ve been writing now for over five

good to the point where my music was

years, I have just recently started

being demanded from those who knew

performing in the city at places such as

how talented my writing skills had

The Wind up, Twilight, V.I.P lunge, and

become. From that point forward I was

preview. Promoting new music with local

from studio to studio trying to get my

artist split, again after years of being

voice on any track possible. Not looking

under the radar the response from the

for any major rap deals but just

people was even greater than before.

admiring my sound across the sound system.


Life of|Hip Hop

“From laying tracks down to battling other local rap artists: I felt as if I was a part of the game that is now missing.” The release of my first video Concrete Carpet shot by Jordan Wix opened up a lot of the opportunities I have at this point in time. With views climbing in talks of more videos to come I have now created other sites for exposure such as my reverbnation site /yeahegutta and also opening up new followers with my twitter page @guttaeverymove.

Now that I’m working with Enjoy Life Magazine it gives me a wider avenue of exposure and more of a chance for that next big opportunity. I write and make music, and work in the studio 24/7. I don’t clock into anyone’s work place, this is what I live for, making good music for the people because at the end of the day I’m more of a fan of hiphop than an artist so I demand a certain level of music from myself but you be the judge new mixtape from Split Industry Killaz 2 feature Gutta coming soon.


Unsigned|HYpe Anitra Jay Singer/Songwriter You could say that Anitra Jay was born into music. Growing up in New Orleans, she was surrounded by the sounds of jazz, blues, and R&B. Gospel was also influential in her life and when she was a young girl she joined the church choir. “When everyone swayed from side to side, I began to move to my own tune and bumped into everyone around me, including my Mom,” she says. Needless to say, she learned how to keep a rhythm.

In high school she had taught herself to play the piano, but it wasn’t until after college when she found her true calling. A dark blue guitar caught her eye while in a music store one day, so she bought it on a whim and taught herself to play. She’s been singing and writing songs ever since.

Inspired by a range of artists from Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, and Donnie Hathaway to India.Arie, Jill Scott, and Laura Izibor, her music is a sweet down-to-earth blend of soul and poetry with modern sensibilities. She effortlessly combines soul-catching melodies with tales of real life experiences that leave the listener inspired and in a deeper state of mind.

Anitra takes full advantage of the freedom of being an independent artist, writing every song from the soul and for the soul. Her self-discipline, sacrifice, and pure will to press on have paid off as she releases her debut album, Keep The Faith.


Anitra Jay Continued ...

In hac habitasse platea

Completely selfpenned and selfproduced, this record was designed to empower others. “It’s a reminder that when life knocks you down your job is to get back up and start again because it’s not just about you,” she explains. “Other people are depending on you to carry out your purpose on this earth.” She plans to continue to write and perform and dreams of someday touring the world. Her hope is that everyone who hears her music will be inspired to actively live out their true purpose in life by getting closer to God, our creator.m vulputate, sapien eu egestas rutrum, leo neque luctus dolor, sed hendrerit tortor metus ut dui. Etiam id pede porttitor turpis tristique lacinia. Suspendisse potenti. Etiam feugiat.



Aiva l t h H e a

a n d

u t y B e a

M. Johnson

3 Health Benefits of Spa Treatment

It almost seems like you escape to another world when you're having a spa treatment. You can allow your imagination to wonder off into exotic countries and places that you've never been before. As your mind drifts into your imaginary hideaway, your body is experiencing health benefits that you may not be aware of. Here are 3 health benefits to a spa treatment. 1. Stress Reduction When stress is reduced or even eliminated, you would have a more positive way of thinking because little things just wouldn't seem to bother or annoy you. You even find yourself at ease around people who you already know is simply a nuisance. Your patience may seem to be longer and you seem to have a higher tolerance level for certain things. Isn't it good to be able to relax and enjoy a spa treatment after a long day. Although you may have had a long day, you can look forward to a nice relaxing spa treatment. Did you know that relaxation is not the only benefit of a spa treatment. Here are 3 health benefits of a spa treatment.

If you're attempting a weight loss regimen, you should include a spa treatment. It will give you that fresh new outlook and it may increase your desire to pursue your weight loss goal. As a matter of fact you may want to set new goals.

e f i L y Enjo

2. Relieving Joint and Muscle aches.


3 Health Benefits of Spa Treatment Let's face it you're not getting any younger, and your body is changing. Spas can remove the metabolic waste and toxins from your body. It will also help with balancing your PH. Joint and muscle aches cause stress but the spa treatment can help eliminate it. 3. Promotes Weight loss. Spa treatments enhance the power to burn calories quickly and it promotes weight loss. There are many more health benefits of spa treatments however Free Reprint Articles, I've listed 3 of the many that will bring you pleasure and relief. Here is a site that gives you more info on spas. Source: Free Articles from

ABOUT THE AUTHOR M. Johnson is an Herbal Specialist who have demonstrated the necessary knowledge to teach others about nutrition and lead a healthier life.



“The Age Factor”

Relate|To Love

By Will & Odette Hooks

Ever heard the expression “Act your age and not your shoe size.” This, of course, speaks to the immaturity displayed by individuals who according to their age should possess and demonstrate a certain level of maturity. So we raise the question, “What role, if any, does the age of a person play in the selection and/or rejection of a possible candidate for starting a relationship as it relates to love?” Is age, as it is so commonly stated, really just a number? Can two individuals separated only by age, successfully bridge the generation gap and find love?

This is certainly an X’s and O’s type of article; I guess it depends on your persuasion. I too agree that age is a factor when deciding on your relationship options. There may be undertones of bias which suggest if you’re the younger of the two there are obvious issues such as the aforementioned immaturity of a younger person, as well as the notion that your all about playing games and have no desire for commitment. There is also the flip side, if you’re the older, you may be viewed as over the hill, lame, dull, boring, your more apt to fall on the floor and not be able to get back up, than to get out on the floor and get down. These of course are all stereotypes. Yours truly can still get up and get down with the best of them, or is that what old folk always say? LOL

4 2

In my opinion, age as with anything else is certainly a factor that must be taken into consideration, however I do not count it a deal breaker if the difference in age is not too far out of balance. In other words, I feel a ten year difference in age is well within reason, this by no means suggest that age is the deciding factor to the success or failure of a relationship. The younger of the two may possess a maturity that far surpasses the older. An equally important issue along with age is gender. Historically speaking the female has often personified a greater level of maturity than that of her male counterpart.

That was funny, but true, I can’t wait for the next family reunion to see Uncle Will do his thang. To address the question of what role age plays, lets look at our society. If you’re a younger woman with a significantly older man immediately your motive is called in to question while he is viewed as “The Man.” “What does she want with that older man? “She’s just a Gold digger.” 14

However, if you’re a younger man with an older woman, you are complimented and applauded as one that’s got it going on, and yet the older woman in this instance is viewed as robbing the cradle. The burden of proof sits squarely on the woman’s shoulders whenever there is a significant difference in age

Well said, no disagreement from me. I do believe age is just a number; that being said, I also believe it to be a number, which must be strongly considered and respected. Can one dictate with whom he or she may eventually end up developing an attraction for? Great thought must be taken when one chooses to pursue a relationship with a person that presents an obvious difference in age. When you and I married the argument was not whether I was too old for you or you too young for me; instead the question was, “Were we too young for marriage?” In my opinion, I felt that you and I both demonstrated a level of maturity and understanding that far exceeded our age. I believe time has proven us right.

Relate|To Love So true… Being of the same age in a relationship carries no more weight towards the success of the relationship than being of completely different ages. Personally, I have no qualms with anyone that has an interest in a relationship involving an age gap. Although, I would strongly recommend laying ones feelings aside for just a moment to consider everyone affected by this decision, especially if there are children involved. For example, a nineteen year old might not develop a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing their mom or dad, who in their forties were dating someone the same age as their child. This could produce unnecessary stress and strain on an otherwise healthy relationship.

subject. It’s more about how the couple, any couple makes the situation work for them. After all when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no one size fits all.

It is said that with age comes wisdom, but one could only hope that to be the case when involved in a cross generational relationship. The things that made you laugh at twenty are no-longer funny at thirty, the things you were able to do at twenty five, you now struggle to do at forty. When determining whether or not you should entertain the possibility of a relationship with a younger or older person for that matter consider this, instead of focusing on your differences; be it age, Within our society a educational background, fiperson’s age introduces certain nancial, social, political views, automatic assumptions. If you or ethnicity, focus first on self are young then you are viewed as and what you want out of life, immature, unstable and unwise. after that discover what if If you are older, you are viewed anything you have in comas having a level head and able to mon with this person, then make sound judgment regarding make your decision and go the issues of life. Whether or on from there… not age is an important factor is determined by the individuals involved; just as it is with any other issue relating to the relationship. It’s not about what Will & Odette think about the

Do you have topics or questions that you’d like to get some advice for? If so, email your topics to or



2 19 5 15


MBS chocolates

“Oh My God” Written by Lakesha Woods God’s love is so great and his mercy is more than a reward... we should seek until we find the answer that is right for us! ● ●  ●  ●  ● ● 

How do you connect with God? How often do you go to church or fellowship within a congregation? How important is religion in a marriage? If you marry someone that does not have the same religion, should you have children? Are you in limbo because you don’t know which way to go? Have you ever considered converting to a religion that your family does not follow? Do you feel that your family would abandon you if you chose a religion that they do not approve of?

“Can you hear me God?”

As a little girl I was often sent to church with my grandparents who were leaders of a Pentecostal (holiness) church. My father later would take my brother and me to church with him and he encouraged us to follow his faith and religion of Christianity. My mother became a Jehovah’s Witness when I was

19 years old and with her new found truth and conviction in her heart she would always share her beliefs, and witness to us. Over the years she’s often invited us to visit her congregation and to conventions. I even studied with the Jehovah’s Witnesses for a brief period of time but I was never fully committed. Perhaps my inability to commit was because I was confused. After going to church for years and years and watching people close their doors or hide from Jehovah’s Witnesses, to study with them made me feel like I was opening the door to the unknown. In addition to not wanting to veer away from tradition, I never really felt a strong persuasion toward some of their beliefs. 16

Years later after having my children, getting married and later divorced; I found myself in a reconstruction phase. It was actually around the same time that I decided to start back writing consistently for Enjoy Life Magazine. Writing was only outlet to express my feelings but it wasn’t enough. I was still seeking inner peace and no matter how much I penned on paper or typed up in a poem, my spirit was not satisfied ... I needed more. I continued to go to church but I just wasn’t there. Then I started meeting people who were Muslims and I watched their way of life and how they carried themselves and I was compelled to learn more about Islam. I was seeking answers from God. “Oh my God, can you hear me?” That’s what I’d call out in prayer. “Just give me an answer.

“Oh My God” Do you ever pray and wonder if God is listening? Do you ever wait to hear an answer? God which direction should I go, what should I do in this situation? Have you ever asked those questions? Well, if you have you are not alone. I decided to share my story about my journey to finding the right faith because I noticed that I’m not the only person who has these questions. Often times people grow up and follow family tradition and it may feel right because everybody else is doing it, but what about those people who have questions. What happens when you start wondering if there is another way or a way that fits your personality more. Everybody doesn’t want to communicate, praise or give reverence to God by chanting or jumping up and down (dancing and shouting) ... and everybody doesn’t want to pray 5 times a day or walk from house to house witnessing. But, do we even have a right to decide how we want to reverence God?

What is it that you want me to do? How do you want me to reverence you?” Sometimes my patience would grow short but my answers came only after I began to seek. Instead of just going to church and waiting for a healing to fall upon me I started reading the bible for myself and asking questions. I started talking with people who had other religions and I even went to Jumah on Fridays, Taleem on Sundays and any other functions that allowed me to fellowship with other Muslims. My family noticed that I had stopped coming to church and they wondered if it was because I was going to another church. When I told them that I was going to the Masjid (Mosque) they had a fit ... everyone questioned my decision, “Is it because of a man, why Islam ... don’t you know that Jesus is the way?”, that’s what most of them said. It is very hard to be the black sheep in the family. Going against the grain is not an easy thing to do and when you’re use to doing things to follow suite or tradition its not easy to step outside of the box and just do you. I’m still on my journey seeking God’s face, seeking his love and mercy. I haven’t been to a Masjid since 2007 and after moving in with my mother (a Jehovah’s Witness) I found myself in limbo (even more) and for a couple of years I found myself not doing anything. I may have visited Kingdom Hall once in the 2 1/2 years that I lived with her but that was it. Having no fellowship with other believers in God made me sad, I felt empty. But, since being in Charlotte, I’ve been back to church. I needed to connect with God in some kind of way. I will seek until I find the right path for me and this article is dedicated to those who are seeking, do what’s right for you! God’s love is so great and his mercy is more than a reward. Seek and you will find! 17

Enjoy Life Food Chocolate Fudge Brownies from Scratch by Ms. Woods Ok let's be clear about a few things. I'm an official sweetheart with a sweet tooth and its that sweet tooth that gets me in trouble with keeping my weight down, but hey that another topic. Just thought I'd clear the air and put my cards on the table just in case anyone wants to call me out for sharing dessert recipes ... sugar is addictive, but I figure, if I'm going to share my sweet delights I may as well share the ones that I enjoy the most. Brownies are one of my list of favorites and here's a little recipe that I picked up along the way, and I've added a pinch of this and that to make it my own. This is a recipe for chocolate fudge brownies. Instructions: 1. Preheat the oven to 350. 2. Next mix your dry ingredients together in a bowl and set the off to the side. 3. Melt the chocolate squares in a double boiler or microwave, stir them until the chocolate is smooth

● ● ● ● ● ●

INGREDIENTS 3/4 cup flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup chopped nuts 1/3 cup butter 1 cup sugar

4. 5. 6. 7.

● ● ● ● ●

2 eggs, well beaten 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 2 squares unsweetened baking chocolate, melted 8 inch square pan *pinch of cinnamon

Mix the beaten eggs, vanilla and cooled melted chocolate Add the dry ingredients to your egg mixture, and while stirring with a wooden spoon by hand. Now fold in the nuts along with a pinch of cinnamon Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until center is done.. Let me know how your come out!


Skin Deep Beauty of the Month (Above is LaKesha Heath, the winner of the 1st Annual Ms. Encore Couture Pageant which was held at the Charlotte Convention Center on March 19, 2011. To the left is the pageant coordinator Katrice Thompkins and bottom right are other contestants.

LaKesha Heath took home the crown, sash, flowers and over $1000 along with the title of "Ms. Encore Couture". This was a very inspiring pageant. The women, all plus size, with plus size attitudes and plus size confidence to match their full figured bodies. While no ages where mentioned it was apparent that these where grown women. Women with careers, children, husbands and testimonies! The DJ was really good and he got the crowd going, there were some minor technical difficulties but nothing that (the host) "NuffCed" couldn't handle. LaKesha, also took home the Enterprise award because she went out and raised the most money for the pageant through ticket sales and sponsor ads in the souvenir book. Thirteen contestants, all with a victory story to tell and Katrice Thompkins helped them to realize their potential by producing this well organized pageant. As Katrice took the microphone to explain what motivated her to produce

“ What people need to understand is that a pageant is not about being thin ...” a pageant for plus size women, the audience was in awe, jaws dropped when she said that she once was over 300lbs. Yes, that’s right, the lady above in the black dress who is nice and streamline was once over 300 pounds. It was her vision to inspire and motivate plus size women to achieve just has she has. LaKesha says, “The most memorable part of the pageant was meeting wonderful girls, everybody got along. What people need to understand is that a pageant is not about being thin ... beauty comes from within”.

Photos taken at the Charlotte Convention Center after the Ms. Encore Couture Pageant



o B b Y B L o G Ho bby Blogg er or wh at? If you lik e sharing you r tho ug hts and capturing memo rab le mo ments wi th pen and paper then bri ng you r blo g to us. Enjoy Li fe Mag azi ne is seeking blo ggers to wr ite abo ut events, and act ivi ties that tak e place in the ir lives. No need to keep it you rself, if you have a ho bby blo g that has hu mo ur, drama, ho w to tips, ad vic e for mo ms or rel ati onshi ps, submi t you r blo g’s name and concept to blo gge r@ enjoylifemagazine.c om

May appo 2nd I h intm ave a e dent ist - nt at th n 9:30 e over am! due Long ... ent his elem f o t u a o ks so e having b o t t Dad loo o g is ... he’s m’! doing th tta love e o G . s i s i cr mid-life

m o r f s c i P

e m o h


I wi sh yo u wh ere here to ex perienc e all th ese wo nd erfu l th ings th at I’ m do ing. H opefu lly th is Fall we’ll ha ve lot s of tim e to catch up. W ell, here are a few pi ctu re s of plac e th at I’ ve been. I lov e yo u and I ho pe yo u feel my love. Call wh en yo u can!

ic t u re f ro m p a s a w is Th k that my l a w e r u t a the n gh on. Althou jo b sent u s eauty & I’m the B d it o r as an Fash io n E r ave to cove int ern, I h e as well. Th s a e r a r e h t o t t h e f ish u o b a is y r sto ey keep dy and how th iviver. Th e r ing in t h e r c ef u l ... er was pea

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This ID is to the E to serve as o ffi n enjoylife joy Life Maga cial media id en zin @enjoyl ifemag e or call 704 tification. If this azine.c -547-43 om. 84. You ID is lost return may als o email

Milly McSmi Senior th Beauty

and Fas hion Ed itor





ry 1, 2011 to Jan ua

ry 1, 2012

nds, e i r f d ly an lationi m a re rf t you s, career, u o you b a g e r n g i u o t l h B ven nyt azine d g A a a . s w or ne or hobbie joy Life M line or n , on ! ships o share. E rs! Blog print n e t i g t g y n l o wa ore bl og month m s d l b nee your h s i l pub Blog about work

Fun with friends


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New beginnings

Blog a frien bout yo ur ds. R movi elati family o n o r caree g to a n nships, ew c r cha it We need nge, or h y, o bbies blogg ! ers!

Fun with family


Work Music Pic k any subject to blog abo ut. Lik e mu sic? Blo g abo ut you r favo rite arti st, mu sic videos or mu sic award show s. Jaz z concert s, graduations, reality show s, you r favo rite Cds. Blo g abo ut anything ath at happens in the course of you r day. No subject is off lim its. No subject is off lim its!

Blog g of ne ers attra c w Enjo readers t hundre d y Li e fe M very day s wan ts yo u to agazine . blog sha with our r re your eade rs! a c


Business Owners

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Here's a short list of what you'll need to build Mike's rugged, but functional potting Before you start, draw this out on paper bench. so you know exactly what each piece of Tools: A screwdriver, a small box wrench or crescent wrench, or if you have a 1/4" drive socket set that's even better. A tape measure, a small square, a drill, and a power saw. Materials: One full sheet (4' by 8') of 3/4" treated plywood. Make sure it is treated so it will last a long time. Untreated plywood does not hold up well at all outdoors.

How to Build a Simple Potting Bench by: Michael McGroarty

The potting bench described in this article is actually identical to the potting bench that we have been using for years in our backyard nursery, and it has served us well, potting up tens of thousands of plants. I like it because it is large enough to pot up around ten small plants at a time, and it holds a significant amount of soil.

make any cuts. This way you won't make a mistake that will ruin your piece of plywood. Lay the plywood on a flat surface, like your garage floor. From one end measure in 16" and draw a line across the sheet of plywood. With your saw, cut along this line. The piece that you are cutting off is 16" by 48". Now draw a diagonal line across the smaller piece of plywood. (The one you just removed from the sheet.) Cut along this line. You should now have two triangular pieces that measure 48" on one side and 16" on one side.

build, go to "Mike's Legless Potting Bench" If you use this article you can use the photos that accompany the article, as long as you leave the reference to on the photos.

On the above page you will also find a photo of one of my other potting bench designs, an outhouse with a flip out potting Notice in the above referenced photo that bench! It's unique, that's for sure. one end of the bench is resting on the Okay., back to my legless potting bench.

wood is supposed to look like before

15 dohickeys (you know, those little metal angle brackets, or corner brackets used to connect two boards together at a right angle.) These metal brackets are bent in a 90 degree angle and have two holes drilled in them.

30 bolts with nuts 1-1/4" long, and the The potting bench that you are about to correct size to fit the angle brackets you read about is not fancy, but very function- buy. al. It is also very easy to build and use. Except it doesn't have any legs! Don't 60 flat washers that fit the bolts. panic, having a legless potting bench is actually a benefit. I'll get to that a little To see the potting bench you are going to later.

However, since I originally wrote this article, I designed and built a potting bench for home gardeners that you may like better. There are lots of photos and step by step plans for building it on this page:


potting soil pile, and the other on concrete blocks. Not having legs is really an advantage because you can get the potting bench much closer to your potting soil pile. 27

These pieces should be in the shape of a right triangle. Now you are going to remove a small piece from the pointed end of the triangular pieces. To do this, measure 24" from the right angle, along the 48" side and make a mark. Using a small square draw a line from this mark across the pointed end of the plywood. This line should be at a right angle to the 48" side of the board. This line should only be about 4" long. Cut along this line, removing the small piece from the pointed end. Discard the small piece you cut off. The piece you have left should be 16" on one end, 24" on one side, and about 4" where you made the cut to remove the pointed end. The two smaller boards you have left should be identical. These are the sides for your potting bench. Now back to the larger piece of wood. This piece should now measure 80" by

48". From the long side measure over 16" and draw a line from one end to the other. Cut along this line. The piece you are removing should be 16" by 80", leaving a piece 32" by 80".

About The Author

Planting annuals is a great way to spruce up your garden and fill in the gaps between your perennials. The secret to success for beginners is to start with sun loving annuals that are very easy to grow.

Michael J. McGroarty is the author of this article. Visit his most interesting website, and sign These two pieces will serve as the up for his excellent gardening You can almost guarantee that a bottom and the back of your potting newsletter. Article provided by first time gardener will have sucbench. Take the back piece and cess with these annuals. The definistand it on edge, on top of the tion of an annual is that it piece that will serve as the bottom completes its life cycle in one seaof the bench to get an idea of how son. It will not come back the next Julia Stewart your potting bench is going to fit year. For the most part the plants together. Make five marks where listed here are deer resistant (no you will mount the angle brackets plant is completely deer proof if the that will hold these two pieces todeer are hungry enough) drought gether. Just space the five brackets tolerant, and pest free. True winalong the two boards, making sure not to put any too close to the end so they don't interfere when you install the two end pieces. Just keep the brackets about 1-1/2" from each end. Note: Once you have the brackets installed and the bolts all tight you might want to cut off the ends of the bolts and file them smooth if they are sticking out so far as to be a hazard when you are handling the potting bench. Once you have all five brackets installed and the back of the potting bench mounted to the bottom, you can then install the two side pieces. With the two side pieces installed you are now the proud owner of a legless potting bench. You can install legs if you'd like to, but I like mine without legs because I can get it much closer to my pile of potting soil. What I do is rest one end of the bench right on the pile of potting soil, and then support the other end with a saw horse, concrete blocks, or milk crates. By placing one end right on the soil pile, it is very easy to shovel the soil onto the bench. Not having legs also makes the bench easier to store and move around. When I want to use it as a table for making cuttings, I just put a saw horse under each end. There you have it. Mike's famous legless potting bench. It ain't pretty, but it's very functional. 28

Planting Annuals only 18-24 so plant it in front of the border or in containers. Likes morning sun and afternoon shade. Some varieties have variegated leaves. New Guinea impatens is a variety that is a little taller with thicker, greener leaves. It is also a more tolerant of full sum. Be sure and check out this variety also. * Petunia (Petunia xhybrid) The purple wave petunia has been very popular for many years because of its profusion of blooms and drought tolerance. It

ners for all areas of the Southern United States.

* Lantana (Lantana spp.) Another annual that we plant every year. This plant comes in pink, purple, red, orange, bright yellow, and purple. Does well in zones 8-11. Likes full sun to part shade. Very drought tolerant.

* Pentas (Pentas lanceolata) This is an excellent annual that comes in colors of pink, red, blue-violate, violet/lavender, and white. It blooms all summer long and is attractive to bees and but* Narrowleaf zinnias (Zinnia terflies. Plant in the front of beds angustifolia) This is a great little or in containers. plant for the front of the garden or containers. It only grows 12 * Gomphrena (Gomphrena to 18 inches tall. It comes in globosa) We plant this annual colors of red, orange, gold, and every year. The colors range white. It blooms from late spring from pink, purple, white, and to mid fall. You will see this plant Christmas red. Grows to about in many botanical gardens be18 inches. I love to dry the cause of its good performance in blooms for wreaths and arrange- the garden. ments. * Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana) Who can resist the beautiful combination of colors on this plant. If you have a hard time combing colors, just take a look at these. One flower can have purples and yellow, whites and purple, and many other color combinations. Also a great choice for the front of a bed or containers. * Impatiens (Impatiens Wallerana) Comes in shades of pink, purple, white, and red. Height is 29

likes full sun to part shade. Once established they are drought tolerant. Bloom time is late spring to mid fall. Comes in shades of violet, lavender and purple. Julia is a Master Gardener as well as a floral designer. Married to a landscape contractor, together they have over 50 years of gardening experience in the Mid South United States. Their love is to share their garden as well as knowledge with others. Julia especially enjoys sharing with others how to grow, harvest, use herbs and everlasting flowers for use in wreaths and arrangements. Please join them at their website

April, 2011


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Cotton Scarves Provide Comfortable & Cool Styles for Spring By Joan Rasch

Scarves have a distinctive quality of giving a fresh look to any outfit. Since they can be worn in many different styles and are an affordable way to accentuate one’s wardrobe, scarves are becoming essential accessories for both men and women. Scarves are affordable accessories that can be added to any outfit to make it fresh and stylish. Scarves can be worn in a wide variety of ways, ranging from head wraps and sarongs to neck scarves and wraps. It can be folded and tied in front for a casual look, or draped like a shawl over a dress for a more formal look. There are unlimited possibilities and you can create your own unique styles to wear the scarves. Scarves come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Most scarves in the market today are machine made using synthetic yarns such as viscose and rayon. More distinctive and unique scarves are hand-woven using natural yarns such as cotton, silk and wool. Such scarves


are made by weavers on handlooms and each weaving style gives a different look and feel. Hand-woven scarves range from elegant, classical weaves that are used for saris and other traditional dress to more contemporary weaves that incorporate ruffles and textures. Hand-woven scarves are of the highest quality and are made to last, and the natural yarns they are woven with make them better with use and easy to maintain. Pure cotton is soft, comfortable and suitable for all weathers. Cotton scarves will keep you warm in the winter and protect from the sun in the summers. Adding silk to cotton, gives it a brilliant luster and unique texture and also adds more warmth. Cotton scarves come in different sizes, designs and colors. Different weaves will give a different texture and look to the cotton, and colors are more subtle and rich in handwoven cotton and other natural fibers.

Hand-woven cotton scarves for women are made in many parts of the world. In India, each region has different weaving communities who have their own unique weaving styles and traditions. Generally, the entire village is involved in some aspect of the craft, ranging from dyeing the yarn and setting the loom to weaving and tying the tassels at the end of the scarf. By applying techniques like tie - dye, embroidery, and block printing to the finished product, the scarves become even more distinctive and provide a means of livelihood to artisan groups in different regions. Each piece is a work of art, and the high quality ensures that it will be a keepsake rather than just another accessory. About The Author This article has been written by an expert, working with Sevya, a fair trade organization, offering handmade scarves wholesale. Website:

Fashion and beauty are habitually considered to be in the same category and can often have many varied opinions on its use.

Spring up your Colors and Trends this Season By Shivana Narace

Fashion and beauty are habitually considered to be in the same category and can often have many varied opinions on its use. Whether the two are truly in the same definition bracket or not, they are characteristic of components that help to achieve a certain appearance. For this spring season there are many new ways to vamp up your wardrobe using some of these useful tips by making minimal changes and taking small fashion risks. Spring colors are often bright and colorful, for those of you that don't prefer a lot of color try to opt for colors that are dark in shade but still have the color element such as deep purples, blues, golden yellow, sienna (dark orange) etc. They will keep you up to date with the current trends but not too much out of your comfort zone. This is also advantageous in the slim-fitting regimen since dark pigments are flattery for minimizing your figure and allows you to wear color without looking frumpy. Some current styles which help hide 'problem' areas are a new trend for the spring season which include the dolman sleeves; dresses and tops made with this style subtly cover arms and busty women so if your 'problem' is in the arms or busts, here is a quick fix.

Caftans are also big this season for the woman that wants to 'let it all out,' and they are quite stylish because of the many necklines offered with this style along with the various colors. They fall softly on any body shape and are extremely comfortable to wear for any occasion, whether as a night dress, day-duster, cocktail attire, or even as a throw-over on top of your swim wear. Other popular trends that are 'haute' this spring season are the geometric inspired wear which comes in many shapes literally. They are designed and cut out to accentuate different body parts that are your better assets. The secret to wearing this well is to figure out what your best assets are and wear the geometric print over that part of the body. The patterns can also help to add dimension to your figure if you are not as shapely in some areas.

So whether you are looking to slim down, add dimension, hide problem areas or simply stay up to date with the latest fashions, try using these tips when you get dressed up the next time for the birthday party, wedding occasion, dinner party or day at the beach you are going to because you will be instantly gratified with the results.


Creativity with Jewels Creativity with Jewels

shoes, boots, footwear fashion continued ...

By Jillian Johanson

By Bottino Simono

Creating breath-taking jewelry has been a craft which has been practiced by many throughout the ages. Recently, this art has become more popular, as many people are coming up with innovative jewelry making ideas. Many jewelry enthusiasts are putting in their passion and talent for this ancient art into creating imaginative jewelry designs. For many, this kind of creativity begins as a hobby and then develops into a profession as they are able to monetize their talent with brilliant jewelry making designs.

Learn more about Jewelry Making Ideas:

It is important to have a keen sense of observation for details as well as an eye for appreciating beauty along with sincerity for creating something beautiful. Jewelry making ideas are not difficult to come by and those who have a bent for this type of art can easily succeed in this profession. Just as people can compose a song or produce an exquisite painting, jewelry making ideas too are like any other fine art accomplishment.

shoes, boots, footwear fashion

It is essential to put in a lot of dedication and effort towards getting novel jewelry making ideas and being creative. You have to think about the various colors, the clearness, and the cut and also know more about the different gem stones, both precious and semiprecious. Learn more about the carat of stones and the purity of the metals used, their antique value. Comparative value of different stones is also important while making a purchase. You should be able to decide whether it would be better to invest in gold for your jewelry making ideas or whether platinum would be a better choice, with respect to its value in future and so on.

Stop by Jillian Johanson’s site where you can find out all about Jewelry Making Idea and what it can do for you. Free Article by Jillian Johanson olawumi/ Gray has written 2815 Jewelry Articles for our Free Articles Directory

By Terry Cowling

No one genuinely wants any kind of replacement, so it is surprising that many of these breakthroughs which often have gotten producion along with sustaining the design was made available.Because whilst affordably to some markets also had important resources to get through their own lifetime as sotto-voce product sales points. Extremely poor relationships for the favored the ‘real thing’. Chemistry provided us all anti-wrinkle, resilient, water proof, flame retardant, flexible, long-lasting and also easy care which what a lot of us wear.

Chemistry has provided mounds of hair for the thinning or the lazy, shoes at a fraction of the cost of leather, mock mink so realistic that only another mink could tell, tortoiseshell and ivory and jade and pearls without going further afield than the laboratory and involving no cruelty or risk. Yet such is human The media too is focusing on these jew- nature that at a time when one section of the community is condeming the use elry making ideas and thus this field is of animal products for adornment and getting a glamorous and profitable imanother is condemning the use of nonage almost equal to fashion designing. biodegradable materials which pollute For those aspiring to be a designer in the environment, and there are in any this field, it is better to begin with crecase not enough naturally produced raw ating simple beads, seashells, flowers, materials to clothe the world, the real corals and then later when they have thing has never been more sought after. honed their skills to the desired limit, they can start dabbling in semi-precious Just one space where both users as well stones and then to the really precious as observers discover modern day stones and metals like gold, silver and technology’s share a lot about dubious platinum. shoes and boots. With no good, resilient synthetics, the Italians could not Jewelry making ideas are not hard to have been capable of creating stiletto come by, as one can make use of the heels. Actual repulsive 4-inch platform internet for this. A horde of ideas are soles that bashed over the roads of available on various websites. 1975, couldn’t have been produced with out modern day plastic materials.


However it’s within making an alternative to leather based shoes, and also at the very least intended for footwear leather, that many consumers would certainly criticise the chemist. The normal low-cost man made footwear will not take in air, neither grow as well or restore it’s shape. Of the people who often demand comfort and ease, the actual feet inside modern none leather footwear are today easily the most susceptible to trend. Baked inside a remorseless layer of cut price plastic, propped on an unyielding wedge on the glossy surface area the foot absolutely has no choice but to slide forwards, bathed within its very own unavoidable sweat, a bit too overheated or even freezing, shame poor people feet. On the other hand, when Du Pont produced a truly high-class alternative with all the best and none of the worst properties of leather, because it was almost as expensive as leather (and more so in countries with low labour costs) it did not sell and in 1971 Du Pont sold the Corfam licence to Poland, ironically a country with a big export trade in cheap real pigskin shoes. Want to find out more about Discounted shoes, then visit Terry Cowling’s site on how to choose the best shoes for your needs.. Also published at shoes, boots, footwear, fashion. Free Article by Terry Cowling Terry has written 1 Shoes Articles for our Free Articles Directory kFitzgerald/

Women’s Spring Fashion: Looking Good This Season By Mark Wallters

The one fashion trend you just won’t be able to avoid this spring is the trend for all things 1970s. This trend has two distinct looks, one being the 70s glamorous and sophisticated look and the other being the 70s bohemian look. The sophisticated look includes shimmering long dresses and high waisted wide legged pants paired with elegant blouses. The bohemian look features 70s inspired textiles like crochet and macram and includes items such as smocks, peasant blouses and maxi dresses. Another big look for this season is the biker chick look, which also crosses over into punk style fashion. This look will see motorcycle jackets, trousers and boots hitting the high street shops. There’s lots of leather and quilted leather seen in jackets and trousers along with zips and buckle detailing. This season’s biker look is sleek and fitted rather than grungy. Punk influenced clothing is also in for spring with jackets featuring studs, zips and safety pins and ready ripped skinny jeans and t-shirts also popular. A very feminine look for the spring takes inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s. Ladylike chic is a hot look for spring with fitted dresses that accentuate curves and highlight femininity. If the hourglass look isn’t for you full circle skirts and dresses are also popular for this spring. Kitten heeled shoes compliment this look perfectly and were hot news on the catwalks for this season. They are certainly easier to walk in than the skyhigh heels that have been popular for several seasons and the kitten heel sandal is a strong look for spring. The perennial favorite stripes are back once again for the spring but this is a fresh look which almost

Free Article by Mark Walters Mark has written 396 Fashion Articles for our Free Articles Directory uthor/MarkWalters/


“Jumpsuits and playsuits are back for this spring with the jumpsuit taking inspiration from the 1970’s.” always looks good. The nautical stripe is the most popular with lots of blue and white and navy and white seen on the catwalks. Other prints that are popular for this spring include florals and animal prints. Jumpsuits and playsuits are also back for this spring with the jumpsuit taking inspiration from the 1970s trend. The all-in-one can be cute and playful for day wear teamed with flat sandals or glammed up for evening wear when teamed up with a pair of killer heels. Regarding length, anything goes with some playsuits almost as short as hot pants and others tapering into flowing harem pants for a more exotic and glamorous look. If all the 70s inspired wide leg pants and flared jeans aren’t your style then you will be happy to hear that slim fitting Capri pants and cigarette pants are another popular trend for this spring. Lengths vary with some Capri pants being longer and cropped just above the ankle however traditional three quarter length Capri pants are also a strong look for this season. Further Reading : Superdry Skirt Or Superdry Shoes

Turn Your Ordinary Look Into Something Extraordinary By Nicole Quinn

When you’re going to classes, what exactly do you have on? Any pair of pants, a t-shirt or a cute top, flats or sneakers, might be among your initial selection of garments to use. What about when you are off to a special occasion like a party or a wedding? Some of you might wear the first dress that you see in your closet, or any suit ensemble you see. That may be well and fine if you want to keep things simple, but don’t you feel that could be a tad too uninteresting already? Most people have the most basic of all kinds of clothes stored in their closets. If you’re a person who just throws in whatever they feel like wearing, then you had better think hard. It is not bad to keep things that are simple and not too flashy. But it would be better to bring in a little spice to your basic wardrobe. Magazines and reviews like smoketip reviews will be able to assist you with your fashion crisis.

Read on below to know how you can turn that simple outfit of yours into something different and fun. For guys, using cufflinks on your suit can make a black and boring penguin suit into one classy wardrobe. Cufflinks are used to hold both sides of the cuff but in some cases, they can be fashion accessories. These come in different shapes, styles and colors so they can really make your suit a bit more exciting. The next are the women. Probably the most comfortable set of clothing you can put on out during the day is a nice pair of jeans, a blouse or any top and a pair of flats or sandals. And that’s it! Don’t you feel that that is too boring as well as similar if you wear that kind of fashion on a daily basis? Ladies, listen up. Even the simplest accessory like a necklace, chandelier ear-

rings or bangles can add spice to that comfortable yet plain outfit. Making use of a wide belt on your waist, a shawl or scarf around your neck can make you stand out from a crown. If you find these accessories or great add-ons a bit higher than your budget, you can go to thrift stores, stores that are out on sale or use your coupons like smoketip coupons. Make use of your imagination to be able to make your plain and boring look into something that’s stylish and fun. For more details on the smoketip coupons, read more of these smoketip reviews. Free Article by Nicole Quinn Eva has written 273 Clothing Articles for our Free Articles Directory ohnThompson/ Visit Moselles’s Boutique for trendy, chic and fashion forward tips from experienced wardrobe stylists right in store! Moselle’s Boutique has great prices, friendly service and we’re stylishly located in Miami’s Art District. For updates on sales visit us on FB @ /pages/MosellesBoutique/


Great Dress Tips For Boys Great Dress Tips For Boys

Mixing and matching different colored boys’ shirt and ties is also a great habit to learn. ...Boys are naturally ac-

By Ellen P Johnson

Older men aren’t the only one who has to dress for success. Even at a young age, boys can get a number of benefits by wearing an occasional tie and black shirt. Boys who have been introduced to the proper way of dressing at a young age are more likely to appreciate and carry it with them in the future.

tive, and you always see them playing outdoors, climbing trees, or excavating the ground. So, choose a fabric material that is sturdy, doesn’t easily tear and wear, and is easily cleaned.

Mixing and matching different colored boys’ shirt and ties is also a great habit to learn. This removes the need to purchase a lot of clothes for all occasions, or a single black one to fit them all. Boys attend a lot of events until they reach adolescence and adulthood, like graduation, weddings, school and church programs, and parties. It would be nice to look differently in each event when viewing the family album a few years after, right? One important thing to remember is that the Internet is a mother’s best friend in choosing boys’ clothes, as the hassle of going to different stores is permanently removed. Don’t forget that boys are as conscious of their attire as girls. Thus, without your son’s preference as an input before buying, you’d probably end up with a purchase that wouldn’t be worn at all. Online shopping removes this problem, as mothers can bookmark any number of possible options based on price, color, and fit. Afterwards, you can just show them to your son and have him pick out the best choice. To prevent needless spending on clothes that wouldn’t be worn anyway, make a research first prior to buying. There are lots of tips you can check out in figuring out the best clothes for boys to wear for specific events. Most stores have also become more sensitive to boys’ needs, thus, categories are often available for you to easily filter your choices. Next up is material. Boys are naturally active, and you always see them playing outdoors, climbing trees, or excavating the ground. So, choose a fabric material that is sturdy, doesn’t easily tear and wear, and is easily cleaned. Polyester and cotton are the most common and viable options.

In terms of color, don’t be afraid to go beyond the occasional khaki and mud brown colors. Boys dress shirts come in a number of color options, including orange, red, bright blue, yellow, and even pink. However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy a different dress shirt for every occasion. Settle with a few quality dress shirts that have plain designs, and partner them with different ties instead. With this, you can end up with different combinations to last a number of occasions. Of course, color and material aren’t the only ones you should consider for boys’ clothes. Don’t forget that boys grow the fastest in their younger years, so make sure that you buy clothes are at least a size larger. This removes unnecessary panic when an event is up and you son’s shirt doesn’t fit anymore. Lastly, pick out a store that offers the best convenience in terms of price and quality. When buying online, don’t forget to check out the boys dress shirt size chart and double-check the fit before adding the item to your online cart. However, since it is still possible that you end up choosing the wrong size, make sure that you’re in a store that makes it easy for you to return or exchange the items you bought. To make 35

sure that your son’s clothing is the best, don’t forget to visit If you want to find out more about great ideas for a boys dress shirt, then visit Ellen P. Johnson’s site on how to choose the best boys shirt and ties. Free Article by Ellen P Johnson Ellen P has written 142 Fashion Articles for our Free Articles Directory mas/

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Enjoy Life Magazine Vol. 10 Issue 2, LaKesha Heath  

LaKesha Heath took home the crown, sash, flowers and over $1000 along with the title of "Ms. Encore Couture". This was a very inspiring pag...

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