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by Cindy Pope, Woodstock Resident

Jon Anderson is a software support manager with Devnext in Canton, and Steve Heimler teaches history at several area locations of Veritas Classical Schools. When they get together software and history are the last things on their minds. They’re just two good buddies who love fly fishing. Jon and Steve have been good

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buddies for more than twenty years. Fly fishing is their passion. About a year ago the dynamic duo took their hobby to new heights by creating the Good Buddy Fly Fishing YouTube channel. The growing series features captivating footage of North Georgia outdoor adventure, dry humor, and a little bit of fishing. Even non-angling folks admit to finding themselves clicking on one video after another. Enjoy Cherokee Magazine: What is it about fly fishing that compels you to get out and cast a line? Steve: My brain goes a thousand miles an hour all day, every day. A friend taught me to fly fish, and it romanced me pretty quickly. All I have to do is step into the water, and my whole world reduces to the rod, a line, and a fly. My mind automatically calms down. It’s the only time I feel fully present. Jon: I grew up on a pond in Marietta. When I was a small child, my father and I fished there often, and I fell in love with the sport. I bought my first


fly rod, reel, and line on eBay for a whopping total of forty bucks. Steve: And what happened to said fly rod, Jon? Jon: Your son slammed it in the car door by accident. Hearty laughter resonates throughout the room. Enjoy Cherokee Magazine: When did you look at each other and say, “Hey! Let’s make a YouTube channel?” Steve: We’d been talking about making a video for a long time. We enjoyed watching fishing videos but most were guys with GoPros catching big fish. Those are good but we wanted to do something different. We wanted to tell stories about the friendship that comes with fishing. Jon: No kidding! Sure, I’ve caught thousands of fish, but I’ve caught tens of thousands of trees. Steve: Once while backcasting, my good friend Jon here hooked my camera and was only seconds from pulling it into the water. Yeah, Jon catches a bunch of different things.

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Not only do they catch fish, they’ve also caught the eye of more than a thousand viewers on YouTube. 16 []

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