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MARIO LOPEZ AT HOME WITH THE FAMILY Visit the home of the hardworking superstar for an insider’s view of his life, loves and latest projects


Come along as we discover one warm summer day in the seaside city where surf culture began


Gear up for a wild ride with women's BMX Olympians on their path to glory


Get nostalgic as the ladies share their favorite summertime memories










ARTISTS UNIFY FOR A HEARTFELT CAUSE Join The Las Vegas Chapter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as they proudly showcase their third annual: An Affair of the Art.

16 | FRUITS WITH BENEFITS Your guide to sexy. Put the sparkle back in your nighttime sky with these yummy organic aphrodisiacs.

20 | LONDON CALLING Take an exhilarating ride with medal contenders Alise Post and Arielle Martin on their path to the 2012 Olympics in the high risk sport of Women’s BMX.

28 | SAVORY RESTAURANT Organic dining and step by step recipe. Let Chef Paul Shoemaker show you how to prepare a delicious, healthy, low fat, summer salad at his casual Malibu eatery.


Get nostalgic with Gretchen, Alexis, Tamra, Vicki and Heather as they share their favorite summertime memories.


We review Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, Andy Cohen’s behind the scenes look at his award-winning ride to the top.




Spend a warm summer day in the laid back California beach town. Discover the ancient beginnings of Malibu’s original Native American inhabitants, share Malibu’s breakthroughs in environmental technologies and hit the beach in the town where surf culture began.


Learn about The Quiksilver Foundation’s generous commitment to global sustainability and to the Malibu Wishtoyo Chumash Village.


arm summer greetings from Health Beauty Life.

As the long days and warm nights of summer unfold, we invite you to experience the summer 2012 issue of Health Beauty Life. Join us in our exclusive visit with superstar Mario Lopez and family, swap summertime memories with the Orange County Housewives, celebrate 60 years of surf innovation with the one and only Jack O’Neill, and cheer on Olympians Alise Post and Arielle Martin on their quest for Olympic gold and glory. As always, we pay tribute to non-profit organizations whose message and audience mirror ours. In this issue, we recognize the Las Vegas Chapter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and their amazing fundraising effort: “An Affair of the Art.” Planning a summer getaway? Discover eclectic Malibu, California, where Hollywood’s power elite have lived and played for decades under a dazzling backdrop of sun, sand and surf. Health Beauty Life Magazine and/or ("HBL") provides the information within these pages or on our website for your personal use "as is." We gather information from different sources and agencies. Information found here shall not be used for making medical, financial, or legal decisions. HBL provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of materials presented anywhere within these pages, HBL expressly disclaims warranties and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, even if HBL is advised of the possibility of damage resulting from such.

While in town, visit the site of Malibu’s first inhabitants, the Chumash Indian Cultural Village, to experience a re-creation of their surf side village with Founder, Mati Waiya, and catch the latest wave in water sports as we go stand up paddling on world-famous Surfrider Beach. Be sure to check out our summer cuisine section for a delicious step-by-step recipe with the incomparable Chef Paul Shoemaker at his beautiful Malibu restaurant, Savory. Get certifiably organic at the all natural Malibu bluff top institution, Vital Zuman Ranch, and put a little sexy spark into your summertime diet with “Fruits with Benefits,” a tantalizing array of summer treats that bring a little more to your table than you might think. For ultimate Health and Fitness, let us introduce you to Isaih Truyman of Ezia HP who will show you how to train like a champion in his leading edge health lab where the integration of training, nutrition and sports therapy create the kind of results that only professional athletes have enjoyed for years. Of course, we’ve included our usual selection of beauty tips and movie star tricks to make your summertime look picture perfect, and we’ve included an array of summertime “must haves,” for the freshest head-to-toe summertime fashion, accessories and hair care. Finally, don’t miss our memoriam for the incomparable Vidal Sassoon. Whether you are reading this in your favorite salon or waiting for your health care professional, be sure to scan the QR codes to make our pages come alive.

Patrick Dockry

Publisher, Health Beauty Life Media

Visit for previous issues or to make comments and suggestions. And until next time, we wish you…Health Beauty and Life.



58 72 81 58 | MARIO LOPEZ At home with the family. Step inside the home of media star Mario Lopez and family for an intimate conversation about his life, loves and future projects.


Check out our light and breezy array of the freshest fashion and accessories to make your summer days and nights stylish and comfortably hip.

68 | VIDAL SASSOON IN MEMORY In May 2012, the Beauty Industry lost the visionary pioneer, Vidal Sassoon.Please join us to celebrate the life and career of the brilliant hairdresser and charismatic entrepreneur.

72 | O’NEILL’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY The first name in the water. Take a look back at the little surf company from Santa Cruz as it celebrates the big six-o. Gnarly.

81 | EZIA HP Get razor ripped and summertime fit. Human Performance is the focus at this cutting edge health and fitness lab where the end result is a healthy, balanced lifestyle and peak performance.



Sun and chlorine fried hair remedy. Let Angel put the sizzle back into your summer tresses and undo damage from all your summer fun in the sun.

91 | STAND UP PADDLING Meet Cameron Trickey, a health and wellness coach and co-owner of The Stand Up Paddle School in Southern California.

94 | GET THE LOOK Step-by-step style guide. We make this summer’s hottest look trouble-free with our quick-as-a-wink guide to Buns, Braids and Beachy waves.









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Places in Our Hearts Artists Unify For a Heartfelt Cause

The Las Vegas Chapter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital proudly showcased the third annual Las Vegas Honors St. Jude: An Affair of the Art event on May 12, 2012. This dazzling black-tie gala was held at the Las Vegas Four Seasons hotel and resort and featured hosted cocktails, a gourmet dinner, and star-studded entertainment and appearances. The highlight of the evening was a series of silent and live auctions for individual pieces from a collection of custom artwork by local artists. The artwork featured three-dimensional hearts made of white gypsum that were based on the original design by Las Vegas artist, Miguel Rodriguez. Each participating artist for An Affair of the Art, was awarded the opportunity to give a heart “life” through their vision and interpretation, donating their time, materials and the artwork itself.

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Marj Frye and Allen Carrasco

Before the gala, these unique creations were proudly exhibited throughout the streets of Las Vegas and now that the fundraising is over, the collection has returned as an interactive art exhibit. Every two months they will relocate to a new venue and eventually will find permanent homes with sponsors or other high visibility locations so they can continue to create awareness. Through sponsorship of the project and funds raised at the event, the overall An Affair of the Art venture was a huge success taking in $550,000 to benefit St. Jude in the fight against childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. When asked about the inspiration for the project, local artist and co-chair of the non-profit, Dorit Schwartz stated, “We tried to figure out how to create more than just another event, and focused on how we could get the entire community involved.The inspiration started with one artist who created the foundation with a smaller heart and we enlarged the shape up to a giant five-foot version to draw even more attention. So many artists have donated their time to create these beautiful hearts all for the benefit of children and St. Jude. It’s great work and a great cause!”

10 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012


A Heart to Heart

With Those Closest to the Cause Health Beauty Life Magazine sat down with Dorit Schwartz and Niki J Sands to talk art, inspiration and the wonderful cause they’ve chosen to wholeheartedly support.

We understand that you founded the non-profit organization and are very active with so many of the projects and events. What is your official title? Dorit Schwartz - Tanya Amid and I founded and are co-chairs of the Las Vegas Chapter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I am also the chairperson of the Arts Department and head up the committee for the An Affair of the Art project.

What is your goal with An Affair of the Art? Dorit Schwartz - Our goal is to follow Danny

Thomas' dream of “No child should die in the dawn of life" and to create awareness for St. Jude in the Las Vegas Valley.

Do locals know about the project? Dorit Schwartz - People in Las Vegas know about

the An Affair of the Art project because they see the hearts all over the place including The District, Town Square, Trivoli, Boca Park, Red Rock Hotel and Casino, and the new Smith Center for the performing arts, which just recently opened.

How did you get involved? Dorit Schwartz - I personally have been giving

back for quite awhile in our community, and as an artist myself, I wanted to get Las Vegas artists involved along with local schools and the community. It was important to get my artist friends involved not only for exposure for them, but to offer much-needed support for such a great cause.

Niki J Sands

Dorit Schwartz

How many artists participated this year? Dorit Schwartz - 40 artists created small hearts and 11 produced large hearts

We hear that you have recruited a lot of artist friends over the years to help with the cause. Dorit Schwartz - Yes, we knew we’d need

help so I reached out to others and brought Niki on board. The community has banded together to embrace this phenomenal cause.

Niki, how did you get involved with St. Jude and An Affair of the Art? Niki J Sands - One of the reasons I got

involved with this project was to make sure the artists have a voice and to show how giving they really are. Last year I was the first artist to be asked to paint on a larger heart. The committee was excited about getting more artists involved, but they didn’t know whom to get. Since I know so many local artists, they asked me to be on the committee and be a part of the selection process. It’s really quite an honor.

We understand that you created two hearts this year, one large and one small. Tell us about them. Niki J Sands - My smaller heart titled My Frida Within is a depiction of Frida Kahlo who suffered throughout her life and overcame many physical and mental obstacles. I felt that she had more heart than many artists and overcoming these obstacles made her stronger as an artist. She was very expressive with her painting and involved hearts in all of her pieces, so I felt that I needed to capture that essence in my painting. My large heart is a very happy piece and Smile with Your Heart is the title. I wanted it to be joyful where children and other people would go up to it and just smile when they saw it. I wanted it to just show that that life is good. Life is happy.


We know that it’s hard to pick a favorite piece of art, but which one impressed you the most this year and who was it by? Niki J Sands - It’s a large heart by Dale Mathis that’s untitled. He’s such an amazing artist and it’s a wonderful piece that I found to be very inspiring. Inside, it lights up and moves, almost like a clock. He manufactured everything, cut it out and crafted the whole thing with gears and all. He surprised us all with this wonderful creation that went beyond all expectations.

What’s involved in the selection process? If an artist wants to participate next year, what should they do? Dorit Schwartz - They can contact us through the

website and submit their portfolio for consideration. We will view their work to see if their style is a fit for the cause and will work on a three dimensional heart.

Niki J Sands - We do approach a lot of local artists that we know, and whose work we feel provides a good fit, but if an artist wants to be considered on their own, they are welcome to apply. We do review their work, check their credentials and make a choice from there. If chosen, what happens next and how much direction should an artist expect? Niki J Sands - We provided the blank heart forms this

year and stated the theme, making special note that this would be viewed by children and families, but didn’t put any other restrictions on them. We really wanted it to be something that came from inside of them, using their own signature style and unique vision. You know, something beautiful from the heart!

Artist: Ryan Reason Title: You Can’t Spell LOVE Without L.V.

12 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Artist: Dale Mathis Title: Untitled

Artist: Niki J Sands Title: Smile with Your Heart

Artist: Beti Kristof Title: St. Jude Heart

Artist: Ragen Mendenhall Title: Wings to Fly

For more information about The Las Vegas Chapter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or the An Affair of the Art project please contact: Lainie Strouse - Regional Event Liaison Specialist ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital-Pacific Coast Region 800-227-6737

ANDYCOHEN 14 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank Peter Kramer/Bravo

STORIES FROM THE FRONT LINES OF POP CULTURE Andy Cohen, Bravo's executive vice president of Development and Talent, is responsible for overseeing the production of such hits as Top Chef and The Real Housewives franchises. He is the host and executive producer of Watch What Happens Live, Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show and is the master of ceremonies for the network's reunion specials. Having won an Emmy and two Peabody Awards for his work (so far), Andy can now add author to his repertoire. He’s penned Most Talkative, an account of his lifelong love affair with pop culture that brought him from the suburbs of St. Louis, through some amazing experiences and on to his own television show. From a young age, Andy knew one thing: He loved television. Not in the way that most kids do, but in an irrepressible, all-consuming, I-want-to-climb-inside-thetube kind of way. And climb inside he did. Now presiding over Bravo's reality TV empire, he started out as an overly talkative pop culture obsessive, devoted to Charlie's Angels and All My Children and to his mother, who received daily letters from Andy at summer camp, usually reminding her to tape the soaps. After graduating high school as a popular teen and attending Boston University, he embarked on making a career out of his passion for television and his undeniable gift for gab. In the book, Most Talkative, the journey begins with Andy interviewing his all-time idol Susan Lucci for his college newspaper and ends with him in a job where he has a hand in creating today's celebrity icons. In between is an awe-filled excursion of which most can only dream. He tells tales of absurd mishaps during his decade at CBS News, hilarious encounters with the heroes of his youth, and the real stories behind The Real Housewives. See Andy's book review on page 38.

16 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012


your bedroom fireworks have been a little less than spectacular this summer, we suggest adding these all natural sparklers to you (and your partner’s) dietary mix. Whether you sprinkle ‘em on your cereal, drink them with breakfast, toss them on salads, or pack them into your lunchbox, these little gems are designed to put a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye and the rocket’s red glare back into your nighttime sky. So, hit your favorite produce store and load up on these amazing little organic aphrodisiacs. Here’s a shopping list to get you started.

Acai berry Pronounced (ah-saw-yee,) Acai is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. The berry provides high octane fuel for any physical activity from walking to swimming laps and is known to increase sexual arousal and enhance stamina.

Avocados Yes, it is a fruit. Avocados contain folic acid to boost energy and vitamin B6 to reduce stress, and potassium to increase testosterone and enhance libido.


Fruits Goji

Figs There’s no better bedroom snack than a handful of figs when it comes to putting the bump back into things that go bump in the night. These sultry little fruits entice all of your senses, and elevate your mood. Figs contain high levels of amino acids to increase sexual drive and desire.

As people age, testosterone levels drop leading to declining energy and reduced sex drive. A diet that includes Goji berries increases testosterone levels and helps turn back the clock to enhance libido.

Noni Noni juice contains active ingredients similar in structure to serotonin. Low serotonin levels have been linked to depression and decreased sex drive. Noni juice can improve your mood, boost your immune system and jump start a sleepy love life.

Mango Mango is a great addition before and during sex‌ sticky, sweet and delectable, mango increases sexual vigor and intensity,

Pomegranate Contains antioxidants to slow the aging process by reducing the threat off heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure, aside from boosting your overall vitality, pomegranate juice enhances sex drive and stamina.

Naturally, the benefits of adding these sweet little nothings to your diet do not end in the bedroom. Introducing these powerful, sexy fruits to your kitchen mix will bring additional rewards for you, your partner and your family. If nothing else, switch your regular sugary snacks for these naturally sweet treats and your body will thank you this summer and for many summers to come.

Credits: By: Greg Root



The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center (CVOTC) is the first United States Olympic Committee (USOC) training facility to be master-planned from the ground up and is dedicated to the development of America’s future Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The year-round, warm-weather facility in Chula Vista, California, was a gift to the United States Olympic Committee from the San Diego National Sports Training Foundation, a group of dedicated business and community leaders, and volunteers who raised the funds to build the Center.


The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center rests on a 155-acre complex adjacent to Lower Otay Reservoir in San Diego County. The Center has sport venues and support facilities for archery, beach volleyball, BMX, canoe/kayak, cycling, field hockey, rowing, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, triathlon, and cross-training abilities for various winter sports. Athletes are selected to train at the CVOTC by their respective sport federation or National Governing Body (NGB). The CVOTC offers support to athletes including housing, dining, training facilities, local transportation, recreational facilities, athlete services and professional development programs.

20 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco and courtesy of Octagon and Alise Post

The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center has benefited thousands of Olympic hopefuls, numerous community groups, and countless visitors from around the globe. For more information, please visit: Chula-Vista.aspx

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista 2800 Olympic Parkway Chula Vista, CA 91915-6000

Coming off of the BMX trials to see who would represent the United States at the Olympic games in London, Health Beauty Life Magazine had a chance to chat with two of the finalists – Meet 2012 Women’s Supercross BMX Olympians Arielle Martin and Alise Post.

22 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Arielle Martin Q&A

For the sport of BMX, The Chula Vista Olympic Training Center features two Supercross tracks including a replica of the Beijing 2008 Olympic track and a newer duplication of the London 2012 Olympic track. There is also a development BMX track, which is used for future BMX athlete training and competitions.

How did the interest in a career in BMX all start for you? I have been aspiring to this since I was a little girl. I started racing when I was 5. My dad was racing in the '80s and I grew up at the BMX track watching him. I don’t remember NOT being on a bike. I can’t remember my first race. So that’s how long it’s been, and how much a part of my life it’s been. It’s been an incredible journey to devote my 21 years to it.

Men, for the most part, have dominated the sport of BMX. Is it becoming more popular for women? And have you had a hard time with it, being female? Yes, it is becoming more popular for women. It’s also really cool to be a woman in a sport that can be characterized as male-dominant. I personally never felt cheated growing up or being female in the sport. I raced with boys sometimes and their dads had a harder time with it than they did. Most of the guys think it’s pretty cool what we do out there and they are really supportive of us.

I know that you are not from here, but do you think Southern California is a great place to train?

What is a typical day like for you? A typical day for me starts pretty early; I’m up and on my bike by 7:00, 7:30 am, just doing a little spin to shake the legs out…kind of wake up. If it’s a big track day like today, it’s a couple of hours and we’re working on starts, corners, or straight-aways and we kind of break it down. To supplement that, we spend some time in the gym and doing some sprint work as well. Core is also very important; I work on core about 4-5 times a week.

How does someone get involved with BMX? When I was younger, we started on basic dirt ramps and that’s what you’ll still find around the country. There’s a great development program and it’s easy to find a track near you. You just go on the Internet and you type in USA BMX, and you find one.

What’s it like training at this facility? The five us that have made the Olympic team, three boys and two girls, are all training together and it does get pretty intense. Up until a few weeks ago, this place was pretty busy with a lot of riders who thought they were going to the games. And it’s sort of been narrowed down since.

I grew up in Utah. It’s a great state and I love it. It’s my home and there are a lot of big, beautiful mountains. But in the winter, it’s difficult to train with a lot of snow all around. Being here at the training center, it’s been four years now. it’s a wonderful opportunity. We get 72 degrees and sunny 99% of the year and there really is no better place to train.

When you start here at this track, you are going down quite a steep incline and I notice that you pedal all the way through the take off. It looks intense. Tell us about it.

This is an actual duplicate track for what will be in the London games. How has it been to train here?

The start here is unique to this world cup format we call Supercross BMX and it is a full sprint all the way down to the bottom. This is really like the cream of the crop having this huge start ramp. It makes it very spectator friendly. It’s exciting to watch and we’re going so much faster over bigger jumps.

Every course is different for BMX and it’s huge for us to have a replica. It’s as close as possible for us to train on, you know, it’s dirt and all and it’s not going to be perfect. It’s hard to make things exact but I think when we show up in London that we’ll be ready and confident.

Are you doing anything special with your nutrition or your training methods? The training is all over the place really, but there is a lot involved. There are a lot of people helping me. I work with a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, and a physical therapist to make sure my body is in and that everything is working right.


Alise Post Q&A

24 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

How did you get started in this sport? I started when I was 6 years old. My brother, who was 14 at the time, decided to get started with some friends at school. He saw other girls at the track and told our parents that was what I should do. So I was not a wimp of a little sister.

What was your first race like? I actually chickened out of my first race. I was only 6 and it was just way too scary. I got up to the hill and figured that it was just too big and turned around and went back down. It’s petty ironic now. Seeing what we’re doing!

What’s the hardest part of the course for you? What do you take into it? It’s different for everybody. I love going down the start ramp and going head to head. That’s when everyone is the closest and I think that’s probably one the hardest spots as everyone is rallying for position at that point. That’s definitely one of the places that people can get intimidated. If you don’t get out quick, it’s hard to come back from that.

There are a lot of jumps on this track and a lot of tight corners. Is it a good thing to get air to get distance or to avoid air? What's the best way to go? You want to get around the track as fast as possible. You see lots of kids going for big air all of the time and obviously that’s fun and that’s fine in practice. We generally have to jump things to get through it, but in competition, we try to go as low and fast as possible…. speed jumping!

There are two women and three men on the US Olympic BMX team. Do you train together at the track at the same time? We have scheduled track times to use the facility and usually all five of us are out here at the same time. I actually train with one of the guys; he’s my training partner. His name is Connor Fields and we have the same coach and do every bit of training together.

Where are you from originally and how does Southern California compare for you? I’m from St. Cloud Minnesota and Southern California is definitely a lot different from home. We’re known for our crazy winters, but the summer is nice. My parents run a local track. So I was always able to have a good facility at home to train at during the summer months but during the winter months, it was pretty hard. It’s really nice to be out here full time and to be able to ride all year round.

How would you rate your training out here in Southern California? The training out here is awesome; there really isn’t a better place in the world to train. USA Cycling and the USOC have put together this amazing facility here in Chula Vista. We’ve got multiple international Supercross world cup level tracks and there’s also a small BMX introductory level course on the other side. We get to see it all here and I’m very thankful for that.

When you are going down that first ramp, it’s got to be a little scary. What are you thinking at the time? I’m an adrenaline rush junky, as much as my first story said otherwise! When I’m going down that start ramp, I’m just thinking about getting out front. I’ve always been known for being a quick starter, and I really like that!

Was this the first time BMX has been in the Olympics? Beijing in ‘08 was the inaugural year for BMX in the Olympics. I was too young, being only 17 at the time. I think it should be really great this year with a lot more hype around it!

When you witnessed the Olympics in Beijing and you saw your sport, what was it like for you? I wanted to be there. I turned pro at 15 and won American championships at 15 and 16, so I’m thinking, “I’m 17. Why can’t I go?” I was really jealous and said “I’ve got to be up there in a couple of years.” So I put all of my effort forward to be there this time!

We want to wish you both the best of luck in going for the gold in London. We’re proud to have you represent us! Go Team USA!

How McCartney listens to Kisses


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JBLH4666_PMC_OnTourMicro_Ad_rev.indd 1

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Savory A Neighborhood Restaurant with an International cachet’

When visiting Malibu, one restaurant that won’t disappoint is Savory. Chef Paul Shoemaker regularly receives rave reviews for his culinary creations and his career has been highlighted with successes in some of the country’s most well-known kitchens. In 2010, Chef Paul decided to pool his talent, expertise and love of fresh food by opening his first solo venture, aptly naming it Savory because, As the Chef explains “it’s all about that moment — that magical moment — when the food, atmosphere, and company are all right on and you want to savor it.” When it came time to select a location, Malibu was Chef Paul’s first and only choice. Not only is he an avid surfer, Malibu is also where he met and eventually married the love of his life, sharing “I love Malibu, I fell in love here, got married at the beach and found a restaurant.” Savory, located just off Pacific Coast Highway, quickly became a hit, attracting locals, celebrities and tourists. Helmed by chef de cuisine, Christopher Gore, Savory is all about fresh food with menu choices that rotate daily to reflect the availability of the day’s fresh, local produce and ingredients.

28 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

In fact, Chef Paul harvests many of the ingredients himself from local sources, foraging for fresh greens and the best ingredients the local area has to offer.


When not busy with the tasks associated with operating a wildly successful restaurant, Chef Paul is active in his local community, and passionate about teaching young people about health organic cuisine. In fact Savory regularly hosts “Children’s Nights” events where 50% of the evening’s proceeds is donated to surrounding schools. In the future, Chef Paul looks to host even more local events for children, such as farm walks, as a fun and rewarding way to teach them about nutrition and healthy food habits.


That is what we do here (at Savory) – let the ingredients speak for themselves. (We) harvest them in peak season, in their natural setting while they are at their most flavorful.

Now in its sophomore year, Savory is a certified culinary success, awarded “Top Newcomer” in Los Angeles by Zagat and Chef Paul also accepted his first James Beard Award nomination for Best Chef in the Pacific Region; an amazing feat for such a young restaurant.

With the overwhelming success of Savory and the increasing demand from the dining community for fresh, local foods Chef Paul recently announced that he was brining his concept of menus based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients to the casual dining world. Juicy Lucy, named after his popular hamburger at Savory, will open in late 2012 in downtown Los Angeles, California. With a relaxed atmosphere, fresh ingredients and appealing prices, Juicy Lucy is sure to freshen up the casual dining experience.

Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Courtesy of Savory

Chef Paul’s

Summer Salad


fresh summer salad is the perfect balance of salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy. Don’t let the word “salad” throw you off – this dish is packed full of delicious ingredients and will leave the heartiest of appetites satisfied. The depth of this salad also makes it a perfect pairing for any type of wine. Chef Paul sources local, in-season ingredients for all of his dishes so if brook cherries or Arbequina olive oil are not available to you, substitute with locally available varieties.

INGREDIENTS • 2 apricots, halved • 4 oz. burrata • ¾ cup brook cherries, sliced in half • ¼ cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese • 3 oz. pine nuts • ¼ cup Arbequina Olive Oil • 3 tbs. lemon juice, freshly squeezed • ¼ cup breadcrumbs (recommended: ciabatta bread) • 1 tbs. natural turbinado sugar • Fleur de sel • Espelette red pepper chili, finely minced • 1 tbs. balsamic vinegar • 2 cup fresh arugula • 5 thin slices prosciutto


1) Preheat broiler. Arrange apricot halves on a

metal pan and sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Broil apricots until sugar caramelizes; you may also use a kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar if available. 2) Sprinkle apricots with a pinch of fleur de sel and finely minced chili. Slice each apricot piece in half and arrange around the edge of the plate. 3) Top the apricots with the burrata and

drizzle with balsamic vinegar. 4) In a mixing bowl, add arugula, parmigiano,

cherries, pine nuts, breadcrumbs, lemon juice and olive oil; season to taste with fleur de sel and cracked black pepper and mix well. 5) Arrange the prosciutto slices atop the apricots and burrata, forming a ring around the plate. Place salad in the middle. ENJOY.

Visit: Savory 29169 Heathercliff Road #206 Malibu, CA 90265 Open 12:00pm to 9:00pm daily For reservations: (310) 589-8997

Playing Nice with the Real Housewives of Orange County




s the warm days and starry nights of another California summer roll along, we thought it would be fun to check in with Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, Heather and Alexis to talk about their favorite summertime moments and memories.

Some of the ladies shared long and intimate details while others answered short and sweet. It’s this characteristic diversity that makes RHOC a guilty pleasure for millions and has propelled the ladies and the show through seven unforgettable seasons. Here’s what they had to say.

Credits: By: Greg Root


Photos: Michael Rosenthal/Bravo, Colleen Hayes/Bravo, Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo, Vivian Zink/Bravo, Martin LePire/Bravo

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Gretchen Rossi

Favorite Summer song?

Well, I have to say my new favorite is my own song “Unbreakable,” by me! It dropped June 26 and it’s inspired by my boyfriend Slade’s son Grayson, who’s going through some really tough times with very serious illness. He’s so strong and unbreakable. He inspires me. It also is a song that describes me and all that I’ve been through over the last couple of years.

Favorite beach?

I love all the beaches in Tahiti, especially Bora Bora. It’s an amazing paradise.

Favorite summertime recipe?

Watermelon, feta cheese and jicama salad with mint. And my new favorite cocktail, the “Coronarita.” It’s a big Margarita with a Corona turned upside down into the glass. Sounds a little strange but it tastes great!

Favorite place to catch a sunset? Newport Peninsula in Newport Beach, California.

Favorite Summertime tradition?

My family always gets together at Bass Lake in the Sierra National Forest. My parents have a house there where we all go to hang out at the lake with the family, dogs, and kids. I have a new baby nephew. So that’s going to make this summer especially memorable.

Bikini or one piece?

Bikinis of course! I buy most of my suits from Luxe by Lisa Vogel in Newport Beach. She makes custom suits that I love.

Favorite place to watch fireworks on the 4th?

Bass Lake again. We love to watch the fireworks over the lake from the top of the mountain or we float around on the lake and watch ‘em overhead.

Favorite summer memory?

When I was young, my family would camp at Campland on the Bay on Mission Bay near San Diego. We would drive down the coast from our home in La Crescenta (near Pasadena, California) and we would get very excited when we saw the “big boobs” at San Onofre Nuculear Power Plant.

Once we arrived at camp, I put New Kids On The Block posters in my tent! I would always bring a girlfriend and, of course, we would sneak out to meet the boys in the campground. I even brought WD40© to oil the zipper on the tent to make it silent. One time, we got dressed and wore robes over our clothes, telling my dad we were going to the campground bathroom. Of course, we left our robes in the bathroom and went to the camp store to meet boys. Unfortunately, my dad discovered the robes and waited for us. Man, were we busted!

Spray tan or the real thing?

Spray tan. I was having a hard time with a lot of the spray tan products out there. So I made my own formulation, “Tan in a Can.” You find it on my site,

Favorite romantic restaurant?

Our favorite spots don’t have to be fancy but Slade and I love good food. We do love Kuleto’s in SanFrancisco. You can sit by the bar and watch them create and plate their dishes. It’s fabulous.


Heather Dubro

Favorite Summer song? Â Anything by the Beach Boys.

Favorite beach?

Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach.

Favorite summertime recipe? Sangria.

Favorite place to catch a sunset? My backyard.Â

Favorite Summertime tradition? Heading to the Hamptons to see my family.

Bikini or one piece?

After 4 kids, definitely a one piece!

Favorite place to watch fireworks on the 4th?

My friend Donya's backyard. We always spend 4th of July together.

Favorite summer memory? Last day of school!

Spray tan or the real thing?

Real thing. A bit of "Vitamin D" is good for you. However, most of the time I am slathered in sunscreen and under a hat!

Favorite romantic restaurant? Anywhere I am with my husband!

Q&A Favorite Summer song? All summer long (Kid Rock).

Favorite beach? Bora Bora.

Favorite summertime recipe? Cucumber salad with mint and feta.

Favorite place to catch a sunset? Newport Peninsula in Newport Beach.

Favorite Summertime tradition? Traveling to a different foreign country.

Bikini or one piece?

Bikini, I’m too short-waisted for a one piece.Â

Favorite place to watch fireworks on the 4th?

The city I live in puts on a huge show every year. The whole town sits in the surrounding parks to watch.

Favorite summer memory?

On the family boat as a kid in Lake Havasu.

Spray tan or the real thing?

Spray tan because it doesn't damage your skin, but I love a real summertime tan too.

Favorite romantic restaurant? French 57 in Laguna Beach.

Tamra Barney

Q&A Favorite Summer song?

Calvin Harris, “Feel so close” makes me feel like summer.

Favorite beach?

I love any beach, as long as it’s tropical, sunny and warm. I got engaged to “my best friend” at the Four Seasons, Maui. So, that’s my absolute favorite.

Favorite summertime recipe?

Watermelon, Basil and feta cheese salad with a light Italian drizzle, yum.

Favorite place to catch a sunset? You guessed it, Four Seasons, Maui.

Favorite Summertime tradition?

Hanging out with the kids at the beach, staying ‘til dark and having a fire with marshmallows and S’mores.

Bikini or one piece?

Well, one piece suits can be really hot, but for my body, I have to say a bikini just fits better. It must be my long torso, ha-ha. I buy most of my bikinis at Beach Candy in Newport Beach where she makes custom suits that fit my curves perfectly.

Favorite place to watch fireworks on the 4th?

I don’t like crowds. So we usually “yard hop” to my friend’s homes in the neighborhood. Any place the kids can play and the adults can hang out is great. It’s not the greatest for watching fireworks, but it’s the most fun for the family.

Favorite summer memory?

I loved the 4th of July when I was a kid growing up in Hannibal, Missouri. All of the neighborhood families would get together to light fireworks, eat junk and play. The kids would light sparklers and the “safer” fireworks, and the dads would light the dangerous stuff.

Spray tan or the real thing?

Spray tan. It’s just too dangerous and hard on the skin to lay in the sun for hours (like I used to). Hopefully we won't get cancer from breathing spray tan fumes!

Favorite romantic restaurant?

Ferraro’s in Maui. It’s the place I got engaged and it’s a beautiful restaurant in a beautiful spot right on the beach.

Alexis Bellino


Vicki Gunvalson

Favorite Summer song?

I am a country girl at heart and my favorite music is country! My favorite summer songs is “Beer in Mexico” by Kenny Chesney. It puts me in mood to drink beer, get together with friends and have a great time. Another is “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw. When my own “little girl” got married recently, we hired a country band for the wedding. They changed the title to “Mommy’s little Girl” and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Favorite beach?

I have a girlfriend with a house in South Naples, Florida where I love to hang out, take long walks on the beach and think up my next million dollar project. For relaxing, my all-time favorite beach is near our place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Favorite summertime recipe?

We love grilled salmon with home-made pesto and vegetables. That’s kind of a basic meal with us, veggies and protein rich, low fat meals.

Favorite place to catch a sunset?

Again, I gotta’ go with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In my opinion, they have the best sunsets in the world.

Favorite Summertime tradition?

We have a place on the river in Parker, Arizona where we go every summer to unwind and hang out. At this point in my life, I am coming off a 2nd divorce, stronger, louder and happier than I’ve ever been. Summer’s all about heading to the river, listening to Kenny Chesney, drinking beer and enjoying ourselves.

Bikini or one piece?

Come on, bikinis of course! I don’t like them too skimpy but I am a “bikini fanatic,” so I have a lot of bikinis to choose from. My selection goes from itsy-bitsy to conservative, depending on how I feel at the time.

Favorite place to watch fireworks on the 4th?

That’s easy. Lake Havasu is our spot. Watching fireworks from a boat on the river is the best!

Favorite summer memory?

I have a lot of great summer memories and they all revolve around boating on the river with the kids.

Spray tan or the real thing? I’m always REAL, baby.

Favorite romantic restaurant?

The Vista Grill in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a beautiful restaurant that sits on a hill overlooking the city and the sea. It’s the best.




By Kelly Taggart

If you’re driven or admire those with the chutzpa to create their own success or are drawn to the allure of pop culture, you’ll find Most Talkative an absolute must-read!


reading Andy Cohen’s story, one thing is very evident - Nothing he does is ordinary…EVER! Engaging and beautifully scribed, Most Talkative reads less like a chronicle and more like a behind the scenes conversation with Chatty Cathy. It overflows with whimsy and wit and offers honest, heartfelt emotion through numerous situations, some hysterical and others painfully real. The truth is that Andy Cohen truly knows how to tell a story and keep people engaged.

There are so very many oh-my-gawwwd moments in the book that it’s almost unbelievable and the 270+ pages seem to fly by, leaving readers wanting more. It’s hard to narrow to a single favorite story or witty comeback and the snapshots at the beginning of and even throughout each chapter are as entertaining as the stories behind them. After all that Andy has been through and has achieved throughout his amazing career and all of the chatter about meeting his idols, the only disappointment (wink, wink) is not seeing a picture with him and Oprah (big sigh)! Most Talkative by Andy Cohen is published by Henry Holt and Company, and is available through most booksellers.

38 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart

Photos: Mark Davis/Bravo, Peter Kramer/Bravo, Book jacket by Rodrigo Corral Design

Scan for Product Recommender


E N J O Y H A I R C A R E . C O M

Choose Your Hair Type. Choose Your Style. Find an ENJOY® Salon Near You. Visit and select product recommender.


Credits: By: Greg Root & Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco and courtesy of City of Malibu, ALD, Wyland Worldwide, LLC, Vital Zuman, and Travel Channel A special thanks to Olivia Damavandi.

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Malibu. The name inspires thoughts of beautiful people strolling along wide, sandy beaches, movie stars, mansions, and the occasional wayward celebrity.

With good reason, Malibu is culturally influential. SCAN

Like a pebble tossed into the pond of our collective consciousness, all things Malibu have resonated through movies and TV, pop music and fashion for generations.

Malibu is a movie star, with pivotal roles in hundreds of films and television series, often stealing the show with its otherworldly beauty, laid To Visitback charm and hi-wattage charisma. It’s the place Palm Springs where Gidget met Moondoggie, the Beach Boys went surfin’, and countless celebrities call home.

The little seaside city is unique in it’s approach to sustainable energy and organic cuisine. It is reverential to the ancient Chumash from whom it derives its name and it radiates a casual acceptance of all who reside here, from the seriously wealthy, to those who dwell in the hippy-chill neighborhoods and trailer enclaves spilled along 21 miles of majestic Malibu coastline. Though you could spend a lifetime discovering the wonders of Malibu, we’ve assembled one long summer’s day of adventures and destinations designed to illuminate and uncover that elusive vibe that is uniquely Malibu. So, grab your flip-flops and beach towel. Don’t forget the sunscreen, and come along as we discover one sun-splashed a day in Malibu.




Get your day started Legacy Park

Next stop on our day is Malibu’s award winning Legacy Park a 15-acre naturally sustainable oasis in the heart of Malibu and the centerpiece of Malibu’s commitment to stellar water quality and environmental conservation. Unconventional like all things Malibu, the park has no large expanses of lawn yet still invites visitors with a warm and graceful entrance, imaginative statues and beautifully landscaped pathways. Legacy Park incorporates six endangered habitats: vernal pools, woodlands, wetlands, coastal prairie, riparian corridors and an education center and 1.5 miles of pathways, lookouts. The park is a great place to take a moment to appreciate a tranquil getaway and a must-see for those looking for a beautiful space that include the latest innovations in storm water management and state of the art conservation technologies.


42 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

The park doubles as an environmental preserve. It contains a state-of-the-art water treatment facility that cleans storm water and urban runoff that accumulates in the park, making it into an environmental cleaning machine that has eliminated the City's stormwater pollution to Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon, and the world-famous Surfrider Beach. The park is located east of Webb Way, and between Civic Center Way on the north and Pacific Coast Highway to the south.

Paddle Out Malibu Surf Shack Malibu Surf Shack is a one-stop-shop for all things surf related. Located across the street from world-famous Surfrider Beach, “The Shack� has built a stellar reputation with surfers, sports enthusiasts and beach-goers by continually providing the latest gear and apparel to an appreciative clientele of locals, tourists and celebrities from across the globe. Since 1972, the Surf Shack team has continued a tradition of top-notch service with its traditional surfing clientele, but recently shifted their emphasis based on the changing tides of consumer demand. According to Sean Weber and his wife, Leslie, who now own and operate the surfside landmark. The buzz today is all about stand up paddle boarding.

WATCH ARTICLE 44 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

“The industry started to shift to kayaking in the '90s,” said Weber, “and now the craze is the stand-up paddle board. Over the last few years, it’s become super-popular and we were one of the first to dive in. Now we’re known for sales, rentals, tours and even rent-to-own programs. According to Weber, getting started with a stand-up paddle board can be a bit intimidating and suggests talking with a pro with an actual shop, equipment and know-how before you begin. Weber explains that there are different forms of paddle boarding: Lakes, rivers and ocean. His first question concerns how paddlers are going to use their board. Will it be on a quiet lake or inlet or in the ocean? Will surfing be involved at any point and if so, at what level? “Stand-up paddle boarding is a really dynamic sport that can evolve no matter what you want to do or where you want to do it and can be fun for any age including the little guys as long as they can manage a paddle, ” Weber adds. Boards come in a variety of lengths, widths and shapes. For those who are intermediate to pro, and are looking to ride in the surf, an 8-foot board allows for quicker turns and faster speeds and may be the optimum choice. Longer and wider boards offer more stability and buoyancy and are made for paddling in open areas. For a beginner, it’s advised not to jump into the sport without a little research and consultation. Better boards can start at $900 and go up to as much as $1800 on the high end. And then there is the paddle - The basic is the aluminum paddle, which runs about $130 and up. There are also super strong, lightweight carbon paddles that start around $200. An adjustable paddle is highly suggested as it can be used for multiple riders or for kids as they grow. Paddle Blades come in a variety of sizes and widths, depending on preference. Fin styles range from generic, raised, flat-water, and others; each type changes the dynamics of the board and are easily added or changed to enhance the experience on the water. Weber states in closing, “We offer hundreds of boards and provide lessons, tours, corporate events and rentals. We’ll actually get you out in the water before you even purchase a board. We’ll ususally start you with something bigger, then work your way down to a smaller board as you can get the feel. You can rent different boards or even do a rent-to-own program where a percentage of all your rentals go back toward your purchase. We’ll do pretty much any and everything to get people out on the water and into the sport!”

>> See our how-to stand-up paddle boarding feature on page 91.

A family owned and operated business, the Malibu Surf Shack crew is friendly and knowledgeable and very willing to share information and advice. There’s Sean and his wife Leslie, sons Zach and Sebastian (he’s the one in diapers), and Satellite and Bosco, the canine crew in charge of entertaining kids while mom and dad shop!

Visit: Malibu Surf Shack 22935 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 310.456.8508 46 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Every time you see our pinwheel, take a breath. And then help us spread the word about COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Because it’s a leading cause of death in the US, and it took my grandmother. COPD is slowly robbing as many as 24 million Americans of their ability to breathe—and an estimated half of them don’t even know they have it. It’s a race against time to spread awareness.

Find out at and talk to your healthcare professional.




©2012 COPD Foundation Inc. All rights reserved. DRIVE4COPD is a trademark of the COPD Foundation. NASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. Danica Patrick is a spokesperson of DRIVE4COPD.


Drop In

Historic Surfrider Beach is the home of the Malibu Sport Fishing Pier and the place where surfing began on the west coast of California. With a heritage that dates back to the 1920s, when Hawaiians George Freeth and the legendary Duke Kahanamoku discovered Malibu’s long rolling point breaks, Surfrider Beach remains a year round favorite for surfers, families and sun lovers.

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50 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

50 years of hands-on, open-to-the-public, organic agriculture in Malibu

Vital Zuman

Sitting along a scenic hillside in Malibu, California just off of Pacific Coast Highway, is Vital Zuman Organic Farm. This working ranch, with its on-premises market, is known to locals and specialty restaurants for their amazing array of organic, certified naturally grown produce. Vital Zuman plants, cultivates, harvests, and markets over 20 kinds of fruit, a full spectrum of both summer and winter vegetables, raw honey, and specialty items that can all be found in their folksy, trading post like store. They also offer organic specialties from neighborhood farms, keeping the shelves stocked with 100% locally grown delights. Likely the oldest continuously running organic farm market in California, Vital Zuman Farm Market dates all the way back to the '50s. It started as a small stand at the front of the house and has since grown into a modest but thriving business where local growers can take their produce and either donate it, trade it, or sell it. “Food has been the primary way that people have fundamentally connected with each other over the millennia,” explains Vital Zuman owner Alan Cunningham. “Having something that you grow and offering it to someone who might want or need it, and vice versa.That’s how communities have been formed. In our day we have CSAs or community supported agricultural programs, but I look at it as agriculture supporting community.” In addition to sales at their own store, the busiest of Vital Zuman’s marketing endeavors, the farm sustains itself through volunteers who help work the operation, and through a farm box program - a produce box filled with fresh local fruit and vegetables delivered weekly to specific locations. Besides helping to support local growers, a portion of the proceeds from the farm box program is donated to the other small farm operations.

As a child, Cunningham remembers his family planting a lot of trees on the very hilly property to hold the slopes during heavy rainfall - And since they were planting trees, they might as well be fruit trees. By the time he was 8-9 years of age, they had done so much work as a family and things had really taken off for them growing food. He knew this needed to be and always would be a farm. Known for many years as Fig Tree Ranch, Cunningham re-named the operation in honor of his now-late father. He explains the unique moniker as a blending of the ranch’s location so near Zuma Beach and the fact that his father was such a vital human being. He did so much for the land and the community, creating new topsoil every year with organic mulch and rototiller. So Vital Zuman seemed so very fitting. “There’s a certain fundamental that goes back to the beginning and it’s simply this: If you can’t have property, grow food and have people come to get it, what are we talking about anyway? It’s so simple and so basic that it’s confusing for some people. I think it’s because they try to see it through a manufactured business point of view, and that’s not what it is. It’s a lifestyle, a farm expression that has come out over a period of many, many years. It’s interesting that more people don’t do this yet, but I think a lot more people will,” Cunningham said. He adds, “People always ask me if I really know how much this Malibu property is worth. Naturally I do know, yet it’s a farm and we grow food here. I know that it’s worth as much food as it can grow and the overall agricultural service-ability to the community at large. It’s worth how much it can benefit people by allowing a real farm environment for them to come to, buy organic food, volunteer, and enjoy a real organic farm expression.”

Malibu Grange is a local community highlighting the people, places and things that feed and inspire us. Defined as an association of farmers who share ideas and swap knowledge in their communities, a grange is a valuable asset to the local community. Journalist and winemaker, Sonja Magdevski, actor, Emilio Estevez, and Vital Zuman’s own Alan Cunningham, among others, founded Malibu Grange in June of 2012. Visit for the complete list.

Local farmers markets also benefit from the crops grown nearby, as do many Malibu restaurants like Savory, Sunset and Moonshadows. Vital Zuman also supplies a lot of its rare fresh harvest produce to the raw food community at large.

If you are in the mood for some fresh organic produce, or are interested to see how the operation runs, stop by!

Cunningham explains that it all started when his family purchased the land nearly 60 years earlier. Both of his parents came from heavy agricultural backgrounds - His mother from a 300-acre farm in Minnesota. Cunningham states, “My parents had a music business in Santa Monica for over 40 years, but they never abandoned their agricultural roots, expressing them newly in Malibu.”

Vital Zuman Organic Farm 29127 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90265 Open daily from 10am to 7pm 310 457-4356

Chumash Cultural Village Where Malibu began How Humaliwu became Malibu… Malibu, Zuma, Tujunga, Hueneme. If you live or have traveled through Southern California, these are names that you’ve probably seen and wondered about. All are Native American Indian words coined by the Chumash people who lived in Malibu and along the California coast for millennia. To learn more about the original Malibu beach combers, our next stop is: Wishtoyo Foundation's Chumash Village. Located on four pristine acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Nicholas Canyon County Beach, the site is an authentic re-creation of a working Native American village. With replicas of Chumash dwellings called “aps,” sea worthy canoes known as “tomols,” tools, and handicrafts, in addition to performance of ceremonies, blessings, solstice and celebrations, the village offers students and the general public a unique, multi-sensory experience of a native Chumash Village. Tours explain a typical day in a Chumash village, demonstrating how houses were built, and clothes were made and food was prepared using the available natural resources. Solstice and other celebrations are marked by ceremonies, as in ancient times; dances are performed by Dolphin Dancers from the Santa Clara Valley River Chumash Turtle Clan.

Chumash History The first human inhabitants of the Channel Islands and Santa Monica Mountains areas, The Chumash numbered approximately 20,000 from Malibu in the South, to San Luis Obispo in the North.

52 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Meet Mati Waiya

Founder & Executive Director Wishtoyo Foundation

Chumash ceremonial leader and Dolphin Dancer Mati Waiya (Little Hawk) created the Wishtoyo Foundation, a non-profit organization, in 1997. Wishtoyo is the Chumash word for rainbow, and like the legend telling of the arrival of the first Chumash settlers on a rainbow bridge from Santa Cruz Island, Wishtoyo serves as a bridge to link the people of today to their environment - the land, air and water that support and sustain them. Wishtoyo aims to preserve Chumash culture by using traditional beliefs, practices, songs, stories and dances to create self-respect and teach a greater awareness of the connection with and dependence upon the natural environment. Wishtoyo’s strong ties to environmental awareness fostered the launch in February 2001 of the Ventura Coastkeeper, 54th member of the national Waterkeeper Alliance, founded by Robert Kennedy, Jr. Mati is the first Native American to become a Keeper - an ombudsman dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring our marine habitat, coastal waters and watersheds and to bridging the gap between pollution laws, as stated in the federal Clean Water Act, and the government’s ability to enforce them. Mati is actively involved with preservation of Chumash cultural / historical sites. He also addresses cultural resource laws protecting sensitive archaeological sites as well as endangered species and natural resources. Mati conducts Chumash ceremonies including Solstice, and continues the mission of the Wishtoyo Foundation by giving cultural presentations for schools, public events, government functions and grassroots foundations. Many of these presentations are offered at the living Chumash Village at Nicholas Canyon County Beach Park in Malibu. Programs introduce students and the public to the sights, sounds and workings of an authentic Chumash village. Mati believes education is the primary tool for a future healthy, sustainable environment, awakening a passion for our natural surroundings to be passed on for generations to come.


After a tour of the Chumash Village, Mati Waiya sat down with Health Beauty Life Magazine inside of an “ap” – an authentic replica of a Chumash dwelling, and shared his inspiring vision:


For 10,000 years in this area, 14,000 in history, the whole coastline was dotted with Chumash villages. At every opening were the rivers and the waters. There were lagoons, estuaries and wetlands. There was an abundance of food and birds and we used to harvest from these areas. So we try to protect these areas, reminding people that there are things buried that need to be respected… the voice and the memory of our people in the heart land.” There’s a new tribe here, a new people, on this coastline where we harvest, and build our homes and raise our children. So now, we re-align ourselves, and we readjust our way of life to this modern western society, where we come together and teach about our resources, how we made our homes, to secure our families and protect us from the elements. And how important it is because we are the practitioners of nature. “When everybody starts to pray, and sing, and dance, and enjoy the beauty and the culture of our life, we can learn together. We welcome all of you to come and hear a song, a dance, a story…a connection of our life together with the land and the water, and the air. We are a human family, and we should all have the strength, and the respect and the faith to do our best, to be a good steward of this land.


Visiting the Chumash Village

The Chumash Village is open for guided tours and presentations, by appointment. On-site cultural appreciation and environmental awareness programs are offered to elementary school students in the Los Angeles County and Ventura County School Districts. The village site is easily accessible by car from Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, with extensive public parking available. For more information on the Wishtoyo Foundation and or the Chumash Village and Cultural Center in Malibu, please visit

54 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

The Chumash Quiksilver Initiative There is a deep and meaningful connection between The Quiksilver Foundation and the Malibu Wishtoyo Chumash Cultural Village. The Chumash people, unlike many tribes who lived inland, thrived close to the banks of the Pacific Ocean for thousands of years, dependent on the sea, wildlife and marine resources for food, medicines, clothing, shelter, tools and utensils. Quiksilver too, relies on the ocean and the natural world to thrive economically and has worked diligently through The Quiksilver Foundation, a non-profit organization, committed to benefiting and enhancing the quality of life for communities of boardriders across the world to support environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects. Now, The Quiksilver Foundation is showing their commitment to sustainability and to the Malibu Wishtoyo Chumash Village with a generous donation and the creation of uniquely designed Chumash T-shirts made from organic cotton, and board shorts made of recycled polyester with graphics inspired by Chumash art, hieroglyphics and culture. The shorts and T’s will be available in spring 2013. Quiksilver will donate a percentage of their net profits to the Wishtoyo Chumash Village, with a donation goal of $10,000.00 for the year. For more information:

Credits: By: Greg Root Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of Quiksilver

Your day comes to a close

El Matador state beach Located on the west end of Malibu, El Matador is universally regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Internationally known for its dramatic shoreline, sandstone pillars and spectacular sea caves, El Matador is the perfect spot to sun, swim, explore or experience a breath taking sunset.

56 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012


ario Lopez is a busy man.

When he’s not anchoring the daily entertainment news show, Extra, he’s hosting MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, and you can hear him evenings on his nationally syndicated radio show on MYfm. He’s a prolific author with three fitness books and two children’s books to his credit. He is an accomplished film producer, a successful stage and screen actor, and a gifted athlete who’s parlayed his well-tuned physicality, dazzling smile and dancer’s grace into an astonishingly successful career. In fact, 20 years after the popular sitcom Saved by the Bell made Mario Lopez a household name, his star is still very much on the rise. But that’s not all. He’s an excellent amateur boxer, an HBO Boxing commentator and a journalist-documentarian, having recently produced and narrated the highly acclaimed film documentary. Introduced and enthusiastically received at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, the film is a thoughtful prospective on the rich history and colorful characters who inhabit the world of professional boxing. In typical Mario Lopez fashion, the film touches and explores the inner struggles, challenges and victories that we all must face to experience success. He cares about his roots and proves it through philanthropic works in support of causes that are near and dear to him. He remains connected to his friends and close to his family and is well regarded throughout the entertainment industry and beloved by his crew and co-workers. He’s a dedicated family man devoted to his 1 ½ year old daughter, Gia and his beautiful fiancée, Courtney Mazza. We recently had the opportunity to visit with Mario and his family at his hillside home just outside of Los Angeles, California.

58 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

WATCH ARTICLE Credits: By: Greg Root Photos: Allen Carrasco & Lisa Perkins Wardrobe stylist: Julie Kozak Wardrobe assistant: Monica Abercrombie Wardrobe provided by : Gap Stylists: Lihn Tran, Rodney Rinks, Lara Kay

AT HOME 60 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

The residence is a handsome Spanish Colonial estate with generous vistas, gracious landscaping and plenty of room for the family, and their beloved French bulldog, Julio. Beautifully decorated with art and furniture that reflect the family’s rich Latino heritage, the living rooms are warm and welcoming with Spanish tile floors, graceful arched doorways and a large, well-appointed kitchen. The home’s comfortable patios take full advantage of lush landscape and expansive city views. After spending time with the family, Health Beauty Life Publisher Patrick Dockry sat down for a casual conversation regarding Mario’s flourishing career, future projects and intensely busy life.






Thanks for inviting us into your home to meet you, your beautiful fiancé, little girl and “your other child”, Julio.


Oh yeah, our dog, Julio Caesar Chavez Lopez… thank you.


You are on such a busy schedule. How do you do it all?


I’m very blessed to be doing all the things I’ve got going on right now, not just professionally but personally. I have a great life, a beautiful girl, a baby and a great dog.


It’s all part of it, right?


Yeah, it’s all part of it. I’m working on Extra and on the nationally syndicated radio show. We just finished the 7th season of America’s Best Dance Crew, and I am producing some projects for ABC Family, and potentially some other things for Disney, and I’m doing a cartoon. Those are the best projects, doing things that your children will enjoy.


Wow, that’s so true. What’s the cartoon about?


It’s a daytime show on Sprout TV called The Sunnyside up Show. It’s kind of like The Today Show for kids, and it’s something Gia loves and watches every day. It’s her favorite. I tweeted the producer that it’s Gia’s favorite show and randomly ran into him in New York. He approached me saying he had something that might work and I knew Gia would love it. So I got involved. They are creating a spin off to the Sunny Side up Show called The Chica Show and they created a character that is one of her friends, a little chicken named Stitches who looks like me. It’s very cool. I love doing things for Gia and for children, like my children’s books, Mud Tacos and Mario and Baby Gia.


That’s very cool. How did that start? What was your inspiration?


I write what I’m passionate about: Food, health, fitness and family. I wrote the Mud Tacos series with my sister, Marissa, to pass along to our kids to tell about our lives growing up and encourage kids to use their imaginations and to flex their creative muscles and celebrate our Latino culture.


I noticed that reflected in your home. There is a lot of Mexican and Spanish influence in your home. There’s a definite vibe and theme that you’ve created throughout your home.


It’s an Old Spanish house built in 1928 that we love. The Spanish decor goes with the house and it's part of my culture, which I like.


Also, the house is tucked away, but not too far from LA. It gives you a respite from the hustle and bustle of LA.


It’s only 15 or 20 minutes from work, but it seems like I’m really far away when I’m here. It’s the best feeling in the world when I can kick back at home with the family. It’s rare that I get to spend a lot of time here, but I do get the mornings before work. And I get to play with Gia, and we all eat breakfast together, and I’m usually home in time to tuck her in.





The house is really cool. On our tour, we saw the guest house too. It’s nice that you have a place for family when they visit. My parents are a couple hours south in San Diego. So they come up often and spend time with us and with their granddaughter.

I know you have so much going on and you are really into fitness. What is your secret to getting all of your work and projects in and keeping such a great body? Thanks. Well, for me, health and fitness is a top priority in my life because I like to de-stress in the gym and work out hard, but I like to say work out for sanity not for vanity. It helps me chill out and gives me more energy and complements every aspect of my life. It helps me release tension and deal with stress. I like to mix it up too. I like to box, run marathons, run triathlons and keep my muscles guessing. When the weather’s nice, I like to swim. That way I never get bored. The key is consistency and to never get complacent.

On the rare times that I do get to hang out here, I like to chill out and be still. Again, that’s rare. I definitely want to make the most of it when I do get the chance to just hang out. I love being home with friends and family, entertaining, hosting dinner parties with carne asada bar-b-que. Good friends and food is very much my favorite way of hanging out and entertaining.

>> Mario Lopez and Freddie Roach


As we talked about, you’ve always been into fitness. Have you ever had a weight problem?


Well, I was kind of a fat baby but I started getting hyper as a young boy and once I started running around and burning energy, I got thin and I’ve remained thin. I do, however, have some family members with weight issues, and it’s a problem within my culture and in general, here in America with obesity rates being what they are. So I wanted to help my family by introducing them to living a healthier lifestyle. You can’t eat tortillas and butter all day. That will weigh on you, literally. Mexican food is delicious but can be prepared in a way that is not so unhealthy. I love food and embrace food but it’s all about moderation and it’s all about a healthy balance of food and nutrition.


So, you’ve changed traditional recipes in your books to make them healthier but still retain all the flavor.


Yeah. Again, I want to embrace food, and I want people to know the recipes are really easy…I’m no Rachel Ray, but I do know how to cook easy to prepare, healthy meals.



Do you like getting in the kitchen? Yeah, when I have the time, I like to try new things. I like to be with the family in the kitchen. Aside from loving to eat, I think it’s kind of a lost art of sitting around the dinner table and having conversations with the family. I think it’s never too soon to introduce your child to what a sensible plate looks like and to be involved in the kitchen. We talk about all that stuff in the book.


That’s great. You know, there are surveys that support the fact that families that spend time together in the kitchen are leaner. That’s kinda’ weird how that works.


I agree. And I think people are scared for the most part because they think they have to starve themselves or cut out eating what they love, which isn’t necessarily true. I have three rules about eating that I think are really important: Every plate should have a combination of protein, carbs, and fat. Try to eat frequently throughout the day, kind of like feeding a furnace to keep your metabolism burning. Practice portion control. Keep away from giant portions and eating frequently through the day helps to do that.

64 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012


I understand that sometimes when people get stressed, they tend to overeat. Have you found that to be true?


I know people react to stress in different ways. Personally, I tend to not eat when I get stressed because I am thinking about so many different things. You want to get into certain habits that make it so you’re not even thinking about what your plate should look like.


Do you ever have any trouble putting on weight or are you lean?




Not really, and I never tried to get big. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time lifting weights and was into seeing how much I could bench press…that sort of thing. But as I got a little older, I realized I just wanted to be fit and. Then I got on TV, I never wanted to look like a meathead or be too thick. So I started getting into different types of activities outside the traditional gym, like swimming and boxing.

Your professional career has had quite a few facets: including acting and dancing. How did your career lead to you hosting EXTRA? I started hosting when I was about 18. I have always been social and I like people. And I am a good listener and I genuinely react. Plus, I am actually interested in people.


Were you always a social person?


Oh yeah, I always got in trouble for talking too much in school.


What is your favorite kind of interview, red carpet, sit down, etc.?


Red Carpets are my least favorite interviews! I love to see all the people but those situations are a little chaotic and not very good for actually listening to people. My favorite type of interview is where you sit down to have a little one-on-one time. To actually talk to someone and get to know them.

How did your reality show Saved by the baby affect your lives. PD How did that work out for you and Courtney?


It was fun. It was about being a first time dad. Rather than following the events on a flip cam our an IPhone, I thought it would be good to capture the whole thingand do it with production and find out what was going to happen and it’s something that we can always look back on and keep forever. We’ll show it to Gia when she gets older.


It didn’t disrupt your lives too much?


No, it was cool. It didn’t disrupt. It wasn’t like the Real World where the cameras were on 24-7. It was a real nice experience.


Personally, I loved the show. What was the reaction of your fan base?


It was great. My fans got to see a different side of me. Who knows, we may do something similar in the future.


Wow, that’s great…So what are your plans for the future?


Well, aside from Extra, the radio show, which keep me really busy, one of the projects I’m producing is the boxing documentary that will come out pretty soon and I have the cartoon coming out as well. Lots of projects that are keeping me really busy. And I’ve got some other projects in the works that we are waiting to announce, but I am blessed to say that things are going well and...


…And you have marriage on the horizon too.


Yes. At the end of the year, we are getting married.


Wow, are you excited…got it all figured out?


Well, Courtney’s handling the wedding itself. She’s the quarterback; I’m more involved in the reception and in charge of the party to make sure that everyone has a good time and that it is going to be all right.


I’ll bet it feels like you guys are married now. Will the marriage change anything for you?


It will only change life for the better. It will only change it for the better and I’m excited for everyone to have the same last name.


Any more kids on the horizon?


I hope so…I hope we will be blessed with more kids.

Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us, Mario. You are everything I expected you to be.

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Rebecca Norman - Gold & Antique Nickel Cuff

68 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

In May 2012, the Beauty Industry lost a visionary pioneer. Vidal Sassoon was not just a brilliant hairdresser and savvy businessman; his vision of women and their hair helped establish the beauty industry as an integral part of the social revolution of the 1960s.

Vidal Sassoon


Vidal Sassoon Vidal Sassoon was born in Hammersmith London in January 1928 to Nathan and Betty Sassoon. Nathan abandoned the family when Vidal was three, forcing his mother to place both him and his younger brother in an orphanage until his mother re-married and the family was re-united. It was Vidal’s mother that guided him into the world of women’s beauty. With a belief that her son would be very successful behind the chair, she encouraged Vidal to take his first job at a salon at the tender age of 14. In his later years, Vidal would give credit to his mother for his success - I've cut hair and listened to the secrets of the most beautiful women in the world - and all because of one great lady's belief in me. His career began as an apprentice at Adolph Cohen’s salon, polishing mirrors and sweeping the floor, followed by various gigs at several local salons until he landed a permanent job with famed celebrity hairstylist Raymond (Mr. Teasy-Weasy) Bessone at his Mayfair Salon. It was here that Vidal became truly inspired by women’s hair and haircutting. Raymond taught Vidal his cutting techniques, sharing with him the endless possibilities that could come from using a small pair of shears with clever wrist movements. Vidal continued to work at Raymond’s Mayfair Salon, perfecting what would become his signature technique.

The First Vidal Sassoon Salon Finally, deciding to branch out on his own, the first Vidal Sassoon salon opened on Bond Street, Mayfair in 1954. He knew from the beginning that he was going to do something completely different than what was being done in the salons. He did not want to be a part of the industry; he wanted to change the industry by eliminating the superfluous and get right to the basic angle of cut and shape. He stepped away from the traditional bouffant-type hairstyles and instead gave the hair shape and movement making hairstyling quick and effortless. Although this new approach to cutting hair did not catch on right away, it was only a matter of time before his ideas became a standard in women’s hair styling with his precision cutting technique adopted and employed by hairstylists around By: Greg Root the world. Photos: Courtesy of O'Neill



1960s -The Vidal Sassoon way

Branding a Movement

While Vidal worked on his approach of working with the hair rather than against it, major changes in the social scene were happening right outside the salon. Women began searching for a voice of equality in the home, at school, and in the workplace. Before the 1950s, women gathered in beauty parlors to have their hair curled, electrocuted and teased into stiff unmovable hairstyles requiring long weekly salon visits as the popular hairstyles of the day were not possible to create at home.

Vidal Sassoon’s influence and career continued to grow throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. He began franchising his salon name to colleagues and expanded his business and brand throughout the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Along with the effortless and customized styles women could get in any chair at any one of his salons, he branded a successful line of hair care product dedicated to keeping it simple. Sassoon’s shampoos and conditioners were developed to keep hair healthy and shiny while his finishing products gave invisible hold with visible movement. He also established The Vidal Sassoon Academy, one of the most respected academies in the industry. With academy locations across North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, his vision and precision cutting techniques continue to influence and inspire hairstylists, new and old.

Nancy Kwan modeling her Vidal Sassoon cut for a 1968 issue of Vogue. Photo by Terry Donovan.

Vidal’s five-point cut and his revolutionary approach to “the bob” became the look of the 1960s, freeing women from endless hours in salons and forever changing the relationship between women and their hair. His “wash and go” approach to haircutting worked with hair, instead of against it, as had been done traditionally. No more hours spent with hot rollers, lacquers and stiff hairstyles, the “haircut” was now the “hairstyle” and women could skip the daunting task of styling and finishing their hair, providing new found time to actively engage in interests outside of the home, such as secondary education and joining the work-force full time. Another significant turning point occurred when rising '60s superstar Nancy Kwan graced the cover of Vogue Magazine in 1963 sporting a Vidal Sassoon created hairstyle that would become known as the “Nancy Kwan”, signaling Sassoon’s arrival as the most sought-after hairstylists in London, and the world. From the mod haircut of fashion designer Mary Quant to the iconic pixie Mia Farrow wore for her role in Rosemary’s Baby, Vidal not only created haircuts, but fashion industry cornerstones.

Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Terry Donovan &

Life After Hair In 1983, Vidal sold his $113 Million dollar a year company to the Richardson-Vicks Corporation. By 2004, Vidal had moved on from the industry that defined him to serve the world philanthropically. He dedicated much of his time to his own non-profit organization The Vidal Sassoon International Center of the Study of Anti-Semitism (SICSA). Originally established in 1982, the organization is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to an independent, non-political approach to sharing the knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. Located at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the organization funds conferences and provides research grants to scholars with the goal of better understanding the roots of anti-Semitism throughout history. Vidal also lent his support to such notable organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Performing Arts Council of the Music Center of Los Angeles and was also an active supporter of many relief efforts in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. It has been more than 50 years since Vidal Sassoon’s re-invention of the bob haircut changed the course of the hair industry. It continues to be the world’s most popular haircut year after year, season after season and is a true testament that his legacy has left an indelible mark on the lives of women.

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The 60th Anniversary of the First Name in the Water In 1952, when Jack O’Neill constructed and sold his first surfing vest, many in the surfing community thought he was crazy. They could not have imagined him selling these vests to more than a few local surfers; no one could perceive that there was a large market for wetsuits. They were wrong, of course, but that is because they did not see what Jack saw. Where they saw limits, he saw endless opportunity and it is this persistently innovative spirit that is tightly woven into the fabric of who O’Neill is and where they are going.

Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Courtesy of O'Neill 72 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

The History of O’Neill Although the roots of surfing run deep in the island cultures of the Pacific, it is a relatively new sport in the United States. At the time that Jack was constructing his foam vests, surfing had yet not gained widespread popularity. It would be almost another 10 years before bands like the beach boys would take surfing mainstream. Still, Jack saw potential in the popularity of the sport and opened up the world’s very first Surf Shop in 1952. In 1955, Jack began assembling his vests with a new material that was being researched down the road at UC Berkeley. Neoprene Rubber was being researched by the university for use in the construction of deep-sea diving suits. Jack began gluing pieces together and constructed the world’s first neoprene wetsuit. By the 1960s surfing began to gain mainstream popularity, thanks not only to pop music and the movies but also because of Jack’s invention. Surfing was no longer a warm water sport – people could surf for longer periods of time in colder water. That also meant that surfers could explore waters in places that they never could before – no water was off limits to adventurous surfers and it was not long until other water sports took note. Since the original invention of the wet suit in the 50s, the O’Neill brand has continued to push the envelope, always knowing there is a better way to do things as long as you seek solutions with the right amount of passion. The same innovative drive that led to the first wetsuit also helped O’Neill create many firsts; the first wetsuit boots, the first split toe boots, the first surf leash, the first rash guard. The list goes on and on. What was once an obscure sport practiced by those in warm water has now become a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to Jack O'Neill and his unwavering determination to spend as much time in the water as possible. >>

Moves shop to Santa Cruz; O’Neill becomes known as “The First Name in Water”

Introduced world’s first PVD foam surf vest


Opened first Surf Shop



Introduced Neoprene surfing vests



World’s first wetsuit boots


O’Neill releases the Original John Jacket and Short John


First rash guard


Invented the Surf Leash


Jack O’Neill founded O’Neill Sea Odyssey; Jack O’Neill was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame


First major snowboarding World Cup sponsors



First seamless boardshorts; superkini introduced

O’Neill Sea Odyssey Jack O’Neill’s successes have always been fueled for the deep passion and connection he feels toward the environment and Mother Nature. In 1996, the same year that he was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame, Jack established the O’Neill Sea Odyssey. The program is free of charge and open to students in the 4th – 6th grades; in order to be selected to participate in the program, each student must design and perform a project that benefits the community. Once the students have fulfilled their community service obligations, they are rewarded with an exciting day filled with activities and lessons. The students begin their day with fun hands on exploration aboard a 65ft. catamaran that is situated in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Once the hands on exploration is complete, they finish their incredible learning experience with follow-up lessons conducted at the education center in the Santa Cruz Harbor. Since its inception in 1996, more than 60,000 students have participated in this program, many of whom had never seen the ocean, let alone observed aquatic life in a tide pool. In 1999, the O’Neill Center in participation with the Adam Webster Memorial Fund began providing this program for cognitively and physically challenged individuals. The O’Neill Sea Odyssey has been honored to receive several awards for their work in community services and marine studies, including The California Governor’s Award (2005) and the Conservation Champion Award (2005). The contributions that the program has made to the environment as well as the surrounding communities are also evident in the support system that keeps the program running. From local donors and sponsors to the volunteers that spend their time teaching the children that come through the center, it is obvious that the coastal community wants to be a part of the positive relationship that the O’Neill Sea Odyssey is developing between today’s youth and the environment.


74 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Bet you don’t know Jack…. Jack O’Neill is not your typical business man – but then again sell surf gear was not always considered a typical business. Born in Colorado, Jack’s family moved to California when he was young. Jack eventually settled in San Francisco, earning his keep working on the docks and selling various wares. Jack knew one thing for sure – he loved the ocean, and would sneak away to bodysurf whenever the opportunity arose and the water was tolerable. Although his invention of the recreational wetsuit would go on to revolutionize water sports – all Jack really wanted to do was be the first one in and the last one out. Jack’s innovative spirit is what keeps the company at the forefront of water sport equipment and technology and why O’Neill has been a company of firsts for over 60 years. Even his Pleasant Point, California home is uniquely Jack – there are portholes to view the ocean from the showers, stairs have been replaced with trampolines and there is even a bathtub on the balcony where one can enjoy the refreshing ocean spray as the waves crash the rocks below. So whether you are surfing in Santa Cruz in March or diving in the Antarctic in June, you can thank Jack for taking you there. Nowadays with his son Pat at the helm, Jack spends his time enjoying nature and working hard to protect it. Aside from his contributions to various ocean projects such as O’Neill Sea Odyssey, he has also spent the last several years raising awareness for the endangered great white shark.


Team O’Neill Behind everything that bears the O’Neill name is a unique research and development process. The “rider developed, rider proven” approach to new product development not only maintains the innovative spirit of Jack O’Neill but also fuels the success and popularity of action sports. From the very first wetsuits that jack sold from his surf shop, the purpose of the products that bear the O’Neill logo is to allow people to push the boundaries of what they think is possible. From wakeboarding to surfing and beyond, Team O’Neill is home to some of the best and brightest names in action sports. From Jack himself, to Peter Pan in the 1970s to Jourdy Smith in 2000s, these athletes not only keeps the company innovative, but also fuel the success and popularity of the sports they represent. Team O’Neill continues to sponsor some of the brightest and most influential athletes among many action sports in events around the world. What they all have in common is their incredible talent and the power to propel their sports to the next level. Team O’Neill sponsors athletes that continually challenge the limits of snow and water sports and fuel the creation of new, exciting and innovative products. Their “rider developed, rider proven” approach has also put the company on the forefront of the event and competition side of the action sports they design products for. In the late 1980s O’Neill became the first company to sponsor a snowboarding event and introduced Europe to Snowboarding for the first time. Since then, O’Neill has been constantly developing ground-breaking and challenging competitive formats that give riders what they need to further their respective sports. The Cold Water Classic, which takes place in Santa Cruz, is arguably one of the most iconic surfing competitions in the world. Born out of a desire to celebrate the environment that inspired Jack O’Neill, this completion has become a series hosted in several locations around the world and has recently been awarded Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour Status. By creating a sustainable structure of events and sponsorships that are constantly fueling the popularity of the sports and the athletes that they sponsor, Team O’Neill maintains its status as a driving force behind the increase in popularity of sports such as freestyle snowboarding, kite boarding, and surfing.

76 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

A lifestyle Brand O’Neill has gone from a surf shop in San Francisco to one of the world’s leading men’s and womens' lifestyle and fashion brands. Aided by the popularity of Team O’Neill athletes and national television shows the look and feel of the Coastal California lifestyle to living rooms across the country, the surf apparel industry has gone from obscure to fashion forward in the past decade. Surfing fashions have leapt from sandy floored surfshops to the shelves of some of the most fashionable boutiques in the country. Since the inception of the clothing and accessories line, O’Neill strives to not only make clothing that looks good but is also functional. From their UV 24/7 line of suits and rash guards to the first seamless board shorts on the market, the innovation that propelled their success in the world of action sports has also helped the company become a leading name in ready-to-wear clothing. Their women’s fashions are beach inspired and street friendly and their men’s line features everything from shoes to jeans to board shorts in true California style.


The brand is also looking to continue its growth and success in the fashion world well into the future. A visit to the O’Neill clothing line is like a tour through a surf-inspired department store. The O’Neill girls offer fashion advice, tips and tricks on their daily blog to help inspire future fashionistas with the O’Neill brand of clothing and accessories. It also comes as no surprise that O’Neill clothing has entered the competitive world of fashion.

When the company introduced the Superkini, they launched a model search to huge success; thousands of women from across the world entered for their chance to be the next face of the O’Neill Superkini. In fact, the company has launched a campaign for the second annual Superkini model search in celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary. As surfers such as Sage Erickson, Malia Manuel, and Jordy Smith continue to influence the world of surfing their fashion styles will undoubtedly influence pop culture and the world of fashion for decades to come.

HUMAN PERFORMANCE AT ITS BEST EZIA Human Performance (or HP for short) is a performance training facility located in Carlsbad, California that integrates private coaching, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and nutrition services all under one amazing roof. Catering to people of all ages and fitness levels, their unique program enables their clients to successfully achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle through a highly detailed and very individualized plan. According to Isaiah Truyman, founder of EZIA HP, his company’s mission is to impact change on society in the way we value our health and fitness in general. To Truyman and his staff, it’s a critical issue, especially in light of the overwhelming obesity rates, and they work diligently to achieve their goal one person at a time. “Your health - It’s the most important thing in the world,” says Truyman.” We take the whole person approach to everything we do. And we know that there are different components that make up that whole person. At EZIA HP, we offer a healthy, integrated, holistic approach to yourself.”

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco & courtesy of Ezia


81 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

He continues, “How you look in your six-pack is important for some people, but health is about having a more positive mindset that’s geared around form following function. If you want to look great, you needed to make sure you are performing well and doing things that are challenging your body to develop, versus doing things just to look good that may not be as good for you.” With qualified medical advisers on board, every person who comes through the doors at EZIA HP receives a full sports physical. Advisers look at various aspects of the client’s health and fitness including their nutrition, performance abilities, and biomechanics, and based on that full picture, recommendations are made on the best place to start with a customized program being established and implemented. Training is executed through ongoing coaching with several different training programs including one-on-one and small group options. Progress is carefully monitored and quantified with data showing improvements in speed, power, strength and endurance as the program moves forward. Truyman adds, “There is nothing more motivating than seeing the results of your efforts. Driving you to do more…to keep progressing. Certainly much of that is in how you feel, but seeing it on paper is like, WOW, I didn’t realize that my vertical jump increased by this much. That stuff really hits home! It drives you to do more and to keep motivated and progressing forward.”

ABOUT ISAIAH TRUYMAN In addition to being a businessman, Isaiah Truyman is a well-respected athlete and an accredited coach and trainer. He has a proven track record when it comes to developing and managing facilities, programs and individuals, not to mention his extensive training background coaching some of the world’s top executives and professional athletes. A lifelong student of human motivation, his passion is to inspire athletes and individuals to be fit and well. Originally from New York City, Truyman had reached a personal limit in the city and longed for a year-round outdoorsy kind of lifestyle. With a median temperature of 72 degrees pretty much all year long, San Diego seemed like a logical choice, so he packed his bags and eventually settled in the northern reaches of the county. “I wanted to be surfing, running in the sun and be outdoors daily, living that lifestyle,” Truyman said. “Certainly San Diego and Southern California is a Mecca for golf, triathlon, action sports and just a healthy lifestyle in general, so I decided to relocate and start the EZIA HP brand.” Landing in the hub of the action sports capitol was no accident. Truyman set up shop very close to Transworld Media, the leading action sports publisher, and Wasserman Media Group, a sports marketing company specializing in athlete management -A wise move that has led to some very powerful alliances. “The action sports and golf communities have embraced us,” continues Truyman, “and it’s been very fruitful so far…in fact we’re expanding in new directions. And I’m having a lot of fun with it!” In addition to a current second location in the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego, the long-term plans for the brand include more hospitality expansion opportunities. Truyman is considering several east coast locations such as Nantucket, New York City and Boston. There’s also a whole suite of online tools in the works as well as a book entitled Survival of the FITTEST (-Why the American dream will beat you up and take your lunch money if you don't fight back), which is coming out soon.

THE BEACH-READY BODY WORKOUT To help you get your body beach-ready, Isaiah Truyman of EZIA Human Performance offers these easy steps to get you up, out and on your way to looking your very best. A regime you can do anywhere, including the beach, gym or at home, this workout will get your body beach-ready in no time. Any age group or ability level from beginner to advanced can do these exercises. They are designed to be quick and fun, starting simple and progressing up to something more challenging.


We start with a dynamic warm-up with a simple jumping jack, performing the move forward to a designated line and then backward to the original starting point. It’s best, if possible, to touch your hands over your head, and to touch your hands to your thighs on the way down.

Next, following the same path to the line and back, perform a split jack. Move your feet front to back, but move your arms side to side, crossing in front and extending back as far as you can. Keep your hands parallel to the floor and really stretch the shoulders and chest.

The next warm-up exercise is a fling, where feet extend wide apart and arms are raised up high but to the sides. The feet and hands cross in front and then extend back out and up and then when lowered alternate right over left and then left over right. Once again, move to the line and backward to the starting point.



For mobility, the next exercise is an overhead squat. Reach straight up with your arms keeping them in a straight line, and then keeping your back in line, squat in place without collapsing your posture or leaning forward. Repeat 10 times but don’t try and go fast or drop to the bottom - It’s more about warming up your hips, shoulders and back.

To do a hip stretch, get into a push-up position and then, keeping one leg straight, bring the other foot up next to your hand while bending that knee. In one motion, switch feet, keeping hips elevated and stretching deep in the hip when going from foot to foot. Repeat 10 times.


The first exercise is a sprint. To prepare, pace out 25 yards and leave a marker at each end. Run down and back six times attempting and do it under a minute. This exercise works out to be about five seconds each way but anything under a minute, twenty seconds for all six laps is considered good. Don’t get discouraged on this exercise; in fact, Truyman suggests doing it with a friend to help you keep pace. It’ll also help keep you from getting disoriented about half way through.

After a dynamic warm-up you should be sweating lightly, and ready for some higher intensity exercises. Your joints should be mobilized and you should feel loose and fluid. All of your stabilizers and activators should be fired up and ready to respond.

For a light cardio do a 15second incline sprint up the stairs, take a rest and repeat. You’ll want a medium speed, faster than a walk and in between a jog and a run, in fact you actually want to feel like you are in the air for a split second between each step. Go for about 10-15 seconds to spike your heart rate and then relax and do it again repeating for about five reps. It’s called interval training and the stair climb is great for working on the hamstrings and creating sexy legs. Now that you’ve completed both the dynamic warm-up and conditioning, we move on to the strength training. We’ll do about six full body exercises once, about 10 reps each and then repeat the whole group two to three times.


The first exercise is a single leg take-off. Stand on one leg and reach down, touch the ground. Jump up, punch your knee and drive your arms, repeating 10 times on each side.

Push-ups are a great way to develop upper body strength, which is often a challenge for women. A basic version is a push-up on your knees, the medium range is a push-up on your feet and the advanced is a clap push-up.

The ultimate in strength training involves pull-ups. A full pull-up involves arms straight, pulling your chin up above the bar, contracting your back and lats, while holding above the bar for a pause and then releasing. This version can be done without help or with a band attached to the bar and wrapping around one or both knees to relieve about 1/3 of your body weight.

Visit: EZIA 2052 Corte Del Nogal, Suite 160 Carlsbad, CA 92011 760.804.1700

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first Beach-Ready workout…Keep it up and you’ll notice amazing bikini body results in no time!

A L D LANDSCAPE DESIGN BUILD ALD landscape is a full service design/build company specializing in custom built outdoor living environments and sustainable climate-appropriate planting designs for private residential, commercial and public projects. We approach each project as unique and custom tailor our designs to meet both the aesthetic and practical design goals of our clients, address conditions of the project’s site, and seek to draw a strong complementary relationship between architecture and landscape.







Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco &


According to Angel del Solar (Artistic Director for hbl and Enjoy Professional Hair Care), summer brings a laid-back quality to our lifestyle and a desire for easy-care hair. Casual and carefree looks and finishes are all the rage this season with an assortment of undone waves, grown out color and signature messiness. For the next few months, Angel says to look for long layers through all lengths with soft waves that can be created with an iron or by scrunch drying your natural texture.

To add wandering waves through your otherwise straight strands, add Enjoy Thermal Spray on dry hair and alternate curl direction when you wrap sections around an iron. Rake through with fingers to break up the sections and then finish with a light mist of Enjoy Hair Spray for all-day hold. For a messier finish, add Enjoy Texture Spray.

Jenna Dewan’s ultra-long hair showcases a shiny flared outward wave.

Messy waves wander through Kate Walsh’s long layers.

87 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

SUMMER If you have natural curl or wave, consider misting on HBL Spray Mousse and air or scrunch drying to unlock the texture. Add Enjoy Texture Spray for the benefit of a lived-in or day-old finish.


It’s simple, easy and low maintenance, looking like you just stepped off the beach.

Kristen Stewart’s natural texture is unlocked by scrunching while diffusedrying and then adding spray wax.


Scarlett Johansson goes for a brilliantly beachy finish to her long layers.


In addition to down styles with longer layers and tousled waves, women with long hair are opting for easy ponytails this season. Like seen on the runways, these pretty ponies have loads of texture with super-sexy body all over and through the bouncy length. To create lift and texture for the foundation for your ponytail, dry your hair using your fingers while making circular motions at the root to give a pop. Backcomb with your hands versus a comb, so texture and body is not overdone, and then use just your fingers to direct strands back and into a mid or low ponytail. Secure in back in the center of your head with an elastic band and then cover the band with a small section of hair.



Virginia Williams’ textured length is swept back into a messy pony while smooth, ultra-long bangs frame her face.

Although longer layered lengths are still the most popular, shorter looks are definitely gaining ground. On the medium side this season there’s a continuation of the layered bob that sports flippy, messy undoneness. Some may have a long fringe, some may not, but the for-sure thing is that they are loose, fun and very undone.

Eva Mendes’ smooth blowout is swept back into a low ponytail for an easy finish.

Emma Watson opts for a piecey finish to her chin length ’do.

With her signature sizzling red, Christina Hendericks goes for volumized texture through her mid length bob.



With a textured finish, Cameron Diaz’s hairstyle offers fun, flippy side-bangs.

When it comes to short hair, a variation of the pixie is still quite big but it’s changing up with more movement. It’s a medium length on top versus ultra short, and the sides and back are neatly cut short and tight. Much like the mid lengths, firm, hard lines make up the perimeter with lots of messy texture and movement on the interior. Viola Davis flaunts a curly finish to her above shoulder hairstyle.

Kris Jenner’s short coif offers a casual undoneness that’s best worn with piece-y bangs.

To style these perky looks, try adding Enjoy Volumizing Mousse through the top and finger dry. Take a Denman brush through the bangs for a more coiffed finish and mist with Enjoy Shine Spray to add polish or piece with HBL Texture & Styling Cream. You can also add Enjoy Texture Spray and tousle for a super-casual undoneness. For curly versions, scrunch-dry using HBL Spray Mousse or use a medium iron on sections of dry hair and rough up the top to finish.

Michelle Williams goes gamine for a night out on the town.

PADDLE BOARDING BASICS Meet Cameron Trickey, a health and wellness coach and personal trainer, who also offers lessons in stand up paddle boarding. Known as Coach Cam, he’s co-owner of The Stand Up Paddle School in Southern California. Born in Melbourne Australia, Coach Cam played professional Australian rules football for over 10 years. His father was an Olympic swimmer, so the water was a favorite past time both in the pool and the ocean. Since surf life saving is a big part of the heritage and culture in Australia, he spent countless hours training in the ocean on all the equipment, including boats, skis, and surfboards, often competing in many of the ocean sporting events. After retiring as a professional football player, traveling the world was Coach Cam's next adventure. This brought him to the states where competed in triathlons, adventure racing, and ocean racing - participating in more than 50 events and finishing in the top three in most of the competitions. Today, Coach Cam thoroughly enjoys training others in the fun and exciting sport of stand up paddle boarding!


LESSON UP Perception and balance on the board is very important as it helps prevent wobbling or falling over. To help build better balance and warm up muscles before stepping out on the water, try these simple Coach Cam approved steps.

EXERCISE 1 Stand on one leg, with the knee bent slightly, and close your eyes. Hold that position to warm up the stomach muscles and then switch legs and repeat the process.

For proper paddle board posture, warm up and technique, Coach Cam offers the following information to get everybody up on his or her boards and paddling away in no time!

91 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

EXERCISE 2 Stand on one leg, with the knee bent slightly, and close your eyes. Hold that position to warm up the stomach muscles and then switch legs and repeat the process.

EXERCISE 3 To warm up from a paddling position and stretch the back, lay facedown and place hands on either side at about waist level. Leaving the hips on the ground, straighten your arms and raise your upper body, stretching out the lower back. Hold for a few moments and then sit up on your knees, extend your arms in front of you along the ground and lower your head down, holding for a few seconds to stretch. With hands still on the ground come up onto the balls of your feet, straighten the legs the best you can and hold the “Downward Dog� yoga position for several seconds.



Do a few classic lunges with the chest out and shoulders back, holding the position and then switching sides

Raise your arms above you and lock hands together. Bend knees and squat while balancing on the balls of your feet. Roll up onto your toes and hold the best you can for a few seconds.

GETTING ON BOARD WITH PADDLE BOARDING More experienced paddlers can get straight on the board and start paddling right off or even start from a kneeling position. For beginners it takes more effort at first. Lay on your stomach on the board with the blade of the paddle slightly underneath you and the handle sticking out the top of the board. Paddle with your hands about 8-10 strokes out and then in one motion; move up onto your knees. Reposition the paddle across the board and then go up to your feet and grab the paddle. At this point it’s very important to keep the momentum going. With one hand on top of the paddle and the other about hip level, stick the paddle into the water in front of you and immediately paddle twice on each side to keep the propulsion in motion. Keep your feet apart for balance with your knees slightly bent as you continue paddling. You should be reaching in front of you using the leverage of your wide-set hands and dragging the paddle toward your body, stopping the stroke at your heel. If done correctly you will feel it pretty much right away in your obliques and your abs. In time you will build up your legs, arms and shoulders too. Coach Cam suggests starting your first lesson on flat water, as there are fewer currents, tides, waves, or sea creatures to deal with and then progress upward as you feel more confident. For more information visit

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco



Beachy Waves

Create the Au Naturel look with ease! This simple curling technique requires little time and gives a huge pay off. You can expect to have soft, touchable waves that last all day.

Credits: By: Tawny Pierce Photos: Allen Carrasco



• 1inch wide elastic head band • Water spray bottle • A good night’s sleep!

• ENJOY Shaping Lotion • ENJOY Texture Spray • ENJOY Hair Spray



PREP Apply a quarter-size amount of ENJOY Shaping Lotion to clean, damp hair. Let hair air dry 75% and then place headband across forehead and around head. 94 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012






Start by taking a one-inch wide section at the front hairline. Lightly mist the first section until hair is damp. Note: You will spray every section before wrapping.

Combine the remaining hair from the left and right sides and wrap this last section in back.

STEP 2 Wrap section once loosely around the headband. Keep section in hand and combine it with a new one-inch section.

STEP 3 Continue loosely wrapping the original section around the headband, adding a new piece with each pass.

STEP 4 Continue wrapping sections around the headband from the front hairline until you reach the back. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side.

STEP 6 Sweet Dreams! Sleep with hair wrapped in headband.

STEP 7 Good Morning! Pull headband to the back of the head and gently unravel hair.

STEP 8 Finish by finger combing through hair to add shape and enhance waves. Lightly mist with ENJOY Texture Spray and scrunch hair with fingers and then finish with ENJOY Hair Spray to give an all-day hold that is soft and touchable.



Twisted Pony

Credits: By: Tawny Pierce

Transform yesterday’s curls into today’s chic style. Create this look in less than 5 minutes and have head-turning hair all day.

Photos: Allen Carrasco



• Coated elastic band or hair tie

• ENJOY Shine and Smooth



PREP Avoiding the roots, apply a nickel-size of ENJOY Shine and Smooth to hair to help bring life back to the curls. Divide hair vertically into two equal sections.

96 | Health Beauty Life Magazine | SUMMER 2012

Twisted Pony





Take the left section and subdivide into two halves. Twist the two subsections together crossing one side over the other, continuing until you reach the ends.

Locate the open space between the twisted sections at the back of the head. Feed the length of the ponytail up through the hole.



Repeat Step 1 on the section on the right.

Take the reins and tighten up your pony! Separate the length in two starting from below the coated elastic band and pull each outward.



Take both twisted sections and cross the right one over the left. Continue twisting these two sections together until you reach about half way down the length of the hair.

STEP 4 Place a coated elastic band (or hair tie) around the combined sections at the last crossing point.

Tighten ponytail by separating the hair into two sections (under the hair tie) and pulling outward. VoilĂ !

PONY UP Pony up and hit the town!





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